Lambesis Jail Term Change Denied

As I Lay Dying frontman's murder-for-hire sentence stands.

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Murder-for-hire plotter Tim Lambesis' bid to have his jail term reduced has been thrown out by a judge, Metal Hammer reports.

The shamed As I Lay Dying frontman was sentenced to six years in May after he admitted trying to pay a hitman to kill his estranged wife.

He'd attempted to argue that the year he'd spent under house arrest wearing a GPS tag should be subtracted from his final jail term as time already served.

But Judge Carlos Armour of San Diego's North County Superior Court yesterday refused the petition, saying: "The GPS monitor was a condition of bail."

Lambesis – who blamed an addition to bodybuilding drugs for the change of character that led to his murder bid – was accompanied in court only by his defence attorney. Ex wife Meggan Murphy's parents attended, but neither she nor the singer's former bandmates were present.

Nick Hipa, Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert have formed Wovenwar with Oh Sleeper's Shane Blay. Guitarist Hipa recently revealed they began work on the outfit weeks after Lambesis' arrest in May 2013.

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    he needs to accept he was at fault and just do the time. it sucks when musicians make stupid choices that affect the fans
    What about affecting the other band members, their family and friends (and in Tim's case, what about his children)? When these happen, those who are most affected are those closest to them (I know it's difficult for fans, but the fans aren't the only people who get hurt the most when things like this happen).
    It's normal to all humans to seek a way to freedom. Also, with the shitty roid rage defense he pulled in court, you can tell he don't accept his faith and responsabilities.
    dude he admitted he pretended to be a christian to sell records, he never had faith to begin with.
    To be honest, the steroids thing does make sense the way he explained it in that huge interview, but yes, he also seemed to accept there that he deserves his jailtime, and he should now get through all of it.
    Roid rage is a sudden and quick outburst. It's considered a breif moment of insanity. Roid rage doesn't last long enough for you to make a plan for someone to kill your wife. His roid rage defense was complete bull.
    Read the interview, he's basically saying the long-term usage completely screwed over his hormone balance and everything, kinda like drugs. I'm not saying he must be telling 100% truth in everything, but the way he explained it makes sense. Whether true or not - he's convicted already, so it doesn't really matter.
    That's not just a stupid choice. He is a psychopath who should be loathed like the human scum he is. Beats me when people diminish the horror of what their idols did (supposedly) just because they like their music.
    This douche gets 6 years for attempted murder, and some kid will get a 20 year - Life sentence for a gram of pot.
    I'm so sick of reading about this. FFS Tim, go to jail already.
    Yea so UG can start writing more stories about other non relevant, never was, never was going to be bands/so called vocalists...
    Wow..the more i see about this dude the more i dislike him...every time there's an article he blames something else for why he did it
    That's what psychopaths are like, never taking responsabilty for what they do.
    Only 6 years? I don't see how this is different than actual murder other than they caught them BEFORE the act took place. If it would have been successful she would be a corpse in the ground. He should be happy he got off with only 6 years.
    well its different from murder in that no one was killed...but yeah 6 is too short I agree.
    Agreed. Attempted murders like these should be at least 30 years or more, since people like these never stop breaking the law.
    matteo cubano
    i don't think enough of a spotlight is put on the millions who struggle with bodybuilding drug additions. I am curious as to what the particular addition to his bodybuilding drugs was that he thinks can justify this behavior.
    That's just an excuse. He couldn't plan a murder if he didn't thought it for real previously. Even if he was hypomanic for instance, people that have a good charachter, at tops, engage in fights or something like that. He could've tried to kill his wife like Ozzy did if he was psychotic and out of reality, but planning demands cold blood and a clear anti-social behavior.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Cage match with Tim vs Ian. Tim would destroy him.
    I think you're lost in fantasy. Men who kill women for no reason at all are as much cowards as pedophiles.
    don't need tough guys in metal, don't want tough guys in metal
    That's not tough though, that's as coward as one can be. More coward than that only if he was a pedophile, like Michael Jackson.