Lamb Of God: Stay Off Our Stage

Bassist John Campbell says the fan who died at one of their Czech shows "should never have been on stage in the first place" as Lamb of God prepare a new auction to raise funds to cover Randy Blythe's spiralling legal fees.

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Lamb Of God bassist John Campbell has said the fan who died of injuries at one of their shows, which led to their singer Randy Blythe being accused of manslaughter, should never have been on stage in the first place.

Blythe's legal fees continue to stack up. His bail alone cost $400,000, and by August they were forced to auction their most prized possessions.

Now the band are calling on friends and bands to donate items to a new auction to raise extra funds.

"It was a tragic event," Campbell told Mlive... "It's not the first time somebody jumped off stage, I've done it myself when I was younger.

"In this day and age, though, I'd prefer not to have people on stage. People pay to see us perform, and that's not part of the production we have planned. It's not about a guy jumping on stage and flapping his arms and jumping off.

"In my opinion he never should have been on stage in the first place."

Blythe is currently in the US but plans to return to the Czech Republic to face trial. If found guilty, he faces up to ten years in jail.

Do you think fans should take responsibility for their health when they invade the stage? Should incidents like this and the death of Dimebag Darrell make us rethink certain aspects of metal culture? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    "Do you think fans should take responsibility for their health when they invade the stage? " I think people should take responsibility for themselves at all ****ing times! helloooo!
    Really UG...the description of this article says Bassist John Campbell says the fan who died at one of their Czech shows "should have been on stage in the first place"
    Someone's getting fired.
    Obviously not since this sh*t keeps happening. Back to topic though, if the fan jumps on stage where he's not suppose to be then whatever happens to him is on him. This is almost as ridiculous as the robber breaking into an old ladies greenhouse and suing her because he broke his leg. Good luck Lamb of God give em hell.
    Okay, I welcome the inevitable thumbs down I will get, but a kid jumping on stage to try and stage dive or something while seeing his favorite band losing his LIFE because of it is not equivalent to a man breaking into an old lady's home and suing because he broke his leg while doing so.
    It's not exactly the same, but the same principle applies; if someone does something stupid and ****s themself up because of it, it's their fault. In any case, LoG makes a pretty awesome soundtrack to natural selection.
    Insanity ninja
    Apparently the lad got up on stage 3 or 4 times and tried to rush Randy, I'm not saying that he deserved it, he certainly didn't, but that was irresponsible and pretty stupid.
    The basic premise of personal responsibility is. You choose to jump off a stage, you assume a risk, no one but you should be responsible. You choose to rob a house, you assume a risk, you are responsible for the consequences. I don't expect people to suffer the repercussion's of my actions anymore then I expect to be held liable for another person's. Someone dying because of a chosen risk doesn't mean there has to be someone else to blame.
    I'm afraid it's not that simple. He's not being tried for the kid being stupid, he's being tried for his alleged reaction to the kid being stupid culminating in the kid's death. Regardless of the kid's actions, should deadly force have been used? That's the question being asked here. The way I see it, it doesn't matter whether the kid was being stupid or breaking the rules, deadly force should not have been used to stop him. It's more equivilant to road rage, where a person attacks another person for cutting them off in traffic. Sure the first person broke traffic laws and aggravated the second, but the second should still be held responsible for his reaction and has no right to attack him. That's how I see this case. If the prosecution can prove that Randy directly attacked this guy and accidently caused his death(i.e. manslaughter) then he deserves to pay the price. I'm a LOG fan too, but no one should be above the law.
    yes, however if someone gets out of there car and starts charging at me how do you think I'm going to respond? wait patiently to see if he takes out a knife or punches me? then say I'm a trucker and I know that two other truckers have died on this road because someone ran up to them and killed them. You can totally expect me to respond in a calm rational manner right? When I asked my mom who plays blues harp what she would do in that kind of live situation she said the exact same thing so it's not exactly a testerone laden metal culture thing, ask any musician who's performed on stage and knows of people who have been killed on stage and they'll feel pretty much the same way.
    A kid was so drunk that he forgot the biological imperative that charging any animal at any time has been seen as a threat ever since the first animal developed a fight or flight mechanism, so yeah it's pretty ****ing simple. If a bear can figure out that charging you while your in a corner will cause you to fight back than we can expect the smartest ****ing animal on the planet to live up to that standard.
    The title of the article gives off a completely different vibe than the actual statement.
    A concert should be a relationship between band and fans...not band, fans, and lawyers.
    Dr. Knox666
    Just stay off the stage and watch the goddamn show, although it's really sad that stage diving has become a health risk for the bands and the fans.
    NO matter what you do at anytime in life, someone should take responsibility for their actions and think through thoroughly before they do something like that, or anything they do in that case.
    Just do what Mark Whalberg did in "Ted" and bash their ****in face in with the mic stand!
    This really is a case of our nanny-state society gone mad. If you go into a moshpit, you accept that you're probably going to get hurt in some way. If you crowd surf or stage dive - same expectation. If Randy had invited the kid up on stage then pushed him off, then maybe there would be some kind of argument. If he gets convicted it'll be a dark day for live music.
    Ask Dimebag's band mates what they think about it!I bet they wish they could have thrown that skid off the stage that shot dime.
    I wish all the best for Randy. He shouldn't have to go thru this in the 1st place.
    garrett beaham
    wow every time sum idiot has an act of stupidity they blame the inocent guy and he pays the price 4 it such bs
    I don't see why Dimebags death was mentioned at the end of the article. His death was due to total different circumstances.
    i think the point is the relationship between fans and the band and after something that horrible happening at a show, people might have to realize why bands would be skeptical of fans being so close to the band, and now this? its completely reasonable to compare the two. different circumstances sure, but the band is hurt in both cases because people get too close and do something incredibly stupid
    Dimebag was shot by a crazed "fan" who somehow got past venue security to get on the stage (not to mention he somehow smuggled a gun into the venue). Had security done their job and paid attention to the guy trying to get onstage, Dimebag lives. This is not to say that they didn't try, but when the difference is as black-and-white as "Person X lives or dies", trying isn't good enough. The point is, the common thread in Dimebag/LOG Fan is security not doing a sufficient job of keeping performers separate from their fans during performance. This is one instance where lawyers might improve things. If venues were chiefly liable for injury/death for anyone who is onstage during a performance, you can bet your ass security would be better at shows by about 1000%. The circumstances of Dime's death should have been a wakeup call for the performance industry, and if that legal issue had been in place for performers both at home and abroad, Randy never gets arrested because he would already have been legally immune to fan death at his show. TL;DR - If security is too relaxed, the show is more likely to go bad.
    I completely agree. The security are there for a reason, the band members shouldn't have to take their lives back in their hands in a split second when there's a performance happening.
    Agreed. It's like UG takes the "or WAS it?" school of south park debate to a new low.
    I am perfectly fine that the stage is reserved for the those involved in the performance only, fans have no business up there. The amount of stupidity, thinking that one can just walk up on stage, it burns.
    Why didn't security kick the guy out the first time he got onstage the first time he charged randy?
    It's so stupid that they are gong after Randy and blaming him. There was security at the gig, didn't the fan have to get around them just to get on the stage. It was an accident, but if you really want to blame someone, Randy is the wrong person
    I'm sorry, but what kind of Metal band says people shouldn't be on stage? Have they not paid attention to the 30-40+ years of Metal history of bands and fans co-existing? Not that I expect much from Lamb of God when it comes to Metal, anyway.
    Nahh, that violates the rules of Scott Vogel. 'We brought trampolines, let's get dudes airborne!'
    "Sing along if you know the words, this one's called 'Don't Need Your Help'."
    "This goes out to all the kids that talk shit on the internet, its called 'keep you mouth shut'!"
    we go to the show to watch the bands and headbang, no need to get on there and jump!!
    I don't usually criticize UG's articles, but what's up with the Dimebag reference? "Should Fans Be Allowed To Bring Guns On Stage?"
    well if the guy jumped on stage for the THIRD time, its his fault he got pushed off.
    I'm to lazy to read any of the comments but I have a safe bet that they'll never return to Czech Republic.
    "People pay to see us perform, and thats not part of the production we have planned. It's not about a guy jumping on stage and flapping his arms and jumping off." This!...if only morons who do this would get it through their heads...real fans pay to see and watch the band, not jump on people like they are some trampoline...stick to headbanging
    I'm willing to bet at least half the people pleading Randy's apparent guilt would say that if he stage-dived and died, it would be accountable to his own negligence. When you do dangerous shit at a concert, expect to face dangerous consequences, that simple.
    Czech yourself before you wreck yourself? Hope Randy is ruled INNOCENT because he is! Fans do NOT belong on the stage!
    blythe is innocent. people should stay off the stage. any fan who jumps on stage should get there legs broken.
    "Should incidents like this and the death of Dimebag Darrell make us rethink certain aspects of metal culture?" Two examples, out of how many shows? So no. No I do not.
    Example number 3 and 4 - Great White, The Who. When people get trampled to death, burned to death, shot to death, and kind of beaten to death, you know that's a bad thing. People have even died at Limp Bizkit concerts... We should definitely re-think certain aspects of concert-going, when people are at serious risk for no good reason.
    That's still a fairly small number, and that's just called security measures and other safety precautions. You don't have necessarily to interfere with cultural aspects to take care of a problem.
    I've been to concerts where I've got injured, rushed to hospital in an ambulance, almost died, and I'd never blame a band for my own stupidity! S*** happens! besides Randy barely touched the guy, the security guy on the video pushed the fan way more than Randy Blythe did, and this fan more than likely was moshing beforehand where he could've also sustained or further provoked those fatal injuries so there is great reasonable doubt that Randy Blythe is guilty!
    Although stage dives are an awesome spectacle both to partake in and witness and are a unique ritual that is specific to rock music, I don't blame them at all for wanting none of it. It's a shame people can't take responsibility for themselves and take this for what it is, an accident.
    10yrs ago they encourged us kids to jump on stage and rock!!! lol ****in grumpy old men now
    You gotta love the LOG fanboys making excuses for this murderer. I hope to hell he gets life.
    I don't like LOG. At all. This man is innocent. That is a 100% unbiased opinion.
    Whatever. How is he innocent. It doens't matter if the fan jumped on stage. The ****ing bastard pushed his off stage and killed him. He had no right to do that so matter what BS you guys say. HE killed him, that is undeniable, he needs to face justice. Think if it was your family member. There is no excuse for what he did. "A fan jumped on my stage, that means I get to kill him!" Um no. Randy is a dumbass murderer
    Again, moron...get educated. The security are there to not be lazy. When security get lazy, shit goes bad quickly. And in Randy's case it did; he shouldn't have to go from screaming his heart our in a performance to defending his personal safety in a split-second. I wouldn't care if a member of One Direction was in Randy's shoes; if he did exactly what Randy did, I'd defend them to my dying day.
    Ace Carson
    Shouldn't there be some line in the contract that reads something like "Try it on your own risk etc."?
    Great article. Hope everything turns out great cuz randy is to good of an artist to be a martyr at this point
    And no shit since and before some bag people should stay off the sodden stage
    After this whole incident, if I were to somehow perform in a decent sized venue (probably won't happen), I would make a contract with the venue stating that my band won't be held accountable for any deaths or injuries during the concert. There are many ways that the law can screw you over, so it's necessary at times to protect yourself with it as well.
    link no1
    And the venue wouldn't sign that contract. Do you really think a "No matter what happens, I'm not liable" deal will work with them? You could go on a murder spree and not be accountable. But obviously, even with a contract you would get screwed.
    Well no shit he should never have been on stage in the first place. Captain Hindsight to the rescue!
    Why should he be help responsible for the accidental death of someone else. Why out of the entire band is Randy being blamed. Why not the whole band? I think that is will be sad to see Randy go to jail for something he was not involved in. John Campbell is absolutely right. the guy shouldn't have been on the stage.
    nothing is worth the loss of life, but i think people should be careful and should think twice. Thousands of People have done it and this was just an unlucky lad. But getting sued for it, god damn, thats a completely unfair thing that could've happened to the band. Its not like the show's ticket promised a giant airbag below the stage. Maybe dethklok was on the right track
    This was a scary accident for many reasons. Key word here accident. Randy would never try to intentionally mess some one up at a show. So manslaughter, no way. I know "justice" is a hard thing to come by these days. So he's a lucky hillbilly. Tank God he's free but in my honest opinion this was just a money grab. These cockroach lawyers just saw a chance to get a few million out of a world renowned band. They are going on tour for two years now to pay these scumbags. plain and simple.
    They should launch a kickstarter-campaign. And let the fans help if they wish to.