Lady Gaga Rocks To Queen & Iron Maiden

artist: Lady Gaga date: 04/19/2011 category: music news
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Lady Gaga Rocks To Queen & Iron Maiden
Lady Gaga might be wearing a pop crown, but through the meat dresses and mile of make-up, there's a rock fan hiding underneath. Not only is she teaming up with Queen guitarist Brian May on her new album - after all, she did name herself after the song "Radio Gaga" - but she's been attending some rather heavy gigs. For her 666th twitter message she posted about seeing Iron Maiden live: "The Number of the Beast. Having' beers listening to Maiden w the New York Boys. Happy 666 Twitterland." She went on to post a photo posing with Iron Maiden drummer Nicko Mcbrain, calling him a "sexy beast". On another occasion, she expressed her delight to hear positive comments from Ozzy Osbourne during her appearance on Ryan Seacrest's radio show back in February. Seacrest played a sample from the Black Sabbath frontman saying "She's very clever, very interesting. She's wacky and I like the zaniness of that woman." "Are you kidding? I'm the biggest Black Sabbath fan on Earth!" she replied. Gaga went on to explain how her centrepiece as a go-go dancer was around the song "Black Sabbath". Ultimately, she can try and impress the rock crowd, but like everything with Gaga, it all feels like a bit of a show. She's earned respect from the mainstream media, but UG readers might dispute whether she can earn respect from a heavier crowd. In other news, a Gaga fan killed their cat this week to emulate the meat dress of her idol. They are now being treated for depression. Meanwhile, a UG writer is avoiding the temptation to say this is because they miss their cat. Thanks for the report to Music Rooms and Blabbermouth.
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