Krist Novoselic: 'Maybe Nirvana Can Make New Music One Day'

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl discusses ending Courtney Love feud, saying that "we're all family."

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Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic reflected on the emotional Rock Hall induction night, dropping quite an interesting idea - new Nirvana material.

Chatting with Rolling Stone, Krist was asked about what the future might bring for the band. "That's a good question," he replied. "I mean, there's Foo Fighters and Dave has some other projects going on. And I have some commitments.

"But you never say never now," the bassist pointed out. "We did it. I sure won't say no. Maybe we can even do some new music one day."

However, Dave Grohl wasn't as certain. "We haven't even talked about it," the Foos frontman stressed. "We looked at that evening as a night that may never happen again. That's what made it so powerful and beautiful and meaningful. And it may never happen again, so we made the most of it. And it was f--king great."

Switching to the matter Courtney Love feud and its ending at the induction, Grohl noted that Courtney was very much right when saying that they are family. "We're family, no matter what. And we all love each other, no matter what. It's a lot bigger than a paragraph or a picture. It's real. So it was a reunion, and we were there for Kurt. It was a beautiful night. It was good," he concluded.

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    No Kurt = No Nirvana
    **** look out krist you'll give lal the 12 year olds that were never around when kurt was alive a heart attack! they'll tell you what kurt would have wanted! because they know MUCH better than you y'know his close personal friend, the fans know better even the ones that weren't born till after kurt died. they all know best
    Kurt was their main songwriter, music and lyrics. It won't sound like Nirvana if someone else writes the songs
    Nirvana making new music would be Krist/Dave/Pat making new music. Whatever they choose to call it is up to them.
    Yeah, it's strange. Krist and Kurt were like soulmates. He of all people would know the right call to make using the Nirvana name. I think he has more authority than anyone else, and he's only ever done good for the legacy of Nirvana/Kurt Cobain.
    I think they should definatly play music together and create something, but to follow the line of thought from Dave, then it shouldn't be as Nirvana. Personally, I think they should instead create an entirely new band, exactly like how New Order was born from the ashes of Joy Division - That would be awesome beyond belief!
    What about a tribute album with the line up and songs from the 'secret' show? That would be awesome, but new material wouldn't be the same (or right) in my opinion.
    I don't think it's a very good idea... to say the least... I always viewed the hall of fame performance as a once off tribute to Kurt. New nirvana music without Kurt cobain??! I don't think so sorry.
    as much as the idea of Nirvana continuing would be cool. Please don't. you had your run, and it changed the world, dont try to change it even more
    They should probably just let the band rest in peace for what it was. However, more work with Paul McCartney I think would be welcoming.
    hopefully, the singer won't be Courtney
    I think it would be cool to have a one off like that.
    You sure?
    it's amazing how this was recorded in 1995 in that single didn't come out years later. she always knew it was out there.
    Impressive, in some ways better than the original too with the added string section.
    Mr. Baloonhands
    Well if they do make new music together, which I have nothing against, I don't think they should go by Nirvana. I don't even think taking the "Queen + Adam lambert" approach would be a good idea either. I say just come up with a different name for the group and go from there, maybe then they can finally get PJ Harvey to front the band for something
    Alice in Chains moved on without everyone's discredit...and they're rocking hard right now. Folks shouldn't be so quick to rule something like this out. Granted...if they find someone and lay down some tracks, and they suck...well...yeah flame away.
    Except Alice in Chains still have their primary songwriter, Jerry Cantrell. Even when Layne was alive, Jerry wrote most of the band's music and lyrics. Thus it's easier for a band like that to move on with a new singer. Kurt Cobain was the primary songwriter in Nirvana - he wrote practically every song. There's only a handful of songs that he wrote with the rest of the band. Now Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are great musicians, and we know from Dave's various bands and projects that he's a good songwriter. But to me it just wouldn't feel appropriate to continue Nirvana without Kurt. If Dave, Krist, and Pat Smear continue to make music, it should be under a different name, like how the surviving members of Joy Division continued as New Order after Ian Curtis' suicide.
    Make new music all you want, just not under the Nirvana name.
    I don't think they ever wrote music to change the world, it was more about enjoying playing together. I think that's what it would be. It would be some good songs that were fun to write and play for them, and they'd share it with everyone. And as much as everyone would say it's not Nirvana, it'd be the guys from Nirvana plus one new person playing grunge (probably grunge anyway). It'd be a good listen if it were to happen. I don't see it though
    Maybe if Krist, Dave, and Pat (and maybe Chad drumming so Dave could sing and play guitar) got together and formed a new band not called Nirvana that'd be okay. But Kurt was the primary songwriter, singer, and guitarist. They'd have one hell of a time finding ANYONE who could write and perform like Kurt did.
    STOP IT! NO NIRVANA WITHOUT KURT. I also thought that getting Lorde to sing was a little bit cheap.
    Let's be fair to them, before Kurt died he did say he'd like to get Dave and Krist writing more for Nirvana and more involved with the process
    I always get a good chuckle out of the comments on articles pertaining to Nirvana. "No Kurt=No Nirvana!" C'mon...If Krist, Dave and Pat ever decide to put on their Nirvana caps and work out some new material I say go for it! If it's something they want to do, they should be able to do it and their "Fans" should friggin' be happy to hear from them. I for one would love to hear new Nirvana coming from the surviving members...And if they recruited Shaun Morgan from Seether to front the band I'd probably have an aneurysm (pun intended) out of sheer awesomeness!
    Kurt wrote all the Nirvana songs. The other two combined for 5 or 6 partial songwriting credits over 4 albums and B-sides. You're wrong. Plus Stained blows.
    i think there's actually just one song that doesnt feature kurt and it was written by grohl and he sang it but i agree. no kurt = no new nirvana music. a one-off reunion is acceptable but not new music
    Irwin Navarro
    If ever they get to make new music, I hope they get Shaun Morgan from Seether \m/
    Mr. Baloonhands
    Look I don't mind Seether, but it's hard to look past the fact that Shaun Morgan basically made a career off imitating Kurt, which is why I'm pretty sure that Dave, Krist, and Pat wouldn't want him anywhere near the band
    Just stop with this.
    Nirvana and Joan Jett tour 2015 please!
    I get it she has like no breasts, but why does it matter her performance was cool!
    And she's hot
    She's not into dudes... but that's kinda Kurt's vibe with the whole gay/women rights. Touring with her would be awesome... but they can't use Nirvana as a name. No Kurt, no Nirvana. But, they could come up with something that's in the vibe... Same with McCartney, but only if they wrote new music with him.
    I'd much rather see a good singer that the rest of the guys in the band want to play and make music with... not a 3rd-rate Cobain impersonator, it would be beyond cheesy.
    Not sure why this was downvoted so badly. That dude would be perfect for it. Also, I have to disagree about him being a cobain impersonator. Obviously his voice does sound A LOT like kurt, but his music is something entirely different than Nirvana (except maybe seether's first album, which does have some Nirvana-sounding songs).
    Hahaha it'll ending being Shaun Morgan singing backstage and a hologram of Kurt! It makes me sick to think that would happen, but in this day and age it is unfortunately possible.
    They should have lorde or joan jett front the band. I think that they did awesome! Lorde really impressed me.
    I'm all for Krist and David getting together with other people and making new music. But I wouldn't call it Nirvana if I was Krist, Kurt was their main songwriter. If anything it should be a Joy Division/New Order kind of deal
    Kurt Cobain is just looking down at us shaking his head in embarrassment at this point.
    Nirvana died with Kurt Cobain, I'm all for the other three members reuniting and making new music but under a different name. No Shaun Morgan, or Wes Scantlin. I would rather hear what these guys could do with Scott Weiland, or Mark Lanegan on lead vocals. I always wished Krist had joined the Foo Fighters. If Nirvana was ever to have gone one, Dave would have taken over vocals. Almost like Genesis, but Gabriel left he didn't die. Dave always maintained he wouldn't cover Nirvana songs or even perform them. He said those were Kurt's songs.
    Woah, watch out guys... Kris Novoselic has decided to be in charge now. Him and his derpstache
    Why does everyone get so worked up over what the band should be called . Lebron James moves from Cleveland to Miami.... should they now be called Miami with Lebron? No get over your selves its history that will protect there legacy not some bums with nothing to do but lose their shit online over some situation that isn't even happening
    "Dave has Foo Fighters and a ton of other stuff going on, and I have.....some other stuff too." LOL. I love Nirvana just as much as the next person, and would love to see Dave and Krist get together for something. But please don't pretend like it's Nirvana.
    What if they just recorded instrumental jams? I think that would be pretty cool. Record them, hand them out for a huge Nirvana fan, I wouldn't mind that. I'd probably really enjoy it.
    Please dont!! Alternative? to what learing your instrument. Having talent. Grunge destroyed music for an entire generation. people with talent and unbelievable skill were suddnely obsoleted by lazy smack junkies that couldnt complete vol 1 of the Mel bay home course. No talent No skill. Please lets just think of grunge/alternative as a pimple on the ass of music. It was here - uncomfortable and annoying. Finally it healed. It happened and now its over and gone. If you want to reunite Nirvana ill buy you 2 more bullets
    Nirvana without Kurt would be like Metallica without James Hetfield. It just sounds...wrong.
    Do I love the idea of Krist and Dave in a band making music again? yes...them trying to revive nirvana without kurt just...sounds wrong...It's up to them though
    Mud Martian
    I don't see any reason to bring back Nirvana. It's been twenty years since it ended, and people have moved on. Nirvana had their place and played their role, and there's nothing left to be done with it except to remember it. If the surviving members feel they want to reform Nirvana and release a new record, they have the right to do so. I'm just not seeing any reason to do so.
    Well the sh*tty voice is what sort of makes the sound of their band. I mean that in a good way. I wouldn't have a problem with a resurrection, it would just take a lot of time to warm up to the idea.
    I think I'd prefer to see Krist and Dave come back together as a separate entity from Nirvana. As much as I'd LOVE to see "Nirvana" come back, I just couldn't honestly believe it was them without Kurt.
    I think "Cut Me Some Slack" with McCartney is as close as Nirvana should get to writing new material.
    That was just something done in a few minutes. Not much thought, or writing put to it. NOW, if they wrote together seriously and put some energy in it over time... THAT would be worth seeing. I still say, no Kurt no Nirvana... but it could be called something that would be in honor of that vibe.