Kurt Cobain Movie Due In 2014

Courtney Love had denied recent claims that a musical or movie would be made, but now the director of the Rolling Stones documentary says they've been planning a Cobain documentary since 2007.

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Despite her recent denial that a Kurt Cobain biopic was in development, Courtney Love has hired filmmaker Brett Morgen to make a documentary film about her late husband, due for release in 2014.

Morgen, who directed the Rolling Stones' film "Crossfire Hurricane", says he and Love have been in talks about the making the movie since 2007.

"Courtney is the one that brought me into this", he told the NY Post. "We've been trying to find the right time to put this film together and the time is now.

"Kurt was not only an amazing songwriter and musician, he was an incredible artist and filmmaker. So we are going to do the movie sort of like a third-person autobiography [as] if Kurt was around and making a film about his life."

Recent claims that a Cobain musical or movie were in development were made by Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lufti, who said he had been working with Love on a musical or movie about the Nirvana frontman. She responded by saying, "Sometimes it's best just to leave things alone", but now it appears she has ignored her own advice.

Love also sold some Nirvana rights to CBS who are working on a new sitcom called "Smells Like Teen Spirit", though it is a family sitcom and not based on Kurt Cobain.

Is Brett Morgen the right man to take Kurt's story to the big screen? Are you pleased it is being made? Let us know in the comments.

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    Darth Wader
    Good ol' Courtney Love. "There will be no Kurt Cobain movie." A few weeks later..."Kurt Cobain movie due in 2014."
    The part you didn't hear was "There will be no Kurt Cobain movie, unless I get to make money off it" - Courtney Love
    The Cocaine is Obviously Running Low..
    Although I'm a pretty big Nirvana fan, Cobain is made out to be some kind of music god, but in reality, he hit the scene at the right time. He was not a great songwriter or lyricist, as many Nirvana lyrics are just word plays or senseless rhymes. Creative, yes. Good, yes. But he is NOT as good as lots make him out to be
    I think he's revered the way he is because he's the face most people associate with the grunge movement
    I'd go if it was an accurate documentary but with Courtney involved I don't see that happening...
    Danjo's Guitar
    Just as long as its not a musical... And it must be really confusing to work with Courtney Love. She seems to be a pathological liar.
    If Courtney has anything to do with the movie, I won't bother watching it, because it won't be accurate
    Axle Starr
    I have no comment regarding the movie (it is Courtney Love we're talking about here). As for Cobain's suicide and those delusional enough to believe (for some ungodly reason) that they have all the facts and know what was going through his head when he pulled the trigger, there's a point behind the old adage for walking a mile in the shoes of another before one judges that person. It's easy to sit on the sidelines and call suicide 'cowardly', much moreso than committing it I'd wager
    If they get a talented actor to play Kurt, someone crazy for Courtney, and a director who has a good idea of how to portray things, I think it could be really good. Then again, there's the distinct possibility it will be shit.
    I vote for Dave Grohl playing Dave Grohl
    Dave Grohl is my personal rock god. Seriously, he is quite possibly one of the greatest songwriters of our time. He makes writing epic songs, catchy songs, weird songs, or even batshit-crazy songs seem unbelievably easy. He recorded the guitar part for These Days while casually chatting with his daughter. It's not work for him. It IS easy for him. He is able to push himself to new heights with any of his various projects. Him, and Josh "Ginger Elvis" Homme are my two favorite musicians that are still actively writing material. TCV and QotSA are pretty much my two favorite bands. /end tangent
    I've never done heroin or married a crazy bitch who would have given me my first hit of the poison. Who knows maybe the guy contracted something via intravenous drug use. (ie. HIV, hepatitis c) Either way the guys life was falling apart. No one knows for sure if he killed himself or was murdered. The guy got himself tangled up in the music industry and drugs. It was bound to happen. Now we just make some sort of sick example out of him. Just let the man rest.
    I would consider going to see it, mostly because I don't know much about Kurt himself. I'll just try to forget about Courtney Love and all this crap. Regarding all the previous suicide comments...it doesn't matter whether you think suicide is cowardly or whatever...this is NOT the right place to express that. If you can't respect Kurt Cobain as a musician and another human or Nirvana as a band, why are you even here?
    Vicryl 2.0
    this movie will win an Oscar if they will cast Samuel L. Jackson as Kurt.... they could also add Bobby Lee if their really into it.
    I'm sorry, it was not murder, where's the motive. Cobain was in a terrible, terrible place with drugs and his personal life and couldn't find the help he needed to get through it. RIP buddy, even after your death you're always around.
    Regardless of what you think of Kurt, this bitch has been profiting from his death via exploitation for years, and she needs to be put down.
    To all of these people bitching about suicide, why is that relevant when Kurt didn't kill himself, his bitch of a wife had him killed.
    Suicide is not only cowardly. It is the most self centered thing any self absorbed douchebag could do. Especially when leaving behind a young child. So speaking of trolling... Feel free to continue your butthurt ramblings, Ibanez
    Fuck Away, Why Don't you try be In his Situation, with his past & Background, See how Long you Last You Fucking Wanker
    You can make all the attempts in the world to justify what cobain did as being ok. At the end of day it was his life and he was free to take it whenever he chose. The fact that no consideration of the people in his life was given shows how he only thought of himself. It just shows you have no grip on reality, a lack of morals, and a misplaced sense of what a role model should be, jess. And no I don't me role model to me, you, or any other fan. I mean to his child, his family, his legacy
    I don't even like Nirvana, all i know is you haven't got the faintest clue what the f*ck you're talking about. It doesn't matter if you 14 or 45, you haven't got a wise or even intellectual bone in your body.
    Typical mindset of a peice of trash. Suicide is cowardly. He was a low life drug addict, worthless garbage, so is his wife.
    ok i guess that was harsh. But i dont give a shit about junkies, doesnt matter who it is. If you want that lifestyle your gonna have to accept the consequences. He's a peice of trash still.
    If you believe another human being is a "piece of trash" then you're ****ing disgusting. It's people like you that keep the human race at a stand still.
    its funny, because if you actually knew me, you would think otherwise. Im also probably twice your age and have experienced reality, by the sound of it you have not.
    It's interesting to see these comments from self-righteous people with no understanding or acceptance of the fact that some people just can't find a way to keep themselves happy in this world. These are the people that I know have never experienced depression in its realest form. Because once you do, you understand what someone like Kurt may have felt. Depression is something that takes place mostly because of what is going on within the brain so it doesn't really matter the cause; the effect is still the same. It's just how some people's chemicals are balanced (or unbalanced), but the situation or cause is just a trigger to make depression occur. Some people live in poverty and starving, or are tortured in various ways (physically, sexually, even verbally) into killing themselves. Some can't find a way to make themselves feel like they're serving a purpose in life; they feel useless. And some just simply can't find a way to make themselves feel happy anymore... They're all difficult things to live with. It's more than just a mental concept... But I suppose you're right: because you're older, you obviously know what you're talking about more than those who haven't been around as long as you. What is is with the notion that Older =/= more knowledgeable by default? More knowledgeable = more knowledgeable. Derp. And really, I'm always inclined to believe that a person who makes snap judgments about a person's life experiences based off of a couple comments they made is a great life coach and really has a lot of insight into how people work. Something that I've realized is that everything is not so black and white. You need to have compassion and understanding of people's situations and empathize; realize that not everyone's mind works just like yours. Our minds all have their own way of functioning and I've come to understand that that within itself can lead to a state of depression. Furthermore, to say that it's the "coward's way out" is to imply that one has nothing to lose by committing suicide when in war, we consider giving up one's own life the "ultimate sacrifice." Well if a life is worth a life, (and I would hope that if there's one thing that we can all agree on, it's that) then to take it from oneself is to say that what one is experiencing is so immensely painful that exchanging life for it to stop is preferable. And you call someone a "coward" for that? You don't truly understand what they are experiencing if you can say that and mean it. Personally, I would take physical pain over depression any day.
    I'm just gonna copy and paste my reply to a previous comment similar to yours.. Believe it or not depression and axiety are not just issues that are resolved simply by "fixing the problem or seeking out help." It's also a matter of genetics, biology, medications and (sometimes) substance abuse. If you're family has a history of suffering from depression than it is likely you may develope symptoms as well. In terms of biology, studies show that depression is commonly caused by changes in the levels of chemicals found in the brain, specifically chemicals called neurotransmitters. Finally, there is the issue of medication and substance abuse. Kurt Cobain was a known drug addict. Any of the harmful substances injected into his body could have severely triggered his depression. However one cannot be sure if he turned to drugs because of his depression, or if his drug use caused his depression (basically, which came first? the chicken or the egg?). And though anti-depressants would seem like a logical solution the side effects of the medication could in fact worsen your depression. Basically what I'm trying to say is that the topics of suicide and depression are very complex. To simply state that suicide is the cowards way out is just too narrow of a statement.
    I would ask you to kill yourself, but then I remembered you dont have the balls to do so...
    I still think that if any movie about Cobain is made that Jared Leto should play Kurt.
    I guess that makes sense since he's an actor and almost a musician just like Kurt.
    I won't be watching this film purely because Courtney Love doesn't deserve my money. Whether you respect Kurt or not, he was the one who made himself famous. Not that junkie **** who ruined his life and is still trying to make money off of him.
    *sigh* i wish i could be excited for this, Kurt was and always will be my musical hero...but come on, a movie about him with COURTNEY at the helm...all its going to do is slander the poor dead man even more to make it seem like he killed himself by painting him that way f**king A, someone needs to reopen the case and prove once and for all there was foul play. they also need to throw Courtney in the looney bin and keep her there
    When she said that she probably went to the liquor store to get some booze but couldn't afford it... that's when the addiction kicked in. A little voice inside of her kept saying: "make some more money over your dead husbands back". She checked her bank account to find only red numbers. That's when she snapped, and called Brett Morgan!
    Man they are just going to run this thing into the ground and kick it like a dead horse. Just leave the man alone. He lived his life now it is time to move on. They don't need to make 25,50th anniversary of Nirvana albums. It's done.
    All I have to say is Kurt wouldn't have wanted this. Not only was he embarrassed by fame but it slowly drove him crazy. To much pain and to much stress at once drove him to his own murder. But that my self is my opinion, he a Courtney where COMPLETELY different. Courtney wanted fame Kurt wanted survival. He hated the flash and the glamor. So I don't agree with this. If it was about Nirvana then he would want that he loved music, but hated fame.
    Didn't Courtney lose the rights to Kurt's image a while back??? also who will be playing him it better be jared ****ing Leto!
    I just wish people - be it writers, film makers, or just random people on the street - would leave Kurt, his story, and the tragedy of his suicide alone. This is still gonna affect all the people who were close to him, and they deserve some peace on this
    overrated. and seattle is a shitty town anyway haha hendrix will forever remain the only left handed guitar player i can dig from seattle
    Kurt Kaboom is the MOST over-rated person w/ a guitar of time!!!! It drives me nuts when this average songwriter is compared to guys that can actually play the guitar. It's disgusting!!!! He was an average songwriter that got lucky and then took the COWARDS' way out!!!! Ph u ck Kurt Kaboom and Courtney Hole too!
    I'd prefer it if there wasn't a movie being made, but I, like Dave Grohl, think a woman should play Kurt. My pick would be Chloe Sevigny.
    He said he wanted to be the most popular band in the world... Too bad he was too big of a coward to reap the rewards of his hard work. Although something tells me he would be old news now a days had his life not ended the way it did
    Suicide is not cowardly. Making deliberately provocative statements from behind the safety of keyboard and with the anonymity afforded by the internet is cowardly. Go home, Troll. inb4itwasmurdernotsuicide
    There are just too many small things in life that you can turn into motivation to live that i can't help but say that from personal experience, knowing people who attempted suicide/depressive/did commit suicide, one thing that i observed that they all were unable to break their train of thought that put them in the position to commit suicide. Even when confronted about this they stay resistant to change and stay in the cycle of thought that torments them.
    Suicide is the most cowardly and selfish act one can commit. Instead of fixing the problem or seeking out help, they'd rather take their own life and hurt those closest to them. Nobody said life was easy, and suicide is for those who think it should be.
    Once you experience the destruction suicide has on a family, you would think twice before throwing around your ill-informed self righteous bullshit.
    Amen. As a person who's experienced depression first hand it's often not just a case of 'Seek help' or 'fix the problem'.
    Believe it or not depression and axiety are not just issues that are resolved simply by "fixing the problem or seeking out help." It's also a matter of genetics, biology, medications and (sometimes) substance abuse. If you're family has a history of suffering from depression than it is likely you may develope symptoms as well. In terms of biology, studies show that depression is commonly caused by changes in the levels of chemicals found in the brain, specifically chemicals called neurotransmitters. Finally, there is the issue of medication and substance abuse. Kurt Cobain was a known drug addict. Any of the harmful substances injected into his body could have severely triggered his depression. However one cannot be sure if he turned to drugs because of his depression, or if his drug use caused his depression (basically, which came first? the chicken or the egg?). And though anti-depressants would seem like a logical solution the side effects of the medication could in fact worsen your depression. Basically what I'm trying to say is that the topics of suicide and depression are very complex. To simply state that suicide is the cowards way out is just too narrow of a statement.
    Seriously, I have never seen someone with their own head stuck so far up their own ass, and since I have actually tried suicide, I can say safely that it is by all means not for a coward - you have no idea what it takes mentally, to rip away your own life, and resist that primal urge to survive. Calling it selfish is presuming that everyone who does so, is doing it for attention - a horrible, and disguisting thought, completly ignoring the pain within the individual that made them do so in the first place. Please dont reproduce...
    Tried suicide??? Please. YOU were crying out for attention. There are 1000 ways to die. IF you really wanted to die you would have succeeded. You are nothing more then an attention *****. Please don't reproduce
    Oh yes, because suffering from bipolar depression is definatly a cry-out for attention, stupid me (sarcasm overload)! And you know, strangely enough, you arent exactly bright and fresh to try again, when you get knocked unconscious, and additionally brake your right arm, both legs, 5 ribs, and hipbone by jumping off a little bridge in my country called "Storebltsbroen" - go ahead google it, and judge for yourself if you would survive jumping off it (note: It's higher than Golden gate bridge...)
    My friend killed himself last year. He was NOT a coward. You're a ****in' moron with no god damn intelligence.
    The willpower needed to overcome the natural human instinct of survival is immense, cowardice doesn't factor into it. Also stop trivializing depression, you colossal faggot.
    i watched some of my best friends to suicide, i was an orphenfor two ****ing years with them, we were nearly killed or abducted more than once, the died because that life was ****ing hell, sleeping somewhere that we could only hope no one would find us the damned snow around us, not eating for day, and i have to live everyday with people telling me how cowardly suicide is, and then some adult telling me how i "dont know what therealworld is like" so dont go ****ing saying its cowardly, i live with the memory of some of the bravest people i ever knew having died and idiots likeyou saying how cowardly and selfish their act was, so **** off
    I agree that suicide is an easy way out for the victim but causes immense pain among the family. Suicide is a selfish act because it hurts those who you are close with
    Suicide senseless? Yes Cowardly? No Put a gun to your head and see how easy it is to pull a trigger. As far as Nirvanas music goes it did nothing groundbreaking. Faith No Mores Angel Dust was more ground breaking than any Nirvana album.
    Nirvana single-handedly changed the face of music in the 90s. They brought grunge to the forefront of pop culture and gave teenage angst a voice. Faith No More has one or two decent songs, and I'm not just saying that. When you ask people who had a bigger impact on music, the answer is always going to be Nirvana.
    I can not knock Nirvana at all. Their music was so great and so powerful. Too bad the band lasted so briefly. Sometimes I think "The music world needs a Nirvana cause it is rather boring right now." However there is only going to be one Nirvana. p.s. Angel Dust is a great album.
    Here's to hoping the end of the movie is Courtney admitting guilt to the murder of Kurt Cobain!
    Kurt Cobain didn't want to be popular, you idiot. Have you heard the Lexus story? He wanted to be able to identify himself as a poor artist, rather than have to write songs to stay relevant. Also, "too big of a coward to reap the rewards?" Obviously, you have no idea what it's like to perform, because the thrill of performing in front of a crowd is enough of a reward for a lot of people who love music. Money and fame is just a bonus, not needed to be happy and fulfilled.
    read his journals dipsh!t!!! then tell me he didnt want to be popular
    How about I don't read his journals, purely out of respect for his privacy. Celebrity status does not make a person public property.
    every kid who gets the music bug wants to be famous. They may grow out of it, or they may do something about it. And they may hate the innocence at which they gave themselves away for a dream. J...Get out!
    By the way... I definitely will not be watching this bs. I read part of his journals and it was typical mindless drivel of a junkie. I don't hate cobain or his music. However I don't understand all the hype about it. There was a lot of music in the 90s much better then nirvana
    "There was a lot of music in the 90s much better than nirvana". I totally agree. Pearl Jam, the Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden were wayyyyy better than Nirvana.
    Kurt was a coward and a junkie, but he did have some great songs. That said everyone in AIC, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were way more talented and way more deserving of being the "face" of grunge
    People who thing they can judge someone they no nothing about based on what they've read in the media are hopeless types. Sure I can see how suicide might seem cowardly but lets see you blow out your brains with a shotgun, it takes a little more courage then you seem to think. As for the other bands, Pearl Jam are one of the best bands out there today. Soundgarden made some good music but Chris Cornell has proven through his solo work just what a horrendous songwriter he is whereas Cobain was a talented and interesting songwriter who would kill himself again before making an album with Timbaland. Alice In Chains I've never really gotten into but by your apparent definition Layne Staley was no better than Cobain, you know being a junkie and all. Cobain is a legend in punk rock because of his immense influence on music and because of his tragic death. It's no surprise that artists who die young become even bigger than they were in life. Look at Hendrix, Elvis, Janis Joplin, John Lennon. It's nothing new.
    I don't "thing" I judged him on anything other than him having great music, but not being as worthy of being the face of grunge as say Chris Cornell. What you're taking offense to are two facts: 1) Kurt committed suicide which is a cowardly act 2) He was a major drug addict - a JUNKIE
    also, I wish there was an edit function for the comments on UG - they should use DisQus. Layne Stanely was no saint, he had tons of issues and was a major drug addict, but IMO he made better music than Kurt Cornell - Everyone has a bad album, but Chris is the man who made Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave great. Also IMO there are a few good songs on Scream - mostly on the bonus tracks such as "Lost Cause" or "Enemy"
    You can't take such a subjective view on something and sasy that it's a fact. Objectively, Cobain made the better music since more people listened to his than to Stanely's music, but even I know that it's also bullsh*t to say that because it's all just about you're personal taste in music.
    +1 for Disqus. SOOOO much better than UG's current commenting system. That, and I have my Disqus dashboard in my bookmarks bar. I check it multiple time throughout the day. Having UG in that page would be awesome. --- For the other stuff in your comment, I respect your opinion, but I disagree with it. I like Nirvana the most out of the "Big Four of Grunge*", as I put it. Nirvana didn't care about musical conventions, and they made something truly awesome as a result. --- *Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains
    he's right.
    K... Yes junkie, coward is up for debate. Anyone who has had suicide thoughts would agree. Pearl Jam has a more talented guitarist but other than Ten not a record can compare to In Utero or Incesticide. Layne was amazing AIC was AMAZING but Layne didn't write a lot of the music, Jerry did. These are all amazing bands but other than time frame and location they really can't be compared.
    Coward? Fuck you! . . . really though. . . Not saying Kurt was a Buddhist, but his band was called "NIRVANA" so I'll bring it up. FROM WIKI ON SUICIDE: "There is one Buddhist tale of a bhikkhu named Godhika[16] who had repeatedly attained temporary liberation of mind but was unable to gain final liberation due to illness.[16] Godhika chose to take his own life while in a state of temporary liberation to be reborn in a high realm.[16] The Buddha was quoted as saying Such indeed is how the steadfast act: They are not attached to life. Having drawn out craving at its root Godhika has attained final Nibbaana.[16] There is a similar story of a bhikkhu named Vakkali who committed suicide upon becoming an arhant.[16] Ultimately, tales like these point to a Buddhist belief that suicide may be acceptable ("good") if it will lead to non-attachment. However, people who have achieved enlightenment do not commit suicide. In both above cases they were not enlightened before attempting suicide but they became enlightened during or following their deaths." Well there you have it, suicide (in Buddhism) is an act that symbolizes attachment to this world. Just to make ya think really.
    waaaaoww. i cant believe so many people are so comfortable with hating on cobain/nirvana. sure courtney love is a joke and this movie will be an abomination. but i really doubt, if he was still kicking, cobain would allow something this stupid to happen to his name. sure suicide is awful but YOU have NO IDEA what he went through. no one does. just because he wasnt perfect like the bastards that frequent this website, and you arent a fan of his music doesnt give you the right to cut him or his music down. and if any one band from that genre DOES suck and IS overrated, its pearl jam. hate me all you want but eddie vedder can choke on a big one in my opinion, and if it was up to me, i would trade cobain/vedder any day. eddie vedder is the chad kroger of grunge.
    A movie about the least talented musician ever, who destroyed metal and rock n' roll? Seriously? Ahh, I forgot, dumb kids and fanboys will pay lots of money to watch this garbage.
    I disagree. Rock probably would have died if the grunge era wouldn't have occurred. Love 80's metal, but if you listen to it too much for too long it all starts to blur together. Same reason people stopped listening to Jazz in the 50's and started listening to rock.
    Least talented musician ever? Not quite. I guess that makes sense, if you've only listened to 2 or 3 bands in your entire life...
    quote: but now it appears she has ignored her own advice. Like when she said no coke before noon? Anyway, I think this would be great, if Courtney plays Kurt, Dave & Kris! Hellooooo Oscar!
    This corporatism is the embodiment of what drove Kurt crazy. It's completely disrespectful of them and and would be a disappointment on Courtney Love's behalf if I didn't already have such low expectations of her.
    Am I the only one who wouldn't mind looking past who is involved in the creation of the film just to see a decent film? I happen to like documentaries about musicians.
    Who gets involved with the film can really impact whether or not the movie will be decent. I don't know a lot about this, but I remember there was another Nirvana/Kurt Cobaine movie, and it was said that Courtney Love censored it. Apparently she took a lot out, and altered some things.