Larry King Interviews Marilyn Manson

Manson says the Columbine shootings "put my whole career on hold" and reveals the amusing reason why he and Billy Corgan aren't friends any more.

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Marilyn Manson was interviewed by legendary broadcaster Larry King this week, where he talked about how the Columbine shootings "put my whole career on hold" and the real reason why he's out of touch with old friend Billy Corgan.

Manson told King that the only reason he was connected to the Columbine shootings was because he had recently appeared on the "Matrix" soundtrack, and that the shooters were apparently never his fans anyway. But still, the effect on his public profile was huge.

"It kinda put my whole career on hold," said Manson. "A lot of people know about it because I had to really take an active stance legally against a lot of news places for using 'Marilyn Manson' which is trademarked, much like 'Mickey Mouse.' I had to put a cease and desist order [out], so a lot of people don't talk about it ... I think I've been blamed for about 36 school shootings."

King also asked about Manson's relationship with Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan, because of lingering rumors that the pair fell out years ago. Manson said there was no particular fall out, but he has an idea why they fell out of contact:

"I think he got mad once that I thought it would be a really good marketing idea if he sold Charlie Brown t-shirts and caps at concerts, and he might not have liked that. He did look like Charlie Brown a little bit, in fairness," said Manson while holding back laughter.

See clips from Larry King's interview with Marilyn Manson here:

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    Not necessarily a fan of his, but the media, certain religious fundamentalists, and politicians were sure judgemental and ridiculous when they laid blame on him for Columbine...anything to curtail any responsibility by all of these groups it seems.
    and now you have kids that are into a band the shooters liked only because the shooters liked it, I'm talking about KMFDM of course. Disgusting people all around.
    Corgan should have replied that he should sell Bozo the clown T-Shirts at Mansons gigs. Does Billy have a sense of humour? Serious question.
    No, Billy Corgan doesn't really have a sense of humor. He lacks a sense of humor, just as most 9-11 conspiracy theorists do.
    Billy has a sense of humour. Look up "Billy Corgan Walter E Smithe".
    Prefer an example where its not scripted. Especially not a commercial.
    This guy gets more flack than he actually deserves. His music's not even THAT bad. Kinda makes me sad that he's such a hated name when the real problems are the Justin Biebers and Nicki Minajes out there.
    Seriously? Let the world have their Biebers and Minajes. They aren't hurting anything. You are never going to hear metal, or whatever it is you want on the radio. Anyway, yes I do agree, Marlyn Manson does get more shit than he deserves.
    way I see it they are all women making retarded music. there are reasons people don't like the three of them. they aren't just hated on for no reason although the whole murder/suicide tie that people put with any music heavier than daughtry is pretty extreme
    Personally not too big a fan of his music, but the way that he was blamed by conservative and fundamentalist groups for the Columbine shootings is just beyond pitiful. As easy as it is for them to ignore the circumstances that lead up to events like this, it is to scapegoat celebrities for having a part in it...
    I remember when i was in an elementary Christian school. They acted like he was the anti-Christ.....they blamed him for everything including spilled coffee....
    Josh Reubenking
    "AH! My coffee! Curse you, Marilyn Manson!" In all seriousness though, I'm sick and tired of people using media as scapegoats for issues in the world. Tragedies like Columbine, violence, or shootings of any kind are horrible, yes. But media should never, EVER be to blame.
    Eh... Media should *almost* never be to blame. I have to say, though, when the news practically glorifies terrible people, thus encouraging other disturbed people to follow in their footsteps - better to be remembered as a monster than forgotten as a nobody, right? Does Marilyn Manson have anything to do with that, though? Not unless someone decides to snuff a crowd of people with copious amounts of goth make-up - even then, though, there are surely other major figures in media who enjoy looking like a suicidal clown.
    To be fair, there was a point where he referred to himself as "The Anti-Christ Superstar" - he may still do that... Dunno, I don't keep tabs on his stuff.
    His music is nothing special in my opinion, but I appreciate that he put something different out there which is always a noble pursuit. The best thing about him though is that he's just ferociously intelligent, I've never seen a musician perform as well as he does in interviews, he always has a snappy answer.
    "He did look like Charlie Brown a little bit, in fairness" - lmfao Marilyn Manson is a funny guy.
    As out there as this guy is, at least he doesn't just say stupid shit to keep himself in the spotlight. I can respect that.
    Not a fan of his music, but this guy surely is honest and very straightforward when it comes to talking about his personal life
    I like some of his music, and I think he's a really likeable, intellegent guy when he's getting interviewed. Every fundamentalist group needs a boogeyman.
    "I think he got mad once that I thought it would be a really good marketing idea if he sold Charlie Brown t-shirts and caps at concerts, and he might not have liked that. He did look like Charlie Brown a little bit, in fairness," said Manson while holding back laughter." LOL! That's pretty funny.
    hate him or love him. you gotta respect his passion as an artist.
    was never into marilyn manson's music, but have always had a deep respect for how brilliant of an individual he is.
    Idk if you guys ever saw that interview with MM's original guitarist, but the guy pretty much bashed on MM for saying he was the "God of Fuck"/ Antichrist/ I'll phuck your daughter & do coke off a bible, but as soon as his name comes up in a situation like this he's like "I'm just Brian Warner, this is all an act". Makes sense either way I guess.
    I was a much bigger fan of his many years ago, when the events in question here were actually happening, and before he got old, fat and forgot how to perform, but I loved his interview on the Bowling for Columbine DVD, reinforced my faith in my then-idol.
    Don't even remember what freak Manson said but I didn watch Dan Akroyd talk about Ghostbusters 3. Can't wait!
    um what about the nin starfckers video. with manson playing courtney love and they smashed all the ppls heads courtney fcked including corgan
    Been a major fan of Manson for many years, mostly his 90ies stuff. He was really the last big rockstar that focused on the artistic side of things, instead of the technical. If there's one complaint, it would beee.. Too many frickin' choruses. the man is an amazing lyricist, but his songs need more versus and less fluff.
    He went on Bill O'Reily and I think O'Reily ended up saying something like " you are a very well spoken young man." I give massive props for that. His older music was better but I still find that the newer stuff grows on me as well.
    I guess without someone to blame all these groups wouldn't have a reason to even exist.