Lamb of God's Blythe: What's It Like Opening for Slayer

"They will 'SLAYER!' chant you off the stage if you don't come correct."

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Lamb of God's Blythe: What's It Like Opening for Slayer

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe was asked by Long Island Pulse whether opening for Slayer on ongoing tour is a difficult task, to which he replied:

"For us? No. And I'll tell you why.

"Our first real tour that we ever did we were opening for GWAR. And GWAR fans - they can be as passionate and as ruthless as Slayer fans.

"If you give them a chance, if they smell weakness, they will attack. And all you'll hear is, 'GWAR! GWAR! GWAR!' It's certainly the same situation with Slayer - they will 'SLAYER!' chant you off the stage if you don't come correct.

"When we went out on this tour with GWAR - we knew it was like that, so we played at a breakneck speed, three to four songs in a row, never even gave them a chance, no space in between songs, to start chanting.

"And that sort of hit-it-hard and hit-it-aggressive mentality has stayed with us.

"Touring Germany opening up for Slayer... that was interesting.

"We didn't get chanted off the stage, but at that time, the German Slayer fans were very much there for Slayer. It was kind of like crickets. They're looking at you like *German accent*, 'Why are you not Slayer? We are here to see Slayer!'

"[Our video guy] even made up this character called Baron Von Nobody Cares. He was this German guy who would sit there and look at you and go, 'Ah! You are not Slayer.'

"When you open up for a band like Slayer, you have to come out and you have to be confident and hit it really hard. And that's what we've done from the beginning, and it's served us well.

"You can't slack when you play with Slayer, that's for sure. Their fans - God knows what they'll do to you. [Laughs]"

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    Hard to believe anyone who likes metal could be disappointed by Lamb of God.. 
    You'd be surprised at how many Slayer fans only like Slayer. Other than that they only listen to "underground" shit, cuz theyre so cool or anti-cool or some shit.
    Going to see them this August, even as a slayer fan, I'm still gonna say that Slayer has some toxic fanbase. 
    Mountain Trash
    seeing them in August myself. I agree, I'm a life long Slayer fan, but there are some next tier fans that are just out there....
    hmm i always kinda wished bands would leave a bit more space in between songs, never realized they might have a reason for not doing so
    The whole lineup with Behemoth too is fucking incredible! Fucking stoked for them Thursday!
    I'm not really a LoG fan. I like a few songs, but I just have such respect for Randy. I read his book and he changed the way I try and look at life or the way to approach it. He's very well spoken and intelligent, truly passionate about music, photography, life. When the guy speaks or writes or takes a snap you just have to listen look and watch. 
    not too mention the fuckin sac you gotta have to go back to a foreign country and face trial for a crime he was innocent of. And be imprisoned. The way Randy took that responsibility on was just wow. Unreal, I don't know anyone who would've done that, personally or even in the world. Serious Balls.
    I saw LoG at Ozzfest... 2nd stage... and he was side stage drinkin wine at 9:30am
    I bet the german fans would've loved Lemmy in his nazi outfit on stage opening for slayer. (referring to the hobby article)
    hahaha Baron Von NoBody Cares. Sounds like most of my gigs in my early days...
    they can chant "Slayer!" to try to get LoG off stage? well, Randy can just spartan kick them into the mosh pits in return, claim any deaths were "accidental", and suddenly he has a hundred new fans