Lamb of God: 'We Can't Just Stop People From Stage-Diving'

Band discusses concert incidents, saying that the fans need to be responsible for their actions.

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Guitarist Mark Morton and drummer Chris Adler of Lamb of God recently discussed the subject of stage-diving and the way their views have changed since the tragic incident in Czech Republic and subsequent trial of frontman Randy Blythe.

During an interview with Fuse TV, the two have commented that the band cannot simply prevent the audience members from stage-diving, stressing out the importance of fans taking responsibility for their own actions.

"Since I've been growing up it's always been a common practice, stage-diving and stuff like that. We see more and more people getting hurt doing that kind of thing," the drummer said. "There's so many random pieces to the puzzle that can end up with loss of life, as what we had happen to us."

Adler continued, saying, "It's not that we want to change the show, We can't just stop people from stage-diving for the rest of eternity, that's not what we're trying to do, but I think [that] when you come to the show, you need to know that you need to be responsible for your actions and you need to think about what you're doing."

Guitarist then chipped in, adding, "You know, based on that experience, I think it just underscored, probably for all of us, the need for everyone to be safe at shows and to look out for each other. It's scary that there are situations people can get hurt in.

"Randy mentions it on stage a little more often and just tries to keep everyone aware of it. We're all there to have fun, it's not about getting hurt, that's for sure," guitarist concluded.

Blythe himself has recently posted a lengthy emotional letter, asking everyone to be safe and be careful at the band's shows.

"Absolutely no one is welcome on the stage if we have not invited you up there, and unless you are a small child or in a wheel chair, that is not likely to happen," the frontman said. "Please respect this."

As far as the upcoming Lamb of God live shows go, the band has recently confirmed new summer tour dates with a string of concerts stretching all the was to mid-August across North America and Europe.

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    Chris Adler looks like a wookie in this. Chewbacca. Also, I hope this doesn't spiral out of control and lead to liability waivers at gigs.
    Like the pain wavers in metalocalypse But it couldn't come to that ever. Fun at a metal show is more important than trying to be hardcore for everybody. And take a check at Oli Herbert nowadays. He has like 3% of his face still visible
    I agree, if this goes sour, maybe OSH will get involved and everyone in the pit will need to wear an inflatible vest....
    BUT THAT SOUNDS FUN -body slams in padded suits -better crowdsurfing because people can bounce you along
    When I get rich and famous, free bouncy-inflatable vests for everyone in the pit.
    I am just picturing everyone in the pit wearing those inflatable Sumo suits and bouncing around! HAHAHAHA I don't think I could play if I were on stage watching that! I'd be on the floor of the stage, laughing my guts out with my guitar probably feeding back through my amps! That would just be too damn funny to watch!!
    Wow. . . . people taking responsibility for their actions . . . what a novel idea. I'm not sure if People in this day and age could comprehend that.
    I had a less than savory response to this. I'm sure other people here are more liberal than me but please don't post this shit on the articles. You have facebook for this stuff