Lamb of God Streaming 'As the Palaces Burn' Documentary

artist: Lamb of God date: 11/12/2013 category: music news
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Lamb of God Streaming 'As the Palaces Burn' Documentary
Marking the 10th anniversary of their third studio effort "As the Palaces Burn," US metallers Lamb of God are streaming the album re-release's accompanying documentary in its entirety. The re-release is available since yesterday (November 11), while the documentary details the recording process and includes interviews with original producer Devin Townsend, band members and the current producer Josh Wilbur. Make sure to check it out over at Qello. "We are lucky to have the opportunity, a decade after our first attempt, to bring what I consider to be our master work up to speed sonically," said drummer Chris Adler. "Ever since the original release, we've been distraught about the sonic qualities of 'As the Palaces Burn.' The band had captured lightning in a bottle and the budget limitation of a sophomore album turned our lightning into a firefly in a jar." He continued, "The songs are undeniable and we've always been very proud of how this album launched our career. It feels appropriate to revisit now that we can and give this very special album the chance to reach our original hopes and its true potential." The band recently also posted "Vigil" track video. Check out the clip and the album's track listing below. "As the Palaces Burn" 10th anniversary edition track listing: 01. Ruin 02. As the Palaces Burn 03. Purified 04. 11th Hour 05. For Your Malice 06. Boot Scraper 07. A Devil in God's Country 08. In Defense of Our Good Name 09. Blood Junkie 10. Vigil 11. Ruin (previously unreleased demo) 12. As The Palaces Burn (previously unreleased demo) 13. Blood Junkie (previously unreleased demo)
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