Krist Novoselic Wants to Tour with Nirvana: 'It Has to Happen'

The former Nirvana bassist wants the band to come back and tour Australia, according to a brand new interview.

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Krist Novoselic has revealed his ambitions to perform Nirvana songs live again.

In an interview with Australian radio station Triple J (via NME), Krist was asked if he would ever visit the country to perform Nirvana tracks live for the first time in over two decades.

"That's the best plan I've heard all year. It has to happen," said an enthusiastic Novoselic.

In the same interview, the bassist said he had recently been hoping to play in Australia alongside Dave Grohl as part of the recent Sound City Players tour:

"I was gonna come over with Dave [Grohl] to do the Sound City thing but that hasn't happened yet. I wanna get there, man. When there's a continental drift, I'll be there," he said.

Of course, the pair of former Nirvana players have performed together several times since their band's tragic demise in 1994. Over the past year, Grohl and Novoselic have performed with Sir Paul McCartney and former touring Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear, who also plays alongside Grohl in Foo Fighters. The group, however, has been averse to playing Nirvana songs, and instead have played Beatles tracks.

Do you think Novoselic is serious about wanting to play Nirvana tracks? Will it ever happen? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Though it would be cool to have a “Semi-Nirvana” type ting, i think without Kurt it’s gonna be kinda off... might be flogging a dead horse a little here, but yeah, no kurt; no chance of ever having the real Nirvana back.
    Dave and Krist both want to do it. Pat would do it. Plenty of guys out there that could do Kurt's songs justice. Only thing stopping it would be the queen of bitches herself in Courtney Love.
    I read a while back that Dave considers Nirvana 'sacred' and feels weird about playing their songs in a Foo Fighters setting. I know that Sirvana is different to Foo Fighters, but I think he feels a little precious about Kurt's work being performed after his death.
    Wasn't she forced to hand over her rights to Nirvana to her daughter some time ago?
    No Kurt - no Nirvana
    Yeah, just like No Freddie - No Queen... ...oh wait.
    Or No Bon, No AC/DC. Or hell, no Layne, no AiC.
    I thought Brian Johnson and William Duvall were both great replacements. I mean, AC/DC's music didn't get stale because of Brian Johnson - Back in Black is their most diverse record, easily. And the Devil Put Dinosaurs Here was fantastic as well.
    They should do something under a new name - but do the odd Nirvana cover live or something.
    Kurt did write the lyrics and most of the music. He plays guitar as well which makes him at least one half of Nirvana in terms of music (voice, guitar, bass, drums). So I understand the Nirvana purists that would freak at this, if it did happen.Would prefer Foo Fighters doing one Nirvana song with Krist as a guest if at all to be honest.
    I was born in 95 so I never got the chance to see Kurt, that being said I'd love to see Krist and Dave and some guests do some Nirvana material, it's the closest I'll get.
    I think Dave, Krist, and Pat touring with a frontman (or even multiple frontmen for different songs) and playing Nirvana songs would be a really good way to pay tribute to Kurt.
    Is nothing sacred anymore? As if you can replace Kurt, I mean he WAS Nirvana. Without him it's just not the same band. I honestly don't get all these bands trying to rehash the glory days with a new singer and coming off like a bad tribute band. I'm looking you, Queen. The best possible way to pay tribute to Kurt would be to preserve the legacy and just leave well enough alone.
    Well said. I think Krist and Dave have been respectful so far, and I hope they continue to honor Kurt and Nirvana in a tasteful way. Having a hologram of Kurt (for example) would be disgusting. Why turn a legendary rock band into a circus act?
    If this is going to happen, i'd choose a live Dave Grohl vocal performance over a pre recorded hologram of Kurt Cobain. Nirvana are not a band that chose to mime, as their TOTP performance demonstrated. A hologram would give Cobain's legacy very little justice
    Let Franis Bean Cobain do it. I think that would be the only way I would be cool with it.
    probably gonna get hate but hologram kurt cobain, the technology is there, stop d1cking around and make a f**king hologram
    brilliant idea man! my only downside to that is that people might not want to go because it wont feel "real" to them, but hey, and nirvana concert is good enough for me
    i wouldn't mind that but i doubt that'd happen. they're much better off getting a real live singer for it
    I couldn't imagine Dave being a dude who'd want to use holograms anyway.
    To keep my following comment in context, I prefer Foo Fighters to Nirvana. So my opinion is obviously somewhat biased. Personally, I'd rather musicians continued to create new music instead of just re-hashing the old stuff. This was possible with Alice in Chains because Layne Staley wasn't the primary songwriter. I think the 'Sound City' project was possibly the best way to get some of the original guys back together. OR! Another thought: How many great singers and guitarists who were influenced by Nirvana would like to pay tribute to Kurt's legacy? Probably a lot. New songs could come from guests as well as Dave and Krist, and old Nirvana songs could be re-introduced in that setting. Yes? No?
    i think it would be cool if they picked a different singer for every concert, or a different singer for every song on the concert. I'd still like to see them play with PJ Harvey on vocals.
    What the **** is wrong with you people? Shaun Morgan, Wes Scantlin? No one wants to see these people front their own bands, let alone front Nirvana.
    Irwin Navarro
    Let Dave Grohl sing and make Chad Channing ( the guy who played drums in the album "In Utero") play drums..That way it would still be a Nirvana reunion.. Or another thing is get the guy from Seether..
    I'd choose the latter. I can't think of anyone better fit for playing covers of Nirvana-songs than Sean Morgan.
    This. Seether's covers are always badass. He would do it justice. Plus I've never seen a band cover so many grunge bands as Seether.