Kt Tunstall's Greenland Panic

KT Tunstall turned her hand to making a dance music influenced album after having a crisis of confidence in Greenland.

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KT Tunstall turned to dance music after having a crisis of confidence in Greenland.

The Scottish folk rocker said she had a revelation while on a visit to the icy country, which she attended with a group of scientists and other artists for the Cape Farewell conservation project - which, while a personal triumph, made her reassess her attitude toward her career.

She explained: "I was living on a boat with 20 brilliant scientists and 20 fantastic artists - Jarvis Cocker, Laurie Anderson, Leslie Feist, Martha Wainwright, Ryuichi Sakamoto. Creative-wise, a bl***y nightmare!

"I ended up having a huge battle over where I sat in the panoply and suffered a massive confidence crash.

"Everyone else seemed so stellar, all of them big-hitters who were drawing from a much deeper well than me, this little jingle writer with her frivolous pop songs. I desperately didn't want to be there."

KT, 35, added that when the party arrived at the island's Disko Bay settlement, she performed in a local pub in front of the others, but quickly came to regret it.

She added: "It was like I was holding up this very stark mirror - just awful. Afterwards, back in the crowd, I felt really empty. When music is the thing you're really passionate about, that's b****y scary. I got home thinking that if I was ever going to record again, I really had to do something different. For me, that trip was a serendipitous kick up the a**e."

As a result, KT decided to overhaul her sound and for a more dance music influenced sound, and the results can be heard in her third album, 'Tiger Suit'.

KT said she's always had an interest in electronic music since she was a teenager, which she pursued right up until she was signed to a record label as a singer/songwriter.

She added to The Scotsman newspaper: "A few weeks before I got signed I was freestyle singing and playing jazz flute over drum 'n' bass beats.

"One night I was supposed to jam with Goldie but he didn't turn up.

"Another time the backing track broke and the gig had to be cancelled. I decided I couldn't play music like that and be so reliant on equipment."

'Tiger Suit' is released on September 27.

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    First of all, why is this on UG? Second, i didn't know bloody was a bad word...
    whoa i didnt realise kt was 35, she look alot younger. i hope the new album isnt too electronic. what she was doing before was way more original.
    I don't think electronic means unoriginal; it's just that the prominent electronic artists are. Days of the new has used electronic beats well, Bonobo is cool, and what I heard from DJ Spooky was cool. It can sound as much like real instruments as you make it. It's just that you have Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and whoever else you've heard on the radio try to make pop music.
    aww kt, don't feel bad-you're still awesome even tho the radio plays the heck outta yer "pop infectious songs" like Suddenly I See and Black Horse & the Cherry Tree, but it's all good!
    tburnside wrote: First of all, why is this on UG?
    Why the **** not? She's a musician, is she not? She's a guitarist, is she not? This is a story about an upcoming album, is it not?