Lacuna Coil Singer: 'Bands Have to Tour Now More Than Ever Just to Pay Their Bills'

Christina Scabbia notes that she is not a millionaire.

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In an interview with Ghost Cult Magazine (via Blabbermouth) Lacuna Coil singer Christina Scabbia has talked about the hardships of touring.

As the singer notes, she finds being away from family and friends difficult:

"People don't see that it is a lot of hard work to [be on tour]. Being away from our families and friends for most of the year is difficult, but this is what we do. I'm not complaining about it, because I love playing live and connecting with our fans, but it's not all glamour."

She also addressed the misconception that she is a millionaire noting that touring is something that pays the bills:

"People think you are becoming a millionaire touring all the time, but bands have to tour now more than ever just to pay their bills!

"I posted a status on Facebook the other day looking for an outlet to buy something, and some girl wrote, 'Why don't you get someone to bring you that? You are a millionaire. You can afford it.'

"People seem to think you get on a couple of magazine covers and all of a sudden you are super rich, but it is really not the case. The fact that people seem to think things like that makes me want to post more on Facebook and Twitter and show people what our lives are really like. It is a luxury to have this job, but we also spend a lot of time working our asses off! That's a reason why I wrote a column for Revolver magazine, so I could show people what life was really like for bands."

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    That's because most rich people are dumb with their money. Sorry but rockstars don't need a 10,000 square foot house, especially when they're on the road for most of the year. They don't need to take $10,000 dollar trips to Cancun every month. And they especially don't need to be gambling with their money in Las Vegas. Not saying all rockstars are rich, but the ones who have #1 albums and headline tours that bring 10,000 to the venue every night have no excuse to be in financial trouble. I will acknowledge that Lacuna Coil isn't that band though.
    I think people in general are dumb with money. When your income adjusts, you usually adjust your spending too. People who seem rich to us are just opulent and a lot of them are in terrible debt. But it's not right to assume that musicians have everything handed to them. My brother is a musician (guitarist and vocalist) and his band has only started making enough to replace their equipment. He also studies full time. To be able to make a living from your passions is already a tremendous feat, but what would some little girl on Facebook know about that? She's sitting on social media looking for people to bash.
    Even if it meant living paycheck to paycheck . . . it is still better then what most people have to do to earn a living
    Looking past what most of you would consider whining or bitching, she has one hell of a point. We tend to make assumptions of the wealth of our favourite musicians based on, well, I have no idea. But the reality is, these people are not that much more well-off than you or I are.
    More then ever? I really don't think so. Metallica toured 20+ days each month during the Damage, Inc Tour. It's nothing new.
    Super Sponge
    I'm really sorry to hear that you have to tour more now to please your fans...
    Read what she had to say and you can tell she doesn't consider touring a chore. She considers it work, which it is. Hard work, even.
    Sammy Mantis
    well, given the choice between touring the world performing your art...Or working a job like the rest of us where you punch in at a time clock every day, answer to several bosses, and get treated like disposable filth, and in the end just be "thankful you have a job"...I dunno, I'm having a hard time finding much sympathy for her.
    Yeah, I don't know. I'm pretty sure it can take its toll on you after a while. Spending large parts of the year jumping from town to town, country to country, without much rest or any real stability. I'm sure some people are built for it just fine, but many artists, even though they love performing, have a very hard time adjusting to life on the road. If you've got a significant other at home, and/or even kids, I can imagine it'd be even harder.
    Sammy Mantis
    I'm sure it has its drawbacks as everything does. Still, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would happily trade places with her if the opportunity arose.
    if youd actually read the article youd see that shes not looking for sympathy and straight up says shes not complaining and loves what she does. shes just addressing the misconceptions that at this point in her bands career theyr not loaded with cash having everything handed to them and still have to work hard
    I quit touring after my first son was born, I couldn't do what these artists do, to not see my kids and wife for most of the year. She's right, this touring lifestyle is really hard, and I tell you, much harder than a 9 to 5 job, my life is much easier now and I make more money without worrying if my band will survive long enough to keep paying the bills.
    Everyone - literally, everyone - complains about their jobs at some point. But it doesn't seem to me that she was complaining anyway, so....
    Cristina: Yeah look, just to clear up any misconceptions, I don't sit around all day in my mansion in Italy sipping wine while I make millions. We tour a lot because I need to pay bills and it's harder work than most people realise. Internet guy: I'm really sorry to hear that you have to tour more now to please your fans... Well played man.
    I don't really have a doubt that it's hard work, but they are making more than the middle class, and I don't expect anyone to have an easy ride to money. Still believe it's an easier ride than being an electronic engineer or doctor. Schooling is hardly necessary, so education related debt can be a non issue depending on the talent.I wouldn't play it off as not being a glamorous occupation, because everyone else besides The Kardashians and other well-to-do's probably have a worse job they suffer through with 40+ hour weeks...
    do you actually like to play music, or is that you want to do as little as possible under the "spotlight"...just do a sex's the best solution for lazy, attention seeking vvhores.