Kyuss Dies, Rebrand As 'Vista Chino'

After a legal battle with Josh Homme over the name "Kyuss Lives!", they have changed their name to Vista Chino so they can continue performing uninterrupted.

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Kyuss Lives! have re-branded themselves as Vista Chino, after a judge suggested changing their name to avoid further lawsuits.

The legal wrangles for Kyuss Lives!, a modern offshoot of 90s stoner rock heroes Kyuss, began early this year when former member Josh Homme (now of Queens Of The Stone Age) claimed they were trying to steal rights to the original "Kyuss" name.

Members of Kyuss Lives! accused Homme of double standards for doing the same thing with the original Kyuss name back in the 90s, but Homme pressed forward with his complaint and a legal battle ensued.

In August a judge banned them from recording under any Kyuss title, and suggested that they start afresh with a new name.

Under the new Vista Chino banner, the band will start performing in early 2013 at Soundwave festival in Australia. They are likely to continue performing Kyuss songs, which will earn Homme and the original songwriters a share of performance royalties.

Bassist Nick Oliveri, who quit Kyuss Lives! in March, has now rejoined the new Vista Chino. Perhaps surprisingly, he will also feature on John Homme's forthcoming Queens Of The Stone Age album, for the first time since being fired from that band in 2004.

Vista Chino are expected to write a new album under the new name, but are yet to confirm or announce a schedule for release.

Which of the stoner rock bands are your favorite? Could Vista Chino compete with them? Let us know in the comments.

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    Vista Chino!? :/ maybe is just me but i don't like that name for the band... not even a bit, use the Kyuss backwards or make an anagram with it like Sykus... or something like that. PD. By the way UG its Josh Homme not John.
    For the other 3 guys, Kyuss was the absolute pinnacle of their careers. Just because josh decided to move on to bigger and better things, does that strip the rest of the band of their identity? Isn't Kyuss without Josh Homme better than no Kyuss at all?
    I never understood why changing the name was that much of a problem. If they wanted to reunite without Josh just to keep making music, the brand shouldn't be an issue. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to what they've got in store to release, should be interesting.
    This is so f***ing stupid. So Josh can constantly recycle all the other members of his band in and out, and still call it QOTSA, but Kyuss cant replace just one member and keep any resemblance of the name? I love every project Josh does, but this really makes him come off as a petty a**hole
    Like QOTSA, josh wrote all the music in Kyuss (brant wrote a little bit aswell,Nick wroke one song. but like 95% of the music was josh). so in QOTSA since he wrote ALL the songs he can continue doing as he wants with whomever he wants the lineup to be. for goodness sakes he did everything but the drums on the first QOTSA are not comparable to the Kyuss sitch. As for Kyuss, I'm a die hard fan. In my mind Homme IS Kyuss, so there cant be a reunion without josh. and im sure most diehards would agree with me. to me he isnt an *****, just a guy who cares about the kyuss legacy as much as i do. Homme = Kyuss
    homme-reeder-fernandez-garcia? can josh play all of those parts at once?
    dude it's josh homme, ofcourse he can. he'll be smoking a cigarette and making love to your mother while he does it too.
    all jokes aside i said josh WROTE all the music (or close to all), not played it all at once. execept in the first album technically.
    Josh has said all along that QotSA was more of a musical collective, versus a fixed band. It was an outgrowth of the Desert Sessions, and was intended to have the same kind of loose format. As with any situation of this sort [such as the Sabbath-Ward feud], we are only seeing the surface of what is going on. Lots of people seem to want to blame Josh, as he's pretty outpoken and has been against a partially-reformed band under the Kyuss name, but we don't really know what's being said all around - he's only one party to the debate.
    All I can think of when I see Vista Chino is a pair of khakis from the LL Bean catalog....
    Wait...why don't they just perform under the name Unida? I mean it's already John Garcia's band...and they ARE active at the moment apparently. They could just play Kyuss and Unida songs at their concerts. I would ****ing love getting to hear them play songs by both of those bands played in succession like that. Like opening with Hurricane then going into Thorn then into Green Machine then into Katzenjammer and so on and so forth.
    .... or better yet Skyus. keep on keepin on I say.. don't forget, none of this was ever sposed to happen ..... so just be the **** happy aight?
    How exactly can 1/4 prevent the 3/4 from using the bandname? And even if Homm-eh wrote most of the music, it was Garcias voice that made them legendary. They should have worked out a fair contract split on merchandising, and Kyuss should have been able to go on. I think Homm-eh stopping these guys from earning a living while he shuffles his band members every album or so is completely hypocritical. Sounds like an arrogant control freak.
    dude, homme tried working things out and even helping them along with licensing. But while everyone was ok with the sitch, "Vista chino" and managment went behind josh's back and tried to steal the rights the the Kyuss legacy away. not cool in my book, they deserved what they got. had they just acted nice and cooperated maybe they would of still been called and recording a new album under Kyuss Lives! right now. this is what being greedy gets you.
    It doesn't matter what they call themselves. To me they will always be Kyuss. One of the greatest and must underrated bands ever.
    Wait. Nick's gonna be on the new QOTSA album? That sounds more interesting than the name change.
    Vista Chino actually sounds pretty cool. It's no Kyuss, but with all the legal stink being raised over it why not change it to something that sounds like the title of a new Kyuss song?