La Roux Argues Against Underground Music in Defence of Pop

artist: La Roux date: 07/23/2014 category: music news
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La Roux Argues Against Underground Music in Defence of Pop
Elly Jackson, aka La Roux has expressed her revolt toward underground music - arguing in favour of pop music.

AsĀ Gigwise notes, her claims argue that records aren't cool if they're not hook-heavy and sell a huge amount of copies.

In an interview with Time Out she said: "I like the ambition of making pop. Underground music gets all of the respect and critical acclaim, yet the stuff which sells sh-tloads of records doesn't," she said. "It's the challenge of writing music that's quality, but also pop, that I want to take on."

Asked if it was a problem with underground music, Jackson responded: "There are too many underground records. I'm sick of people saying, 'That record was so great,' and yet it only sells 4,000 copies. I don't see what's cool about not writing hooks; if you're really f--king clever, where's the f--king melody that I can remember? I woke up today and forgot your whole album - genius! I don't get it."

JacksonĀ was also recently expressing her distaste toward Kanye West. In an interview with the Sunday Times she said "F--k him! Nobody likes him."
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