Kurt Cobain 'Wanted to Record an Album of Old Blues Covers' Prior to His Death

Wipers guitarist Greg Sage says he heard rumours of Nirvana frontman's plans for a solo record.

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Kurt Cobain was interested in recording a solo album of blues covers shortly before his death, Wipers guitarist Greg Sage has claimed.

Sage speaks as part of NME's tribute to Kurt Cobain on the 20th anniversary of the Nirvana frontman's death.

"I heard from some people in [Kurt's] camp in his circle that he wanted to come to Arizona and record at my studio, Zenorecords, and do an album of old blues covers," says Sage. "I thought that would be good for him personally, but how do you go from mega-million LP sales to an album of old blues covers from a corporate point of view? Two weeks later he was gone."

Elsewhere in the issue, musicians who recorded Cobain's favourite albums (including members of Pixies, Marine Girls, Gang of Four, the Vaselines and the Slits) celebrate his legacy. Courtney Love also talks about her plans to stage a Kurt Cobain-themed musical if she can get the right people involved.

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    I was working at a record store when he died,we had hundreds of of Nirvana sales that week even by people that never liked them before it kinda made me sick...everybody loves you when your dead.People were crying like they new the guy
    I didn't give a shit when he died. (The joke here is that I was 4 months old at the time)
    Vicryl 2.0
    lol and the funny part is when you explained your joke. your a joke as it is.
    I consider myself to be a fan of blues music, and I would have loved to hear his takes on blues songs. Especially if you take in the Unplugged concert, and think of old "acoustic blues with a slide" it could have been incredible. He definitely has the voice needed for it, and more than enough emotion to follow it with. And thats all you need.
    I would have liked to hear that very much. I think Kurt's voice would really suit the blues. But have any of you read his supposed suicide letter? I'm not really into the whole "Courtney killed Kurt" conspiracy but if you recall, a lot of people speculate that letter was actually about him quitting the band. The only part about suicide was a brief moment at the end which many believe was actually forged by another person. I don’t know what happened but I do find it quite interesting to see how this article correlates with the theory that he was going to quit Nirvana.
    There was no thoery about him quitting Nirvana. By the time they were touring for "In Utero" the band was riding separate tour buses. They were barely speaking outside of when they had to for band reasons. They were practically broken up anyway. There may have had 1 more album in there, tops.
    Yeah, I could see them splitting up not long after In Utero and then going their separate ways.
    I've heard from people that his note was saying he was leaving Courtney, it makes sense reading it from that point of view too. I still think it was a suicide though. Some compelling arguments though.
    I can't even imagine how popular music would have evolved if Kurt Cobain had come out with a blues album. That probably would have been fun.
    This is old news. He constantly spoke of Nirvana ending and going about his business in music. Then again, he also considered quitting music altogether. Maybe the blues cover thing would've been a good thing for him, as it may have alleviated some of the issues he had with certain aspects of his career.
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