Lamb Of God: Our Show Won't Change Because Of Blythe's Manslaughter Charge

artist: Lamb of God date: 09/13/2012 category: general music news

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Lamb Of God: Our Show Won't Change Because Of Blythe's Manslaughter Charge
While you might think that having a singer gearing up for a looming manslaughter trial would be enough to put a band off of touring, Lamb Of God have promised that Randy Blythe's recent troubles with Prague authorities won't affect any upcoming shows. As Classic Rock reports, drummer Chris Adler has noted that the band's aggressive performances will continue and that the group has always specified high levels of security attendance on their technical rider: "It's difficult for us to say this was something that was our fault, and that we should change how we're doing things. We're already trying to look out for those kind of incidents. "This is obviously a terrible tragedy that nobody foresaw or intended to happen. But it's such a random series of events that I don't think us changing what we do would stop it from happening again." The band's singer, Randy Blythe was accused of manslaughter after fan Daniel Novosek died from head injuries sustained at one of the band's shows when he tried to invade the stage. However, prosecutors have, as of yet, been unable to provide evidence that Blythe was directly involved in the incident: "They haven't played their hand out in what they have on us. How they're going about prosecuting is a mystery to us. Not knowing how their justice system works, and being repeatedly surprised by events from when we landed there, who knows what will happen?" Blythe has vowed to return to Prague to face the court in order to prove his innocence in the matter, despite the confusing nature of Czech law. Adler, meanwhile, had said that the events have made the band more driven than ever to continue working: "It's really helped recapture what drives me to do this... After ten thousand shows and records that sell really well, you start to lose touch. When you're threatened with it being over in the blink of an eye, you realise how fragile and special it is."
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