Kreator's Petrozza: Does Metal Need the Mainstream

"I got into metal because there were no rules, nobody can tell me what to do, not even my fans."

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Kreator's Petrozza: Does Metal Need the Mainstream

Kreator mastermind Mille Petrozza was asked by Metal Hammer whether metal needs the mainstream, to which he replied:

"We don't need the mainstream as there's no such thing any more.

"The old dinosaur bands were out of this world back in the day and they'll also be there in people's minds, but bands nowadays just need a bit of recognition.

"The metal community is really supportive: once they discover a band they'll come to the shows, but maybe not in the way they used to by supporting the record companies and industry.

"It's a different world nowadays. We get offers to play on TV all the time. We just played ['Satan Is Real'] on a German TV show with Papa from Ghost and Max Gruber from Drangsal because the host likes metal, but we did it because we wanted to, not because we needed to."

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Asked whether "we need to dump the stereotype of what rock and metal fans should look like," Mille replied:

"Maybe. Metal bands and fans come from so many different places and dress in lots of different ways. The whole old-school look – where it's very important on how you look – can also be posing, you know?

"You just have to be true to yourself and look whatever way you want, but ultimately the music is what comes first."

Asked whether metal has a problem with "living in the past when it comes to the whole 'you must wear denim and leather,'" Petrozza replied:

"Metal has no rules. Even in the 1980s there were no rules that you had to have long hair or short hair or dress a certain way.

"I see people post negative comments about the fact that we're not 'true' enough any more or we play or work with certain people, but we do whatever we want.

"I got into metal because there were no rules, nobody can tell me what to do, not even my fans."

Asked whether he thinks metal is "doing enough to diversify its audience and make others feel more included," Mille replied:

"Absolutely, metal is about acceptance. It's about being yourself, and being who you want. Anyone can join, and the metal community is very diverse.

"There are people that are old, people who are young, whatever color or sexual orientation, everybody is welcome.

"Metal certainly needs to point out if there are negativities, like homophobia for example, as we're all about unity."

Kreator released their 14th studio album "Gods of Violence" this January. You can check out "Satan Is Real" below.

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    That's the great thing about the metal community. You can just dress and show up how ever you want. Don't have to do your hair, put on a nice shirt and the best jeans you have. Just put on a shirt, shorts and you're good to go.
    Vicryl 2.0
    not really. some time in 2010 at a megadeth-anthrax show, this guy standing beside me was given a hard time cause he was wearing baggy pants and a tribal shirt. dude got called names... although its not all the time, i see folks getting called out for what they wear especially at a Slayer shows..  
    Mille was always doing whatever the fuck he wanted. My favourite Kreator album is Endorama, I love the the whole goth thing they had going on. Too bad fans weren't into that.
    Of course metal doesn't need the mainstream otherwise them cool kids wouldn't feel as cool listening to it right ?