La Torre-Fronted Queensryche: 'We Have Done the Best Thing for the Band'

Drummer Scott Rockenfield discusses the possibility of losing the right to the Queensryche name.

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Queensryche drama is still very much happening at the moment as the November trial to determine the rights for the Ryche moniker steadily approaches.

Drummer Scott Rockenfield of the Todd La Torre-fronted edition of the band recently discussed the entire matter with Oregon Music News, confessing that the group isn't even considering the possibility of losing the case.

"We don't focus on that possibility we're living in the now," Rockenfield said when asked about the chance of losing the name. "If that were to happen I don't have a confirmation of what we would do in terms of what we'd call ourselves. I can tell you no matter what happens we'll still continue to make music because the five of us have something - we feel so great about it and we're having such a great time."

The stickman continued, "That can't stop us and nobody can take that away from us. That's a confirmed thing that we own now - which is our chemistry together. We know it so well. I do believe that the right choice will be made in November which will be the best decision for Queensryche. Hopefully that's the case, right?"

As far as the entire rift with Geoff Tate goes, Rockenfield admitted that the two bands with identical names have caused a lot of confusion among the fans.

"We feel very confident that we have done the best thing for the band and also what the fans have been wanting from the band. We feel so good about what we've done and the response that we've had with the record. It was just released the day before yesterday and the response has been overwhelming," he said. "We just continue to get more support and people really seem to enjoy what were doing. We feel good about that."

As the first Queensryche record to feature La Torre, the group's eponymous album dropped on June 24 via Century Media Records. With just over 13,500 units shipped in the US within the first week, it peaked at No. 23 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    "...I don't have a confirmation of what we would do in terms of what we'd call ourselves." KINGSRYCHE ...just to piss Tate off!
    Agreed. Whilst I don't give a shit about the naming politics, this new album has resulted in my being interested in the band's music again for the first time since Promised Land (and that's a hell of a long time ago). If they do more, I'm looking forward to it.
    After all of Tate's bashing of his former band mates, they pretty much showed him up by recording a killer album. It's pretty obvious Tate was the weak link. I'm glad they were able to come back and release such a strong album, meanwhile Tate's effort just absolutely tanked. Also, La Torre's vocals are ridiculous. They couldn't have picked a better singer. Glad things are going so well for them after dealing with Tate's crap for so long.
    You guys are great, but it's not so much you doing the best things for the band, but next to Geoff you guys are like a bunch of Dave Grohls and Randy Blythes.
    I'm not a huge fan of Queensryche, but even I must admit that the La Torre albumm was really good:
    The Reich? As much as the boys deserve the name, I think Tate's songwriting credits will result in him winning.
    Well, I have purchased both releases and they are both already shelved to probably never come out again. Just like any band from back in my day's newer releases. Although, I did keep one of Tate's version songs on my ipod. The LaTorre version is more to the classic Ryche now, plus the three original members to start the whole thing off. With that said though, I would put Geoff in Gene Simmons shoes and the others in Ace Frehley's business wise, I think. That may be their loss. Geoff was the brainchild for them in the beginning and in the end, which ultimately led to failure. From what I understand, it will be a buyout between the two. Like a divorce. It is who will want it more. If Geoff was smart, he would just take the buyout. He will never be able to continue as Queensryche, but think he has the most to gain, in the end.
    You really need to listen to the New Queensryche album again. Todd LaTorre is what Geoff Tate can never be again.