Kurt Cobain Statue to Be Unveiled in His Hometown

Fresh details of Kurt Cobain Day in Aberdeen surface.

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Fresh details of upcoming Kurt Cobain Day in Nirvana frontman's hometown of Aberdeen have surfaced, confirming that the musician's statue is set to be unveiled at the Aberdeen Museum of History.

The event itself will take place on February 20, marking what would have been Cobain's 47th birthday. As for the statue, it is the work of local artist Randi HubbardSeattle Times reports.

Kurt's didn't exactly have too fond memories of his hometown, describing it as "'Twin Peaks' without the excitement." Aberdeen also took some time to recognize the musician, mostly due to his severe drug issues.

"Aberdeen residents may justifiably take pride in the role our community played in the life of Kurt Cobain and the international recognition our community has gained from its connections with Kurt Cobain and his artistic achievements," stated Mayor Bill Simpson.

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    Whatever you want to say about his drug addictions, suicide etc, you can't deny he was a great musician, and that should be all that ever matters.
    I really think Kurt is very overrated. it was nirvana as a whole that shined.
    Kurt was an amazing song writer, but it definitely was all of Nirvana that made them who they were. Krist should get a lot more recognition, he's an awesome bass player
    It definitely wouldn't have been Nirvana if not for Krist and Dave... but Kurt was basically the Lennon AND McCartney of the band. If Nirvana shined, Kurt shined.
    I completely agree, and before I get called a Nirvana fanboy (I'm a casual fan at best), I just think to dismiss him as a "self destructive junkie" as the comment below did it either being extremely ignorant of what he contributed to music or jumping on the bandwagon a little.
    Kurt was very talented, as is Dave and Kirst, they can all play more then one instrument and write songs, etc.
    Kurt was/is constantly taken out of context and over hyped in all the wrong ways over the years....however, he was most certainly NOT over rated...please understand the distinction
    It can't be a coincidence that this came out yesterday.
    Fell on Black Days by the Foo Fighters?? 0:47
    I hope they realize this is exactly what he hated, it was over popularization like this that moved him towards suicide (among many other things, i.e. marrying a psycho).
    Guns N' Chains
    I thought the same when I read this. I would think he wouldn't want a statue of himself ANYWHERE.
    Now this is something Cobain would spraypaint on, since it's unbearably asinine and typical Americana bullshit. I love Nirvana and Cobain is one of my favourite songwriters, but come on. He ran from this shithole, he hated this place, the people living there. Doing something like this is not like raising a statue of Hitler in Austria, it's more in terms of raising Elisabeth Fritzl statue in Amstetten (and yeah, I know this isn't appropriate).
    Krist said that if Aberdeen ever erected (lol) a statue of Cobain that he'd knock it down.
    a statue? lol probably the exact opposite of what a private man like Cobain would want. Plus I don't know if we should glorify a man for killing himself, what message does that send to our children? But much worse messages are sent everyday through the TV commercials...
    I'd love to hear about TV commercials which send worse messages than glorifying suicide. Examples?
    Consume. Conform. You must LOOK like this. You HAVE to eat this. You NEED to be like this. You WILL purchase this. If you don't wear THIS you will become a REJECT. It's torture man. Kills your self-image, causes depression when you can't achieve a photo-shopped body image or afford the overpriced crap they're saying is "cool". It ultimately leads to suicide for some, more often if you have a weak mind. TV is bad. They call it programming for a reason!
    None of what you just said is remotely as bad as glorifying suicide, but thanks for sharing. Hope you get help for that.
    Family Reunion
    Why do you care so much to prove everyone wrong? You've made 6 posts trying to make people believe Cobain was a bad man. If YOU don't like him, don't be toxic to others in the community please. If you still want to tell everyone that you are right, you should get help for that instead.
    What are you talking about? I haven't even posted about Cobain. Get help for yourself, drama queen.
    Except a statue to someone because of the lasting impact of their music doesn't "glorify suicide".
    This sucks, Kurt said how he hated aberdeen constantly. And some people have already threatened to pull it down. But I guess it's just another thing committed in his image that he'd hate.Boo!
    What a pathetic attempt to cash in on a self destructive junkie. This place must really truly be the miserable place Cobain was known to resent. I am sure some super fans have/will attempt to go just to see this crap. But I can't imagine it actually does any good for the town.
    Lets take a moment to remember and to erect a statue of a trashy suicidal drug addict that that wrote some mediocre songs 25 years ago.
    Yeah because that's all he was. Here's a newsflash for ya - Not all musicians are/were clean cut, happy and healthy. Maybe boy bands are more your style... They're smiley and adorable and wear the coolest clothes and would never do (gasp!) drugs. You'll have your own statue posthumously erected in your hometown too. Don't be jel.
    Exactly, while we're at it we might as well have not given Bon Scott, Phil Lynnot or Jimi Hendrix their statues while we're following the logic of mrobidguitar, all of those guys did drugs (and yes, alcohol is a drug before you argue) and ended up dying because of it.
    because if someone doesn't like nirvana they MUST be a boyband fan right? nirvana wrote sloppy, whiny grunge music that was simplistic and boring.
    "trashy" Being a member of a band you're not into doesn't make someone trash. "suicidal drug addict" And this makes him less of a person... how? "that that wrote some mediocre songs 25 years ago" True, but then he also wrote some with more than enough inspirational genius to make up for the hole Smells Like Teen Spirit left.
    "Aberdeen residents may justifiably take pride in the role our community played in the life of Kurt Cobain", What like helping him turn into a manic depressive downer who became a junkie and abandoned his daughter. Meanwhile I hear Austria is planning a statue as their people justifiably take pride in the role their country played in the life of Adolf Hitler.
    Yeah, they're totally the same thing, people always forget about all those acts of genocide Kurt Cobain committed...
    Wanna sound like an idiot? Compare someone you don't like to Hitler. Success.
    did you honestly just compare Kurt Cobain to Adolf Hitler? did you really compare a guy who helped invent a genre of music, was a SELF destructive and depressive man, who wrote unheard of lyrics and songs while inspiring millions of musicians in his wake, who never killed a single human being in his life except for HIMSELF ..... to Hitler????? wow ... haters will hate in any way they can.
    "Helped invent a genre of music" really ?, grunge isn't a genre of music, and even if it was everything he wrote he got from the Pixies, Nirvana were a punk band, Alice In Chains were a Metal band, Soundgarden were more Art-Metal, and Pearl Jam were a 70's inspired rock band, none of them sounded alike so how can that be a genre ?
    good job on completely dodging the fact that you're comparing any innocent person to Hitler. Good job on splitting hairs debating the definition of "genre". Good job, you retard ... good job
    Absolutely correct. Grunge was a fad, not a genre. A bunch of bands with little in common lumped together.
    personally I find a lot in common between those bands. Do Nirvana have punk roots? Yes, they do. Does that mean they're punk? No. Does your opinion on what's a genre and what's a fad matter? Not even in the slightest.
    The truth remains, even if you choose to bury your head in your colon.
    since "Grunge" is literally defined as a genre of music, then yeah, I guess the truth does remain, whether I have my head up my ass or not. So ..... thanks for confirming my point
    Punk? Are you serious?
    I don't agree with anything that guy said, but really; grunge was the overlapping of metal and punk at the time. Grunge just bridged the gap between the two genres. Arguably, In Utero is a classic punk record to many. It's fair to say Nirvana had alot of punk songs. If the term 'grunge' was never coined, Nirvana would have been described as a mix of punk/rock/metal/hardcore genres.
    So I guess jazz fusion isn't a genre either, because it's just a bridge between jazz and rock?
    "Alice In Chains were a Metal band" that's the only one I have a hard time with, they did tour with Slayer, Testament and Anthrax on the last leg of that tour, but I don't know if I would call them metal, maybe...sorta... But everything else, I couldn't agree more.
    The fact that he didn't like the town and thought it lacked excitement probably means it was a decent place.
    I always expected a statue of Kurt Cobain to be erected in his honour. However, the tear seems bizzare, no other deceased rock icon I can think of has a tear running down. Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury, Bon Scott, Phil Lynott, and Elvis Presley don’t have tear. It would have been cooler to have him singing in standing pose with his electric dressed in a cardigan and maybe a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.
    Hey kids of Aberdeen, if you start a band, OD and leave your children fatherless . . . you can have a statue built in your honor too!
    I love Kurt, but I don't think this is what he'd have wanted. Don't get me wrong Kurt deserves all of this, but I don't know if thats what he would want.