Kreator Frontman Jabs at Big Four: 'It's a Label to Justify a Tour'

"To me it's about the music, not about marketing strategy for the next hype," Mille Petrozza says.

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Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza took somewhat of a jab at the Big Four idea, giving the involved bands only kudos, but frowning upon any commercial and marketing aspects.

"To me, the Big Four is a label to justify a tour," Petrozza told Loud Mag. "Yes, I enjoyed them and I couldn't get to their recent tour but I think that it is a good thing.

"To me it is about the music, not about the Big Four or a marketing strategy for the next hype," the frontman continued. "I respect those American bands and what they did. If it wasn't for them Kreator would not exist. I keep that in mind but we all go our own way and follow our own path but they have been a huge influence and I will always be thankful for that. We're Kreator, that's it, we're not a part of the Big Four or the big hype or whatever, you know."

Apart from discussing the band's latest studio effort "Phantom Antichrist" and last year's "Dying Alive" live release, Mille focused on today's metal scene, stressing the need for something to constantly happen as crucial.

"Metal has changed, there are new bands but the classic bands are still there," he said. "The new bands coming up means new genres have been popping up over the last few years. I think it is one the healthiest type of music in the world in that there is always something happening. Some things are good, some a little funny or not so good but there is always movement so that the music is always developing."

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    I'll take Phantom Antichrist over anything that the Big 4 have put out in the last decade
    I see where he's coming from. I see all these people talking about who they would add to the Big Four to make a Big Five or who they would replace, and I start to think - does it really matter that much? They're all great thrash bands. Just because a band isn't in the Big Four doesn't mean they can't possibly be as good as any of the "Big Four" bands.
    he makes a great point.
    Well, yeah - bear in mind that none of the so-called "Big Four" have really done much noteworthy in recent years, and there are countless bands who are probably more deserving of such widespread acclaim within the thrash metal community than any of them. The whole B4 thing has always bee a stupid gimmick and always will be.
    Well said. Kreator, Overkill, Exodus and Testament are still releasing killer music and remain relevant without being nostalgia acts. I've always felt like these four bands deserve much more recognition. Hell, Exodus was there when the Bay Area gave birth to thrash. They deserve just as much credit as Slayer and Metallica, yet they never really reached that sort of status.
    part of the 'Big' aspect of it pertains to popularity and sales. The common non-metal person has probably heard the name Slayer in passing more so than Exodus or Testament. On an unrelated note, I kinda wish these guys were into the 'hype machine' thing. Imagine Kreator, Sodom and a couple other of those bands doing a tour.
    I definitely think that this headline is definitely misleading. Made it sound like he was taking a shot at the bands, when he was nothing but respectful towards them.
    I enjoyed seeing "The Big Four" just for the novelty of it. As a thrash-addict who lives in the hometown of Diamond Head (down the road from Brian Tatler's house coincidentally) to see them play "Am I Evil" with "that guitarist from down the road" was just awesome.
    Well i got to say we need the next big 4 Kreator, Exodus,Testament,Destruction, i know i did not say Over Kill or Sodom well the big 5 then.Out of the big 4 i only like Slayer Kreator i have been a fan since 1985 they get better as time goes by Kreator just start your own it will work Kreator rules
    I've just recently gotten into Evile. I had never heard of them until recently and I have to say that Five Serpent's Teeth and Skull are killer thrash/progressive metal albums. Also, Exodus' last 3 albums are pretty amazing!!!
    That's not a jab, it is an observation...seriously does anyone who submits news to this site even know how journalism works?