Korn's Munky Thinks Next Album Will 'Lean Towards a Bit More Funk'

"Where we are now, I think, is a good combination," says guitarist.

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Chatting with Horns Up Rocks! at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer revealed his thoughts on the band's next album. And, according to his words, it's gonna be "a little more funk metal."

"Where we are now, I think, is a good combination, with Brian ["Head" Welch] returning to the band and having all five of us in a room writing," Munky said (via Blabbermouth). "That's the page we're on, and that's kind of from where we started on 'The Paradigm Shift' and I think it's a good wave and we're still riding it. It feels like a good place for us to be, with the organic way of writing, like I said, all five of us a in a room together, and then including some of those techniques, with the tools of recording that are available to everybody now on their laptop. But using it the right way is what you've gotta be able to know. I think ... I don't know. It's gonna be interesting to see what we do on the next record. I kind of feel like it's gonna lean towards a bit more funk ... so it's a little more funk metal."

The deluxe reissue of Korn's 2013 album, "The Paradigm Shift: World Tour Edition" was made available at Best Buy stores in North America starting July 15.

For the "World Tour Edition" the band added three more brand new songs to "The Paradigm Shift," including their just-released single "Hater," plus "The Game Is Over" and "So Unfair." In addition, it's been beefed up with a bevy of live tracks recorded all over the globe and expanded artwork.

Among the other unreleased material, the band frontman Jonathan Davis opens up about his young son Zeppelin's battle with diabetes on the powerful "So Unfair", while "The Game Is Over" slams with the intense catharsis fans worldwide expect from these legends.

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    My dream of funky basslines from Fieldy, heavy riffs from Head and nice melodies from Munky are coming true
    Listen to LAPD if you haven't yet. It's Korn with a different singer before they found Jon Davis and it's exactly what you described there.
    I'm just imagining Funkstep Metal lol...I'm hoping to see the electronics at least toned down or even just do some songs without it...I love KoRn and I really want to see them put out some more good music instead of the dubstep
    At this point I don't really care, It's just the Jonathan Davis show featuring former members of Korn along for the ride
    The dude from LAPD reminds me of Mike Patton doing his Anthony Kiedis impression.
    At least UG should check their facts before posting them. There isn't a song called 'So Unfair' on The World Tour Edition. It is called "Die Another Day". "So Unfair" is supposed to come out as in iTunes single later.
    Wait, he called his kid Zeppelin? Sounds like that could have gone up in flames