Kurt Cobain Movie In Development

Courtney Love is behind the project, which might instead appear as a Broadway play. Would you see it, or should he be left to rest in peace?

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Courtney Love is working on a project to tell the story of her late husband Kurt Cobain, which could appear as either a movie or Broadway production.

The project was revealed by Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lufti, who says he's been working with Love "on a possible motion picture or Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalogue, based on her life and Kurt Cobain's" (via NME).

It's early days for the feature, but with Kurt's fame as big as ever after two decades, producers will likely take the opportunity to put his story on the stage or screen.

It follows news that Amy Winehouse's life will be told in a Denmark theater from next year, telling the story of how her problems began with the public pressure of fame, according to NME.

Courtney Love has been embroiled in several lawsuits over the year, including a battle with her former landlady and was even sued by her own lawyers for alleged non-payment.

Would you see a movie or play about Kurt Cobain? What kind of story do you hope it would tell? Let us know in the comments.

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    Broadway musical? I wouldn't want to see a choreographed dance routine to one of his songs or see people prancing around onstage talking about suicide and drug addiction.
    My Last Words
    I think the last thing Kurt would like to see was a musical about his own life.. As said above, slowly killing the memory
    it probably wouldn't be like that... musicals CAN be tastefully done. they just usually suck. i've heard green day's musical is supposed to be flashy and broadway but also have some legit shit in it. so we'll see. (obviously nirvana > green day, but you see what Im saying) And i thought across the universe did justice to the beatles.
    Exactly. Check out almost any production of Sweeney Todd (especially the 2005 Broadway revival) and tell me that Broadway musicals can't take on serious subject matter like suicide and drug addiction. Or Next to Normal--a 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning rock musical that takes on mental illness and tackles it in a very human, emotionally affecting way. Like AlecBeretz said, musicals CAN be tastefully done. It's just the sorry case that a lot of them are gigantic, campy, over-produced spectacles that lose sight of story.
    Me and my rhythm guitarist watched Across the Universe and couldn't stop laughing... unintentionally. "Where'd she come from?" "She came in through the bathroom window." ... ... ... Really? Shame too. Beatles are my favorite band, Evan Rachel Wood's a great actress (and gorgeous too), and I don't think all musicals suck (Wizard of Oz, Rocky Horror, Sound of Music, Sweeney Todd), but for some reason I just found myself turned off by it.
    Also, in response to the article. I can't quite picture a broadway play of Cobain. I don't think it'd be High School Musical or anything by any stretch, but it'd still be weird. Then again, that studio efficiency of Courtney's ain't gonna pay for itself now, is it?
    "Across the universe did justice to the Beatles" I hope the pun was intentional. (also, I agree)
    I'm working on a new musical called "Grunge." Here is a scene (Axle is in an argument with Kurt) Axle: Anything you can do I can do better, anything you can I can do better than you Kurt: no you can't Axle: Yes I can Kurt: Anything you can do I can do better, anything you can I can do better than you... Ends with both utilizing jazz hands
    bahahah "Hey we're guns and roses" "hey we're grunge. we hate you and your stupid bandana" "awwwww *gets mad and shows up to shows late*"
    Agreed. A broadway musical for Kurt Cobain? Are you kidding me?? There is one reason why I actually would rather not see this turn into a movie. Courtney Love. If she's the one behind this movie and telling his story it's gonna be ridiculously biased and skewed. Most of the questions people have and want to hear about the whole Nirvana legacy is her involvement in it and all the conspiracy theories surrounding it. Do you really think this is going to be an accurate account. I'd like to know more about Niranva and all just like everyone else but not backed by her.
    Totally agree about Courtney. Just imagine the kind of a-hole she'll make sure they make out of Dave Grohl. Now if Grohl started getting involved in this I would not oppose in the least.
    Yeah no kidding. I love how he hardly even acknowledges her when she freaks out too. It sucks that if this does go through, part of me would want to see it just to see how off it really is.
    I don't think anyone expects accuracy from this, because this is just Courtney trying to get another Nirvana/Kurt Cobain check.
    Fuck. No. A Cobain musical would be the absolute worst thing they could do to his memory. Broadway musicals are like the encapsulation of the things his music was such a huge rebellion against. They're overdone, grand-scale productions. His style was intentionally the exact opposite of that. To make a musical about Kurt Cobain would be like making a musical about Syd Vicious.
    Someone obviously has only seen the crappy money-grabbing Broadway shows and not the good ones... Theater can portray things much better than TV or movies ever could when done correctly.
    "Kurt Cobain Movie In Development" *Gasps in excitement and clicks on link* "Courtney Love is working on a project to tell the story of her late husband Kurt Cobain" Ah dammit. No.
    It's worse than you think, it says "based on HER life and Kurt Cobain's."
    ill bet courtney love had an interesting life though, i thought hole was a good band. courtney love does come across as a loon but ive never met her so i cant judge.
    Smells like a bad idea if Courtney is involved in any way.
    The film "Last Days" portrayed Kurt pretty accurately and the mood of it was perfect. I don't see a reason to make another.
    It would be sick if Jared Leto played Kurt though. If you havn't seen the video of his impersonation do, it's so close
    bleh that performance made me sick. cobain had a certain...whats the word im looking for...gravely-nous to his voice and expression that jared leto isnt doing. he just sounds like all of those other bs post grunge bands like seether, breaking benjamin, shinedown, chevelle, etc. ive heard some really spot on nirvana cover bands too but the only thing leto has going for him is he is built like kurt and has the same clothes.
    gotta love the people who think they "knew kurt cobain" Jared sounds like kurt. period. he doesnt look like him at all, not even with the hair, but he sounds close. dont act like "there is something more" just cause you like kurt more than jared.
    I never claimed to know kurt cobain duded. Stop acting like Leto is flawless just because your head is up his ass. He sounds nothing like Kurt. There are people who can sound like Cobain spot on even if I hate the actual band. Unfortunately Leto is not one of them no matter how hard he tries to be him.
    I agree, hotdogs585. Listen to Nirvana's version of Pennyroyal Tea, then watch that video again. Leto does a good job, but it's definitely nothing to write home about
    Leto's version sounded like a cheesy American Idol cover of it. He may have a voice with good pitch but he doesn't have that dirty gravel to his voice that Cobain had. The singer of Burning Brides could pull it off decently, I don't really like that band but he would be pretty good at doing Cobain. The best Nirvana covers I've heard were from a Nirvana cover band called "Nevermind" The kid that sang for them imitated Kurt Cobain perfectly when I saw them live. Not sure what they're up to now days though.
    I don't agree with the way you're preaching your opinion, hotdogs, but I do see what you mean. You have a bit of a point here.
    I'm just describing the way I heard it, wasn't trying to be a dick or anything.
    I don't get why you keep bringing up Nirvana cover bands. It's a movie about his life, not a "So You Think You Sound Like Kurt Cobain?" tv show
    Read the conversation, I was commenting about how I thought Jared Leto did a bad Nirvana cover on that video that was posted of him.
    I think Charlie Hunnam (Jax from Sons of Anarchy) would be a good choice to play Kurt. Only thing he'd need to work on would be the voice.
    As long as it's done well, I think I might actually like this. A good biopic can be entertaining and very interesting. That said - with Courtney Love at the helm, I won't have my hopes up.
    A7X <3
    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... Just let him rest in peace... god Courtney you ****ing money seeking bitch -.-
    She's pathetic really, I don't think there is any other person who tries to cash in on the memory of a dead legend than Courtney Love.
    I enjoy biopics, but with Courtney Love involved I can't see it being in anyway accurate. Also they should stick with a movie, a broadway production is a ridiculous idea.
    Amost as good as: AIDS! AIDS! AIDS! WE'VE ALL GOT AIDS! Looking forward to it.
    I wish she would just disappear... Let it go... We already know about his life through various documentaries. She is a broke ass bitch that no longer has say and a daughter that hates her.
    Yeah I can't even muster morbid curiosity for this. It just makes me want to throw up.
    Kurt Cobain Movie In Development Me: Hmmm interesting. Courtney Love is behind the project.. Me: NEXT!
    Didn't Courtney have to give up Kurt's image rights to Frances? How could she be in charge of a movie with Frances' input
    Oh great. Another shitty Rock-umentary exploiting a dead artist. Can't wait to see many die hard Nirvana fans pissing their money away towards Courtney Love's drug habit. Instead of exploiting a dead artist and watching a work of fantasy made about him by his druggy wife, why not just listen to the man's music. No film is going to convey the man any better than the music he poured his heart and soul into.
    why is she in control. This is gonna be all about her being an angel and all about me masturbating.
    I hate when people say "Kurt would have wanted this and Kurt would have wanted that" If Kurt really cared about anything in this life he wouldn't have killed himself. Sorry to tell you burnt out hippies this, but Kurt Cobain just wanted to die, he didn't care about his child or memory.
    There have been talks of a Kurt Cobain biopic for years now. Remember when rumors were flying about Robert Pattinson playing Kurt? Or how Dave Grohl said he wanted a woman to play him in the movie? Anyway I think Joe Anderson (Across the Universe) should play Kurt.
    yeah did you even see the parts in the movie where Joe wore that green shirt and had his hair all grungy, thats when I knew he should play him, prefectly, and he sings too so thats a plus
    OK people, here it is: Kurt Kaboom is THE most over-rated "musician" of all time. Courtney Hole is an untalented, crusty has-been hooker. Yes, Nirvana had a few good songs. Enough already w/ this Kurt Cobain adoration!! If he was alive today, he'd be writing more crappy music and everyone would be complaining that they 'jumped the shark'. IT'S ENOUGH!!!!!
    I would see it. He is one of the businesses greats and millions repect and love him. He is part of what got me into music. Thanks to him I want to be a musician.
    i would watch a movie about him but it would have to be almost completely true, and it wouldn't have one of his songs every 5 minutes with a dance number, also it would have to be just a sort of drama documentary.
    You know its gona be bad when the picture in the corner even looks disappointed....
    I personally don't like music biopics. They all follow the same story arc. Young talented musician with emotional baggage instant rise to fame. Along the way he/she slowly decays, disillusioned with the fame. Nearly every music biopic follows this
    Control was a good and tasteful movie about ian curtis so there is still hope.
    No fan of Nirvana would go see a phucking broadway phucking show or a movie about KC. That psycho-bitch will turn his legacy into a phucking GLEE episode for phuck-sake. Ya think she wants to star as herself? I just mentally puked right now.
    anything to do with kurt that courtney love has her grubby mits on is just gonna be a quest for cash!! just a hopeless crack head trying to bleed all the money out of the Nirvana and Cobain names....
    i'm getting sick and tired of courtney love making tons of cash off of kurt's memory and his music. who here agrees that dave grohl and krist novoselic should sue her ass to stop doing this shit?!
    dave and kris would probably do the same thing if they had the rights, I mean why not? It could be pretty interesting if done properly... but since Courtney is in charge it will be terrible. Worse than HitlerAIDS.
    If they do make a Kurt movie they should cast Joe Anderson as Kurt. He looks just like him already. Watch The 27 Club that was a good movie.
    It's probably gonna be a bit awkward for Courtney Love when it gets to the point in the plot where she kills Kurt... Oops, I think I may have just ruined the ending...
    Maybe it will end with Courtney's admission of murder??? We can only dream...
    Ya know in a way I don't like the idea, but I'm also REALLY curious as to how they would make a musical based on this....