Lamb of God 'Probably' Not Working on New Music Until Mid-2014

"We're a heavy metal band, not going to change that now," bassist John Campbell explains.

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Following Randy Blythe's recent hiatus announcement, Lamb of God bassist John Campbell gave an update on the band's new material, noting it's unlikely that the group will work on any fresh tracks until later this year.

Chatting with Metal Review, John revealed that the band's definitely been "tossing around some new ideas," but won't be taking matters to the next level yet.

"Well, when we get together to start discussing the record, start working on the actual music, but probably won't be until the middle of this year," the bassist said. "I keep forgetting we have a new year."

Asked about the approach the group will be taking, Campbell added, "We try to push ourselves on every record to kind of step outside what we've done before, whilst still maintaining what it is that we do. We're a heavy metal band. We're not going to change that now. We're going to put out music that we feel really good about!"

In his recent Instagram announcement, Blythe described the latest album cycle as "at times very stressful," admitting he needs to take a break. "I will not be thinking about Lamb of God, touring, playing heavy metal, writing new Lamb of God material - none of that stuff - at all - for a good long while," he said.

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    I think Randy will want longer than until mid 2014. I don't think a few months are "a good long while".
    Doesn't stop the band from piecing some things together before Randy feels ready to focus on lyrics writing again.
    If you watch the making of Sacrament DVD youll see that Randy doesnt even get involved in the writing of songs, just the lyrics (even then Mark does alot of that). So its entirely viable that they could start working on it at any time. Randy just wont be involved. Now I dont know if their process has changed since its been a couple records since Sacrament, but I'm just going off that.
    It wouldn't be much stressful if not for some bellend Czech people who accused him of manslaughter. I mean, he enjoyed the previous album cycles particularly, Sacrament and Wrath.
    The other 4 guys could basically write an album in the time off that Randy needs. Then Randy can come back in and do his thing. Doesn't mean we won't hear any new LoG for the next few years.
    So glad I managed to catch them at the end of their tour cycle. After all that shit, I felt I should get out and support them (they still didn't find an excuse to ramp up ticket prices) and it was an incredible gig. I also felt I should go because it would probably be my last chance in a long while. They've worked hard enough to earn at least 2014 off from any band related work IMO
    Take a break, but don't end up like Pringles Ridges, Randy.
    Is this an attempt to cash in on the bellend guy and his use of the same phrase in every post? (I know, he's gotten better, see his post above? No use of the word bellend lol, and now I've said it twice... Damn it...)
    Saw them a few years ago. Liked the band. Did not care for the singer. Would be awesome to hear the rest of the band do some side projects or some guest spots.