Kurt Cobain's Death Wasn't a Suicide and Courtney Love Was Involved, New Documentary Claims

"If I were the chief today, I'd reopen the investigation," says retired chief of police Norm Stamper.

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An upcoming docudrama titled "Soaked in Bleach" takes on the matter of Kurt Cobain's death, focusing on the theory that Courtney Love had a big part in it.

Based on the official case files, audio recordings and expert testimonies, the film features several prominent police figures surrounding Kurt's case sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Courtney to find Kurt, was the first one to point at Love, noting that her behavior was far from typical for a woman that had just lost her husband. "There didn't seem to be any sadness whatsoever," he said. "There was more to this than what I was being told.

"It's not very often that a private investigator accuses his client of committing a crime," Grant added.

"20 years later I remain professionally disturbed by the way in which the Kurt Cobain case was mishandled," said forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht.

As the film further points out, the authorities allowed the cremation of Cobain's body within mere six days and didn't take fingerprints from the shotgun for 30 days. Also, the frontman's death was ruled a suicide the same day he was found dead.

"To rule the case the same day and to make a public pronouncement is absolutely unacceptable," Wecht added.

Furthermore, forensic document examiner Heiddi Harrolson pointed at a practice sheet found in Courtney's backpack which contained different word combinations found in Kurt's suicide note.

"They [Kurt and Courtney] were in the middle of a divorce," investigative journalist Max Wallace added, just for Grant to chip in, "If Kurt Cobain commits suicide, Courtney inherits it all."

The film also features a phone recording of Love saying, "I can deny it, all the way to the bank and actually people will believe me if I deny it. All publicity is good publicity to a certain degree."

"I would tell you right now that if I were the chief today, I would reopen this investigation," retired chief of police Norm Stamper concluded.

Check out the official trailer below.

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    Is Tom Grant the same genius who didn't bother to search the guest house twice despite being at the main estate while he looked everywhere for Kurt, leaving his body to rot for a few more days until the electrician discovered him? He seems to come off as a bit of an idiot looking to save face.
    That would be the one! I read a couple books on this, and watched a documentary on it, there's some pretty compelling stuff in there that points to foul play. But, nothing will ever come of it I'm sure. Still interesting to read up on though.
    I know people are saying "let the man rest in peace" and stuff, but Im glad they're going deeper into this investigation, If one of my family members died, I'd like to know the truth on how they died, and every one who dies deserves to have their death told how it was
    Dead people are gone and deserve nothing.
    Well aren't you a dick
    He has a point, from a certain perspective.
    From the perspective of a prick?
    From the perspective of a rational human being. People aren't rational though. Check this article for reference.
    I agree and am willing to take the red for this. Death is a taboo subject for two reasons, and that's because people fear it, and because when you lose someone, you can't get them back. The unofficial third reason is, if society didn't taboo death, there'd be a whole lot more of it. So while I do agree that they aren't helping, I don't agree with the point that this case shouldn't be investigated, as the family do have their right to the truth.
    fistofTHEAXIS, it's funny how you're as uninteresting now as you will be when you're gone.
    I somewhat understand what you're saying. But then again, imagine a world where murder would be somewhat legal, since "Dead people are gone and deserve nothing." Doesn't make much sense, huh?
    Sounds like a documentary me and my wife watched on BBC 10 years ago .
    Yeah but you have to account for the delay in which UG puts up current news stories. This seems about right to me.
    If they still can't prove that Courtney had Kurt killed 20 years after Kurt died using evidence that has already been collected and shown in various books etc over the years then what chance does this "new" documentary have? Its just recycled crap.
    Regardless of how you feel about this matter, you have to admit that "Soaked in Bleach" is an awesome title.
    I'd have to watch the doc to evaluate it. I just hope that they actually try to acts questions and really investigate. Anyone remember the Kurt and Courtney documentary by Nick Broomfield? He went out with the the intention of just slamming Courtney and shoved all journalism out the window. The part I remember most was when he interviewed El Duce from the Mentors. El Duce said that he supposedly knew who killed Kurt. Does Nick ask and try to get more info? NO! He lets it fly over his head and sticks to his script... GRAH!
    Although he does mention the name Allen, then two days later he dies. Also, there's a black guy showing Nick where Duce is at the start of the interview and he could have been the one to tell Allen that Duce slipped out his name because the black guy plays drums for Kill Allen Wrench. It's all conspiracy shit but it is strange when Kill Allen Wrench's FB page (owned by Allen) likes comments by fans saying he killed Kurt. Could be dark humour but who knows. Don't forget the fact that Allen was a drunk who was broke but a week after Kurt's death he has a new house, car and recording equipment!
    The guy was a severely depressed heroin addict who had tried to commit suicide just a month or so earlier. Is it really that much of a stretch to think that he pulled the trigger? I understand that it's fun to have conspiracy theories, but this one seems weak and basically just an excuse to further hate Courtney Love.
    if you read the note and friends testimonies about his state before his death, there are very serious doubts that what you wrote is true.
    That note your talking about, he most likely was not as doped up when wrote the first part of it. He was at a dose of heroin prior to death that would've killed someone without a high tolerance. It's not a stretch to think he had trouble writing those last few sentences while he was that far gone
    The thing is, he wouldn't have needed as much heroin as usual to get his usual high, he broke out of rehab to go home and kill himself, even though it was a short detox, it could have been enough for his usual amount of heroin to put him in a state where he could basically do nothing.
    could of been, but then again his usual amount of heroin most likely wasn't enough to get him high, but to keep him from getting sick. But honestly it's all speculation. I wasn't there and didn't know him or his habits
    Why comment on things when you clearly don't read anything into it? The Rome incident was not a suicide attempt, everyone including Courtney Love admitted that. The theory of Kurt getting murdered is not very far-fetched all things considered. Dig a bit deeper, or just don't talk at all. Okay? Okay.
    Actually, it wasn't until after his death that she claimed the Rome incident was a suicide attempt.
    Says every annoying 12-yo that reads Kurt Cobain's biography on Wikipedia.
    I read his biography by Charles R Cross, and in it he said that the police report said it could not have been more obviously a suicide. I'm thinking a lot of the details claimed in this documentary and by other people here are rumors with no real basis in reality. I suppose I don't really know what happened to him, but at the end of the day, Kurt is dead and we have lost a legend. This documentary is just trying to stir up shit to get money.
    don't believe anything charles cross writes. he has a confidentiality agreement with courtney love, anything he writes has to be approved by her before published. he always depicts her as a martyr or heroine.
    "noting that her behavior was far from typical for a woman that had just lost her husband. 'There didn't seem to be any sadness whatsoever,'" So a heavy drug user who is not you expresses her emotions in different manner than you? That must mean she killed him!
    "Paul McCartney was killed in the 60's and replaced with a double," says some mentalists on the internet. Put that in a headline, UG.
    The Judist
    That would be great IF they included the compelling evidence that leads people to that conclusion, like the vocal traces, physical differences and deterioration in playing ability around that time
    As scummy as Courtney is, I honestly believe Kurt killed himself. As far as we can tell from his public life, he always struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, so it's not a far leap to believe that he finally just had enough.
    That to me is what is unfair about this. People write it off as "oh he was depressed, he probably killed himself." Thats the obvious answer, but you have to dig a little deeper than that when you're dealing with potential murder. A lot of people like you post things like that without really further researching Tom Grant's theory which is at least worth looking at considering how close he was to the case. His argument is compelling to say the least. I want it to be proven that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain because its tarnished Kurt's reputation, and is sadly what he is most known for.
    Someone tried to use his credit card after his death. That's a bit suspicious!
    i dont think anyone will find out what happened to Kurt. Just remember him for the legend he was and the great music he brought to the world
    He killed himself. Dave and Krist don't deny this, and they knew him better than these people who never knew him when he was alive.
    meh. what is the point of all this?...turn him into a victim? for the sake of some kind of sick joy to see him as a hero who wasnt ****ed up? c'mon people, let this shit go already.
    The Judist
    Anyone with half a brain can see there's more to this than the official explanation
    I love how "New documentary claims" is at the end, lol. Bottom line kiddies, Kurt was an addict, and Kurt shot himself in the head. If you think otherwise, you are blinded by your fandom.
    this is crap. you demonise a woman who's lost her husband you don't even ****ing know her. bunch of ****ing vultures
    oh shut up she brought all of the negativity on herself, regardless of what a bunch of "PIs" have made countless documentaries on
    I actually agree. At the end of the day, it's most likely that Kurt killed himself, and the truth would be that she tragically lost her husband. She may be annoying as all hell, something we all agree on, but she's also the widowed mother of his daughter.
    If new evidence has surfaced, I'll listen to it. But a qualified expert on suicides summed up Kurt's death as a "textbook suicide", so that's pretty convincing in my book. I can't help but think that this new documentary is just some conspiracy theorist looking for attention.
    I think the REV committed suicide. His song lyrics lead up to it. "brompton cocktail" is how he died
    JUSTICE thats what no one deserves to be remembered for something they didnt do JUSTICE FOR KURT COBAIN
    JUSTICE thats what no one deserves to be remembered for something they didnt do JUSTICE FOR KURT COBAIN
    Why do ppl keep doing this? It's been 20 years. Maybe they mishandled the case, but it still doesn't take away the fact that Kurt Cobain had tried to kill himself tons of times before he shot himself. He was a miserable person. I'm sure that before the heroin he wasn't as bad, but he still was a pretty bitter guy with many issues with depression. Courtney Love is not a murderer. That being said, they were probably toxic to eachother as most addicts are, but people have free will. Courtney didn't force Kurt to shoot up. And, of course she's not going to show remorse right after. If someone I married shot themselves to death, I'd be pretty pissed before being sad. Some people just don't understand that. It's easy to point the finger at Courtney because she's done crazy shit, but she isn't a murderer. If you watch interviews from the 90s, you can see that she really was suffering after he died. Some of you seem like misogynistic assclowns.
    Nothing is going to come out of this, get over it. If they can't say for any certainty who shot Kennedy, what chance does he have?
    Kurt was depressed, two of his uncles had committed suicide and he was heavily into drugs. He had also bought the shotgun or borrowed it from someone. Question is, why did Kurt need a shotgun, to feel safe? Courtney also did and does drugs, her behavior is very erratic, eccentric, crazy, sometimes insane and their daughter Frances claimed that her mother killed their cat. I think, imo and based on facts, eyewitness testimony and evidence plus family history, etc. that Kurt did indeed kill himself.
    All these "You can get away with murder as long as I don't like the victim" bothers me
    Jeez can we get over this guy already? Nirvana's legacy - if it existed as a person - would be secretly thankful that Kurt Cobain died when he did; it's the best thing that happened to it in hindsight.
    I have never believed that Kurt took his own life and never will. Too many facts proves that he didn't. Can a retired police chief come out of retirement? Mr Norm Stamper if you could do that and reopen the case all of us Nirvana fans would be very grateful plus it would be the right thing to do as Kurt deserves justice. Someone please do something as Courtney needs to be punished for what she had done which it is quite obvious that she had Kurt murdered. Even her own father said he believes she was capable.