Lamb Of God Mourn Daniel Nosek

Randy Blythe may have had good news with his 'not guilty' verdict, but the band are saddened by the loss of Daniel Nosek who was at the center of the manslaughter trial will be forever.

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Randy Blythe may have been acquitted of his manslaughter charges this week, but Lamb Of God say they're still mourning the loss of Daniel Nosek, the fan at the centre of the trial.

Blythe was potentially facing a long-term jail sentence after prosecutors alleged that he pushed Nosek from the stage at a show in Prague, causing a fatal head injury. Blythe was found 'not guilty' on Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler spoke on behalf of the band to express mixed feelings at the end of this long process since Blythe's arrest in June:

"We greatly appreciate and have been fortunate to have the support of our friends, families and fans from all over the world during a nightmare situation for us in Prague. We are now able to get back to work, but are still saddened by the loss of Daniel Nosek. The trial may be over, but the loss is forever and we also continue to mourn."

The case might not be over yet - prosecutors have announced plans to appeal the verdict. They have eight days to put this in writing, according to Blabbermouth.

How do you feel about Blythe's acquittal? Let us know your view on the tragedy and how it panned out in the comments.

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    Man, say what you want about Randy and the rest of Lamb of God, but you can't deny the band has class.
    That's cool, a lot of people have already forgotten about the guy that died, because the singer went to jail, just my opinion anyway.