LA Store Owner Receives Hate Mail For Releasing New Charles Manson Album

A Los Angeles boutique owner and producer has received hate mail after releasing an album of "new" music from notorious imprisoned murderer, Charles Manson.

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A Los Angeles boutique owner and producer has received hate mail after releasing an album of "new" music from notorious imprisoned murderer, Charles Manson.

Manuel Vasquez made friends with Manson and turned to Kickstarter in order to raise money to help put out the 40 minute album, "Just F--king Around", which features tracks performed by Manson, who was accused of being behind a string of murders in Los Angeles in 1969, including the slaying of pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

Of releasing the record, which has been limited to 500 copies, Vasquez told the LA Times: "I've gotten some hate mail from it. There are people not appreciating the release of music by him. People say they don't understand why I'd want to associate myself with this or why I would be interested in releasing it."

The music on the album was recorded in the 1980s at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville and its artwork features on the back a geometric design by Manson and a drawing of Manson by a fellow inmate at Cochran State Prison on the front. The record is made up of six songs and poetry and commentary from Manson. "It's really low-fi, mono," says Vasquez, who adds:

"I don't think there was ever a chance for mass popularity of his music. Most people won't like it. It probably requires an acquired taste."

Despite receiving hate mail regarding the release, Vasquez said: "They're going so fast I may have to do a second pressing."

Thanks to NME for the report.

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    "...which features tracks performed by Manson, who was accused of being behind a string of murders in Los Angeles in 1969..." Really, accused ? I think he was a bit more than accused.
    Wouldn't be the first time the Americans extended the 2 week holding period of holding someone accused of a crime
    Music is music, you can't censor it. Of course what he is did is totally ****ed, but if you don't want to listen to a record by a psychopath then don't listen to it. Its really that simple.
    Just because you listen to one's music doesn't mean you approve of one's actions. Reading Mein Kampf doesn't make you a Nazi or an anti-Semite. I bet Manson's record is a fasinating lesson, a peek into one of the most psychopathic minds of our time. Psychologists and criminalogists will be soaking it up you can be sure, and it may actually help people in the future.
    I was just trying to think of a counter-argument to this. Started to get into thoughts of censorship and how books are different and everything and it made me realize I was full of shit. I suppose Manson should be allowed to release the music. However, no one should be allowed to make money from it. It should be public domain to be listened to as a curiosity, but he shouldn't get anything out of it. Thanks for the epiphany
    I agree no one should make any money off of this, but unfortunately in today's world I'm sure thats not the case. At least we can be sure if Manson DID somehow profit, he wouldnt be able to touch a penny of it
    Seriously, Manson is a psycho, but I really dig some of his songs... The hate mail is stupid.
    so if Ted bundy or jeffery Dahmer (if they were alive) made a record you would have no problem listening to it even knowing what they did?!
    No, I would not. See, it's not that different from listening to music made by complete douchebags of our time like Mustaine, Axl, etc. What musicians do with their lives hardly concerns me.
    That guy Burzum burned down four churches and killed a guy but people still love his music.
    if it was good id listen to it.
    you know i have no problem with axel being a bitch or mustaine being dumb I can still listen to their music but once you kill someone you deserve to die as soon as possible and its sick that you guys dont have a problem listening to an evil mans music!!!!
    Manson didn't kill anybody, he basically brainwashed a bunch of morons into doing a string of killings.
    No wait, you are an idiot. You misspelled effing METALLICA on your profile, AND you listen to Black Veil Brides, which you also misspelled. Lulz.
    Who the hell cares what they've done, if the music is good, just listen to it.
    Should still be released although his crimes are heinous, otherwise I would be a hypocrite listening to the great works of Burzum with the crimes that Varg Vikernes committed.
    This is the same as killers and convicts releasing books. I heard that Jerry Sandusky is writing a book.
    Jerry Sandusky already wrote a book a few years back. It was called "Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story". No joke.
    This man was & probably still is a nasty piece of work. Problem is once arrested he was just imprisoned not executed. The fact that he was allowed to make songs while in prison & furthermore be allowed to release them is something we can do nothing about. The music is out there for anyone to listen to, it's our choice to decide if we want to or not. Maybe it is in bad taste for it to be released but to send hate mail is pointless.