Korn's Munky: ''Never Never' Was Absolutely Not My Choice for the Lead Single'

"It wasn't a good representation of the rest of the record," the guitarist explains.

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Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer and drummer Ray Luzier admitted that "Never Never" was by no means their top choice for the lead single of the band's latest album "The Paradigm Shift." While chatting with Artisan News, Munky noted that although the song is surely catchy, it's simply not "a good representation" of what the record has to offer. The tune itself is currently the No. 1 song on Active Rock Radio chart. Asked on whether "Never Never" was his first choice, Munky commented: "Absolutely not," with Luzier visibly approving. "It was a lot of back and forth between the label, the management and the band. It was just - yeah it's a catchy song, but at the same time we were felling like it wasn't a good representation of the rest of the record." The axeman continued, "But we didn't wanna cut ourselves short and not give people one of the catchiest songs and you know - not reach a bigger audience, because we want - why not? Every band wants more fans, even at level that we're at, we still would like to have more people at our shows, so..." Luzier chipped in, "It's cool 'cause a lot of stations are playing it that never played a Korn song, which I think is awesome." "The Paradigm Shift" dropped on October 8 via Prospect Park Records as the band's eleventh studio record. Debuting at No. 8 on the US Billboard 200 chart, it now ties Korn with Dave Matthews Band for the most Top 10 albums by a group in the Soundscan era, starting from May 1991.

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    This song made me appreciate the other songs on the album a lot more,I've missed the driving riffs and distorted guitar sounds!
    matteo cubano
    It wasn't intended to be a single and it wasn't a good representation of the rest of the album? Usually a song that doesn't fit is written with intent to be a single but it sounds like this song just shouldn't have been on the album at all.
    Agreed. I am by no means a big Korn fan nor have I ever been..I liked Never Never, but at the same time I felt like it represented the album was gonna go one of two ways, really bad or really good. Needless to say when Prey For Me came on I was like holy hell this is awesome.
    Head said 'Never Never' isnt his favorite song, now Munky (and Ray) say something along those lines too, it seems that Jonathan Davis has the final word in Korn.
    It was something Davis brought in, as was Spike in my Veins. But at the same time Love & Meth was originally intended as a Love & Death song. Sounds like (given their attitudes when recording the album) it was just a compromise to include it.
    Personally, I think Spike In My Veins would have made a better single. Or Prey For Me.
    I have a feeling I aready read this, and watched that video. Shows the commercial nature of Korn and everything they stand for. Its not all about the music now is it.
    After listening to the entire album I don't understand why everyone continues to single out "Never Never" as being totally different and really bad compared to the rest of the album. When I first listened to it I wasn't all too sure what to think, but this was when it was the only song that had been released from the album. Now that the whole thing is out, Never Never doesn't really stick out to me much anymore. It's grew on me. I don't think it has that much of a dubstep overtone for it to cause this much fuss. It may sound just a little more electronic than the other songs but everyone needs to stop losing their minds over it.
    This whole statment kind of contradicts Jonathan Davis' about how he released it just to piss people off.
    Good point. Sounds like a really childish excuse from a former drug addict. That whole statement was just stupid to begin with. Let piss people off... cause that sells records.
    Is this why my first guitar (used) had "Munky" carved into the neck? I've always been a Korn fan, but never really learned their names. xD
    I had Penis carved into the neck of mine, but still not sure what that means.... Maybe an unknown Korn band member?
    Munk just doesn't ever sound very smart too me
    He seems to me to be the only smart one in the band. Bar the drummer, he seems pretty down to Earth.