Krist Novoselic: 'If Kurt Cobain Had a Clear Mind, He Wouldn't Have Killed Himself'

Nirvana bassist also talks leaving the Democratic Party and owning guns, more inside.

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Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic recently discussed the matter of frontman Kurt Cobain's suicide, which had marked its 20th anniversary this April.

Chatting with Reason TV, Krist noted, "The drug abuse was a big part of it, he was under a lot of pressure. He made a bad choice, he was probably pretty ripped when he decided to do what he did. If he'd had a clear mind, he probably wouldn't have done it ... He was high on heroin."

During the rest of the interview, Novoselic talked about leaving the Democratic Party and owning guns. "I was a Democrat for about four or five years, acted Democrat," he said (via Loudwire). "I thought I could reform the party, maybe I wasn't going about it right. Maybe somebody can, and somebody will. But I don't see it, it's just a top down structure, it's a soft money conduit."

Focusing on guns, the bassist added, "I own guns, I think they are a good tool to have out in the country. I should be able to protect my home and my family. I have pistols, and semiautomatic rifles, a shotgun. I have chickens, you need a shotgun, you get a raccoon in there, they'll wipe you out. If I didn't have a shotgun, I wouldn't get fresh eggs."

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    "No shotgun,no fresh eggs".That's a solid argument for having a big collection of firearms...
    Don't like it, stay off his property and you won't have to worry about it.
    That's his argument for owning the shotgun. I would assume the rifles are for home defense and/or leisure, and the pistols for personal defense. Different guns serve different purposes, just like how trucks, sedans, SUVs, mini-vans, motorcycles, tractors, etc. serve different purposes as vehicles (with some being of more use in certain situations than others, thus necessitating their existence and the ownership of multiple vehicles).
    I'm an American and I don't own a gun, but I believe in the right to. 90% of gun-related crimes are committed with illegally obtained guns so banning them is irrelevant, they will still get their guns just like an addict will still get his illegal drugs. So when they ban guns here, criminals with guns will know that your house is unarmed, making it easier to break in your home and rob you at gun point. And all you guys from other countries don't have a govt thats as corrupt as ours. They are communists in sheeps clothing and we need to protect ourselves from them. If you don't like guns, don't buy one. McDonalds and cigarettes kill more people and they are still legal.
    Japanese say: one sword will keep another in the sheath. The gun control lobby is bs. If everyone had guns school shootings wouldn't happen because before they could squeeze off oa 2nd shot they'd be dead. If you take away everyone's guns then the few who have them are all powerful. Anti-weapon movement's have only hurt people's rights. Germany, China, Romania, etc.
    Everyone should have a gun? What about schizophrenics? What about those with a history of violent crime? Gun control isn't about taking away guns from everyone. Gun control is about putting safeguards in place to do the best to make sure those who shouldn't have a gun don't have one and to make sure if they do get one they can't do too much damage. The problem is every common sense idea to help limit people who shouldn't have a gun from getting one is immediately shot down by the pro gun lobby (i.e. universal background checks, smart guns). The reason why the rest of the world laughs at us is because too many Americans think that freedom voids them of responsibility and that there is no difference between can and should. In the end we have two choices. We can either self regulate or the government will regulate for us. Which one do you want?
    I know that each weapon type serves a different usage.I just do not see the point of using so serious firepower as a civilian.One shotgun and a pistol are more then enough for pest control and personal defense.
    What's the point of owning more than one guitar, or bass? One guitar and one bass are enough to make music, yet people still want more. People naturally want to collect, and besides, how are fifty guns more dangerous than one if you can only hold one at a time?
    Reminds me of Nigel from Spinal Tap using his foot to hit the one guitar on a stand while he's playing a solo with another one. I guess the answer for owning multiple guitars though is, because.
    I reckon I could hold and fire 4, and maybe another two with my feet if I fashioned some kind of device.
    Because the only people who should have that same kind of firepower are the same idiots who cant balance a budget? Nobody said you had to own that kind of firepower. Dont tread on his rights.
    The point of legally owning firearms for defense, is not the intention of using them on another human being, but rather to have the option should the need arise. You don't buy life/home/auto insurance expecting the worst, but to protect yourself in the event that something bad happens, as an acknowledgement that bad things (some beyond our control) happen. To forgo those protections, would be ignorant of reality. Same with firearms. As long as the owner is competent, what difference does it make it they own one or one hundred? It's their choice.
    I think you americans have these guns owning issues because you know that when your government gets tired of slaughter people overseas, they will go after you, and then you will know what is like to live in the third world. So, you better buy some bazookas too.
    This is true actually. Google ndaa, fema (concentration) camps, mass graves in texas (empty), casket liners, obama super rail (like the germans), dhs armament (the branch of government that can attack us citizens bought enough bullets to kill every citizen 3x over and they're not military. Military can act on foreign soil, dhs can only act on us), local police drones, military gun raids, military training facility that is a replica of a us town (usually they use plywood or other cheap materials. This is all legit, even the Catholic church), re-education camps, gun lobby, etc.
    No, it's because of exactly that - A considerable amount of them have so many guns because in case the government turns on them ("to pruteect mah libateh!"), while not realizing the scenario in itself is laughably unlikely from a realistic point of view, and what would the point even be? A government doesn't need raw military power to control a population with an iron grip, those times have long gone. Knowledge, manipulation, and the spread of apathy is all that is needed, a glorious 1st world society were rebellion and revoltion is left for the crazies, while we sit down in our comfortable chairs and complain with mouthes full of chips while watching sports. Got off track there, but anyhow the need for guns is useless. A majority of countries have few to no firearms in their homes, and live more securely exactly because of this - You don't have to fear your neighboor is a asshat that will fill any moving thing in his yard up with lead at the slightest movement at night, you don't have to fear that the local armsdealers is asshat's that slack on security and regulations in "protest" of the government while freely giving weapons capable of slaughter within minutes out to gangmembers, criminals, and mentally unstable, you don't have to fear that someone you have a row with will shoot you up, because he is an absolute asshat supreme. Regardless of how americans like to paint it, guns are causing more problems than they solve, and killing more people who are innocent or victims than saving them. It's a backward society were the politicians deliberatly put people up on pro-gun, anti-gun sides to bicker over it, dividing them into camps where unrealistic presumptions and extremism may brew. Makes gaining power much easier with a blindly loyal following behind you. So America today is essentially were you're either a gun-weilding maniac, or a ridiculous soccer-mom activist. The voice of reason, and the middleground is dead, welcome to america. /bloody rant over
    "wah wah wah, i'm a little British boy who is afraid of guns". glad to see the Labor Party has turned the UK into a country of idiots who just blindly believe whatever the government tells them to believe. here's a news-flash for you: your country's enemies aren't going to give two shits if you don't have a gun to protect yourself. they want you dead, they will kill your ass. i would say the same about your government, but hey, i guess you like living as a defenseless serf on government handouts, just as long as you can eat chips, watch football and jack off to BBC's Sherlock. if people over here say that the US model doesn't work for everyone, then i say that your elitist, Labor Party, "Britain is infallible" model doesn't work for the US. when shit hits the fan, i'll be able to protect myself. good luck hiding from armed robbers with no means of self-defense. who knows, maybe Doctor Who will save you
    Defence from what? other people with legally acquired firearms? You Americans don't see the way that the rest of the first world find your gun policy; we laugh at it. Since the UK introduced the firearms ban in the 90's, rates of both gang crime, GBH and murder have all gone down, and this correlation is echoed throughout Europe and more developed far eastern countries. But no, you decide to put up with appalling rates of crime, especially murder and mass shootings, to uphold your 200 year old constitution. Seem sensible to you? (rant over now )
    Except we don't have appalling rates of crime and everywhere where gun ownership is encouraged in the US, crime is low. Places where criminals know their prey is disarmed (Hello Chicago) are target rich environments with tons of crime. But keep trying to convince yourself that living as a subject is da best. Just stay over there in the UK.
    Don't forget the mass shootings! Australia hasn't had anything close to a massacre since firearm restrictions were introduced in the late 90's. The US are decades behind in this regard. Both the people and the government have a lot to learn.
    Bad Kharmel
    yeah, but mass killings are the result psychological disorder and probability in a large population, not the tools used, in China they don't have mass shootings they have mass stabbings, and a few years ago Norway had a bombing that killed over 80 people
    And why do you think your ill-informed opinion of what's best should apply to anyone but yourself?
    all this Gun crime and all these Guns and still you let the westboro baptist church exist WTF?
    Kurt had one too, no chickens though. I think the gun thing is crap. There's other ways to protect chickens. Also, what in the world do you need to protect your home from with semiautomatic rifles? The zombie apocalypse?
    lol zombie apocalypse... you're a retard. i bet you'd wet yourself even holding a rifle. if you don't know the importance of a semiautomatic(for whatever it's needed for), then it's clear you have no idea what you're talking about. get back to your candy-covered rat-hole, kid. zombie off lol...
    hey kid, bet your pussy-ass hasn't even fired a BB, its obvious get back to your basement room below your moms house..
    I've shot multiple rifles in the past couple of years. Honestly, you dont need that much firepower to stop a basic intruder in your home. Most people that break into homes (or at least the ones that have broken into mine) are just punk ass kids trying to steal shit. You'll be fine with just a pistol and maybe a revolver. Most people will probably shit themselves once they realize they have a gun with live ammunition pointed at them. Its completely unnecessary to have rifles in my opinion, unless you're hunting or something useless like that.
    So hunting is useless too? Good to know that you are the one who's allowed to decide what is appropriate and what's not.
    he's joking about the zombie apocalypse. he's making a point that all you americans that swear by gun ownership are morons and that nobody should own any firearm of any kind.
    That's not entirely true. Sure some of these people are complete idiots who are completely paranoid about government takeovers and army invasions... but not all American guns owners believe that guns should go unregulated. I own guns but still see the value in regulation and the discourse caused by too little...
    Stop with the fallacy that guns are unregulated. There are thousands of gun laws on the books in the US. Oddly, laws don't seem to slow down criminals. Who knew?
    Owning a shotgun or hunting rifle is very different from something like a pistol or an AR15 in my mind
    People here in America, the super pro-gun in particular, seem to think that armies will be invading our homes, the government will knock on their doors and confiscate things, it's total lunacy and paranoia. Now we even have a group in Texas protesting that they can't conceal a handgun and carry it - they way they protest is by legally carrying assault rifles in public places... Yeah. What's worse is they don't realize that citizens can't tell who's a good guy and who's a bad guy, they just walking into a coffee shop with an assault rifle 'because they can'. It makes people uncomfortable, we've had far too many mass shootings and then to see someone with a semi-automatic stroll up is unnerving.
    Get your facts straight! They are not protesting concealed carry. That's already legal in Texas. They are protesting open carry for hand guns. In texas you can only open carry a rifle or black powder pistol. That is what they are trying to change. Not cc. And if you can't tell a good guy from a bad guy than you have your head up your ass. If you do a little research you would know that these events have rules. Like if you are carrying a rifle it has to be shouldered on your back at ALL times. Not sure how someone having a rifle that is slung on their back could be construed as a bad guy. If they had it in their hands that would be a different story. But they don't. they generally don't go into places of business either. And if they do they go in just like a normal customer. If asked to leave they are required to leave. This whole "assault weapon" bull shit is just that. Bull shit. Ar-15s are just like every other semi auto gun out there. One trigger pull one bullet! They shoot a small projectile, and are very easy to shoot making them a great candidate for home defense. Are .22s assault rifles? They shoot almost the same caliber bullet, Have 25 round mags, are semi auto, are arguably the easiest gun to shoot. the only difference is one looks a little scarier than the other.
    How? Here's what you guys think. Owning a gun encourages you to shoot people. But that's not true. I own a gun and don't feel that I must shoot someone. Hard to believe but I actually own three revolvers, a shotgun, and a semi auto AR-15. while semi auto sounds scarey, most of my guns are actually semi automatic. The term refers to the fact that a gun can automatically prepare itself for another round, like a revolver, or pistol. You don't have to reload after each shot. With a semi-auto you still have to pull the trigger each time. I don't know why owning a gun is so unfathomable. If you really want to ban guns, then go back in time and stop them from being invented, because once the genie's out of the bottle you can't put it back in. Now that guns are available, you can't ban them because they will always be available for the right price or methods.
    there's nothing unfathomable about owning guns, whats unfathomable is its the nuttiest population of people running round with them....
    I agree that there are certain people who own guns that shouldn't. These people need to be screened for mental deficiencies and kept away from firearms along with background checks. But gun control in the traditional sense is not good. It leads to more and more regulations.
    You contradict yourself - regulation is bad - yet some people shouldn't have guns? I'm in the same boat as Krist, I too am a democrat on opposite side of a polarized issue. I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment but also a firm believer that there is a place for gun regulation in our society. I see so many democrats cherry picking information about gun ownership (same can be said about the other side). It's tough to explain to someone what it means to be a responsible gun owner when they have never even fired a gun and all they hear is negative news/stories. Certainly we can do more in America, or different things legislatively, than we have done to put a halt to this madness. Gun violence is getting out of control (has been for a while).
    I live in Canada, a place where if you don't know, loves guns. However the rules are much more strict and probably the biggest difference in my mind is the concealed carry. I know there's more to issues, but I look at correlations to cities with similar populations, geography, weather (Vancouver/Seattle, for example). Gun control works here, and it works in Europe. America's issue is that it never had the control in the first place, like you said. Will it work for America? Who knows, your country is in a rough transition. There's nothing unfathomable of owning guns. While my family doesn't feel the need to own a gun for any reason, I have countless friends who own multiple guns, shotguns, rifles, all the like, for hunting. I personally don't like the idea of anyone concealing a pistol.
    Switzerland: 100% gun ownership, virtually no gun crime. They have Swiss banks, but that's about the extent of their crime.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but do the Swiss people not go through mandatory training at legal age? I love these European countries that just get things right.
    I'm no gun nut, but every time my liberal in-laws bring in out of town visitors who are usually very anit-gun, I get them to go shooting. I keep it very structured and am VERY strict with saftey rules (that they often don't understand and think are silly). At the end of probably 95% of the trips, most have serioulsy reconsidered their atnti-gun stances. At the very least, they have come to understand the other side of the argument. and I can say, for sure, 100% of the people had a really good time. In fact, it is usually the most anti gun people who have the most fun.
    i swear..the freakin bleeding hearts man... most city folk wouldn't understand, but having a gun or a collection of, especially in country living is like a mechanic having sets of tools for automotive work. you'll have various calibers for whatever game you're hunting, or different for security reasons. although i've never seen the need for them to be used for personal protection vs humans(it's still good to have that peace of mind however). get a freakin clue sissies.
    Funny how people talk about effective European gun laws. I lived in Southern France for a year in a sleepy little town 30 min from Marseille. On day 8 months into my stay, I arrived at my office and every one was talking about how earlier not half a mile a way a man was shot during a robbery. Now, aside from my time in France, I've lived my whole life in a small town in a CC state. Not once have I heard of anyone being shot here... So I confronted my French friends, "don't you think it would be better to have the option to defend yourself and your home?" "no, this shooting only happened because we're close to a large city with tons of immigrants! we don't need guns" I let the conversation end there, i didn't have the heart to tell them, I live in a small town that is near a large city with tons of immigrants... Funny thing is, the topic of conversation turned to my friends bitching about how there are tons of robberies and knife crimes in France, and complaining about how they can't do anything about it...
    your very minute experience clearly represents the problem in a larger view. Hopefully you realize your mammoth flaws in logic and don't actually think your experience proves anything
    Ive never understood big love for guns and weapons overall. I don't own any and most people here don't have shotguns under their pillows either. If somebody is treat for me and wants to fight i don't instantly think about blowing his balls to the moon.
    Good for Krist, I am a tad bit disappointed that he left the Democratic Party as it's the one that really helps people out via social welfare programs which the right wing wants to cut and as far as guns go I have an FOID card, own one gun and am a registered Democratic and liberal but yeah I know what he means if you are a farmer or out in the country, you need a gun (Karate is good to know btw in case your gun jams and you are being confronted by a criminal, etc). p.s. Krist, if you ever read, you really need a good daily dose of and also you must realize that The USSR and South Korea won their fight against tyranny without the use of civilian guns.
    Good for Krist, I am a tad bit disappointed that he left the Democratic Party as it's the one that really helps people out via social welfare programs which the right wing wants to cut and as far as guns go I have an FOID card, own one gun and am a registered Democratic and liberal but yeah I know what he means if you are a farmer or out in the country, you need a gun (Karate is good to know btw in case your gun jams and you are being confronted by a criminal, etc). p.s. Krist, if you ever read, you really need a good daily dose of and also you must realize that The USSR and South Korea won their fight against tyranny without the use of civilian guns.