Lamb of God Denied Permit to Perform in Malaysia

The metal act's Malaysian show was cancelled for satanism.

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According to the Star Online, Lamb of God's previously announced September 28 performance in Kuala Lumpur has been canceled after the band's concerts were deemed to be infringing on the religious sensitivities and cultural values of Malaysian society.

As Blabbermouth notes, the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (Jakim) last month raised objection to the show, claiming that Lamb of God's music is a mix of metal songs with the reading of verses from the Quran. The decision to cancel the concert was made Wednesday by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry at a meeting of the Central Committee on Applications for Filming and Performances by Foreign Artistes (Puspal).

Lamb of God, which was originally known as Burn the Priest, sparked controversy in the Christian community by "incorporating evil and anti-divine spiritual elements in its performance," Jakim's director-general, Datuk Othman Mustapha, said. Othman said the objection was in accordance with the decision of the Fatwa (Edicts) Committee that the practices and acts of black metal groups were misguided and contrary to the true teachings of Islam. Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, also demanded the concert be banned, claiming that Lamb of God could cause "untold harm and moral decadence" among young people.

Former Perlis mufti Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin disagreed, telling the Star Online that "the people raising the objections should provide proof, such as lyrics, to show that the musical acts are truly objectionable and will negatively impact our society and culture."

He added: "A performance can be banned if proven to be unsuitable but not just because you don't like it."

Lamb of God was famously banned from playing the church-owned Forum in Los Angeles in 2005 because church leaders were offended by the group's previous name (Burn the Priest).

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    In short: Lamb of God denied access to Malaysia because nosey religious snobs have to have their way and simply can't turn the other cheek.
    I'm a Christian and I don't see anything satanic about Lamb of God. I've been to their concert twice and they nailed it.
    Yup, Sabaton are Nazis and Lamb of God are Satanists. In other news, Varg Vikernes was given the award for Upstanding Church Member just yesterday.
    Tiago Sa
    Third world countries, what did you expect? I if ever go on a international tour, I doubt I'll risk playing in countries like these...
    And other countries should be looked up to because their people are as respectable as you?
    let me clear somethings here , the decision was make based on the killadelphia concert where lamb of god played verses of the Quran "The All Merciful , so they took that as an offending thing i'm a Muslim I love lamb of god and I don't find any anti-religious or satanic lyrics in their songs it's the opposite so the decision they made in that country was obviously wrong and ignorant
    Idiots they didn't even bother researching the lyrics of the songs, that's ignorance, hope the ban Lady Gaga for dressing like a devil spawn as well
    They probably won't cause their a punch of perverted hypocrites ,all third world countries are with their prostitution and sex trafficking. how do you think they have such nice Government buildings.
    As somebody living in a 3rd world country, the corruption is rife and you have hit the nail on the head in terms of that
    in a thousand years from now, bands will be denied access into countries for not believing Frodo was our saviour.
    "untold harm and moral decadence" RIGHT THEN! So they will be banning 99% of hip-hop, rap, RnB; Most rock stuff. ALL metal, and even some country? I suppose Nickelback will be all they get in soon. But not all the songs, just the radio repeats.
    I think the main way in which this differs from yesterday's article is that Randy's gurn is pictured from a different angle.
    I'm Malaysian, I'm Catholic...and I'm devastated I can't get to see them...I such a huge fan and can't believe this is happening...
    I wrote my own article on this matter on my music blog, looking at the whole story. Malaysia seem to have a bit of thing for censorship and banning =[ Please check it out at =D