Largest Illegal Record Pressing Plant in Europe Discovered by Police

"Significant" amounts of bootleg vinyl, CDs and DVDs seized.

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German police have discovered what they believe to be one of the largest illegal record-pressing plants in Europe, NME reports.

After a two-year investigation, a large amount of bootleg vinyl, CDs and DVDs were seized from Aschaffenburg and Hessen, reports Billboard. German authorities are still evaluating the material.

Dr Florian Drucke, head of the German Federal Music Industry Association, commented: "With a market share of about 70 per cent, there is still a high demand for CDs in Germany – this is evident not only in the legitimate business, but unfortunately also on the illegal market.

"The equipment found here demonstrates once again that this is not the work of petty criminals, but of professional organisations whose criminal activities inflict massive damage on artists and the recording industry," he added.

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    It's nice to see the want for physical copies is still alive and well; although it is sad to see some people still go to the black market for their needs. I can't tell whether or not it is because of availability or hard to get to the store's or locations to purchase these CD's legitimately though. Perhaps not.... Sad, either way. I take pride in my collection and how much I have invested in it.
    Ha! its great to see physical media retaining such a hughe market share in Germany. I wonder what kind of Vinyl pressings they were, clones of studio albums or actuall bootlegged live events, demos and other cool shit. Also I wonder what kind of equipment they used to make the pressings.. cool shit!
    "but of professional organizations whose criminal activities inflict massive damage on artists and the recording industry" I think they mean the recording industry is damaging itself because there are a lot of albums people want pressed either for the first time or again (Deja, IKSSE3, Alchemy Index) but aren't willing to do so.