Lacuna Coil Singer: 'Bands Don't Get More Successful Just Because of Female Singers, People Aren't Stupid'

"I honestly don't know if it's a trend or not," says Cristina Scabbia.

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In an interview with Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire), Lacuna Coil frontwoman Christina Scabbia has been talking about the increasing number of women fronting metal bands.

As Scabbia notes, having a female singer does not guarantee success for a band:

"I honestly don't know if it's a trend or not. Probably for some bands that are starting now, for part of them to have a female might means, 'Oh, we're going to get more successful or we're going to get more attention,' which it's not. People aren't stupid. It's not like there's a pretty girl in the band then you're going to be successful. It's not like that.

"I'm happy that there are more women in the scene. When we started, we were in between the bands with a female in the lineup but it was more accepted in Europe. There were more bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation, Theater of Tragedy with women in the lineups. It was kind of normal, at least in that symphonic gothic metal scene. Now I notice a lot of bands with a female in the lineup and I think it's cool. There is space for everybody. As long as you can deliver you can be professional and do your job as a singer and musician, why not?"

Scabbia also spoke about the departure of Cristiano "Pizza" Migliore and drummer Cristiano "Criz" Mozzati, who retired from Lacuna Coil in February, citing personal reasons:

"Yeah, everyone was really surprised and we were surprised too. It's not that they decided to retire because they didn't like band anymore or we didn't like each other anymore. It was more of a desire from their sides to change their life and leave the road, because it's not easy to live on the road and be away for such a long time from your loved ones. So they told us in December, about their decision.

"We decided to wait a little bit, first of all, because we had to absorb the news because it was ... not shocking, but it's still weird. It's the still same feeling if you're living with your brothers and they decide one day to move out, get married and change their life and they're not living with you anymore. It's the same kind of feeling. You're happy for them but at the same time you're going to miss them. Everybody's happy, so I think it's fantastic."

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    Sure, having a hot female singer doesn't make a famous band, but it doesn't exactly do much harm.
    Actually they get more successful as soon as they get a female singer..
    They get more attention (especially if the singer growls and screams), but people still won't listen to them if they suck.
    How do you explain Paramore then? They are only, and ONLY famous because a girl is claiming to be a punk rocker.
    Because Paramore are fantastic and Hayley is a brilliant figurehead and human being.
    Paramore's music was good until the Farro brothers quit. They were the main songwriters and the band's music took a huge hit because of it.
    no, people are very very stupid. and bands do get more successful because of female singers. so sorry if you think its "sexist" but it's the truth. men are very very supid
    I'd argue they get less successful as soon as they get a female singer. Arch Enemy being the exception.
    If that's true, then why aren't there that many bands with female singers?
    link no1
    Because there aren't as many females that want to be in a metal band as there are males. I've seen about 4 bands locally who have a female member and I've come across non that are looking to be in a band.
    inb4 "She's hot" Though she is. Wait... damn it. But seriously, I saw french metalband ETHS live at a festival recently, also with a female vocalist. Though it grabbed my attention it didn't make me like them more or something. She had a good screams and grunts, that's all that matters.
    Butcher Babies would like a word with you. They are a terrible band that actually has moderate success mostly for their singers. It's not that their talentless, but by no means are they worthy of the praise they get.
    They get more attention. Specially if female singer shows some boobs. I have nothing against female singers don't get me wrong.
    Well first off they do, second, sure there are pretty good metal frontwomen out there (Alissa with the Agonist comes to mind), but Lacuna Coil is what it is not so much because of her, but because she's a chick (an attractive one at that).
    Lol Natures
    I can't think of a female fronted metal band with a non-attractive female. An attractive woman makes a mediocre band seem great. A great band makes a not so attractive woman seem attractive. The not so attractive ones with mediocre bands are never heard of.
    Not saying they are not talented, but with Rock/Hard Rock I find they all sound very similar.
    As someone in a hard-rock band with a female vocalist/guitarist, I'm not gonna lie here: I think she's a pretty great guitarist and vocalist, but I kinda hope the fact that she's female will help us get off the ground. Even if it isn't a factor, she's an asset to the band as a musician. That's all that matters.
    I think the statement that bands get more successful once they get a female singer is wrong. But the initial bit of success and attention greatly increases. If a local band on the scene has a female singer, they instantly get a boost, and then if they're good, then they go somewhere.
    People aren't Stupid, but they are horny. But I also have nothing against female singers.
    When a female fronted band plays live is way different from when you're just listening to them. The band Anguished is a prime example. One woman black metal and the ****ing album cover is her ass. The actual music sucks but I'm sure she has plenty of likes on Facebook...
    Pretty Reckless is the poster for a band that got famous solely for having a female lead.
    When I see a female fronted band, I find I immediately want to check them out. Not because I like the hot chick, but because it's still kind of rare to see a girl in rock and metal. When they're good, I think it's awesome because I feel we need more female rockers. If the band isn't good, I stop listening and move on. One of my favorite bands is Halestorm and it has everything to do with their music, even though Lzzy Hale is my celebrity crush. But that has to do with her being attractive AND talented not just being attractive. This post ended up being longer than I wanted it to, but the point is that while a female fronted band may not necessarily be more successful because of the girl, I feel we need more successful female fronted bands to get rid of the notion that girls don't rock.