Lars Ulrich Hopes He Can 'Walk Away' From Metallica When The Time Is Right

Drummer looks to the future of the band in new interview.

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Lars Ulrich has spoken to Metal Hammer magazine about the future of Metallica, stating that, if the group is ever flagging, he hopes the band can have the guts to walk away from it:

"I don't think I'll ever be bored of being in Metallica. I think that one of two things can happen. One, is the physicality of what we do if we don't have the strength to do it physically any more. We will always have the strength to do it mentally, so I'm not worried about that. But if there ever comes a time when we feel that it's not going on all 12 cylinders, then I hope that we have the guts to walk away from it.

"The other thing that could happen is that you decide you want to pursue something else: 'I'm really interested in film' or 'I'm really interested in painting.' Is there a chance that when I'm 55, I'll want to write a movie? Or that James Hetfield will want to make a country record? Or that Kirk Hammett will want to go surfing for a year?"

The drummer also stated that he can never see himself being bored with Metallica, because the band always makes it interesting for themselves:

"But I don't think I'll ever wake up and go, 'I'm bored of being in Metallica', because of the nature of who we are as people, and the dynamics in our personalities. We always make it interesting for ourselves. That's why we do crazy shit like Some Kind Of Monster and the 3D movies. We throw ourselves these challenges. It's to make sure that boredom never sets in."

In other Metallica news, the band has recently confirmed that they will host the second of their annual Orion Music + More festivals in 2013. The festival will take place in Detroit on June 8th and 9th. Exact details of lineup and location will be announced in February of next year.

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    "Is there a chance that when I'm 55... that James Hetfield will want to make a country record?" Strange, I now find myself more excited for the prospect of a potential Hetfield solo album than a new Metallica album.
    Totally. Rather sceptical about a Kirk Solo album, would be nice to see if he can leave the Wah on the shelf.
    He has said that if he ever does one, it probably won't be metal. He said it would most likely be classical.
    I personally think Kirk's musical interests aren't very metal anymore. Metallica is just his job. When he comes in to write a solo, its just the first thing he records, he never seems into it. Its as if other things take up his musical interests. I'd imagine that a solo album from him would have little wah, and not be metal at all.
    a potential Hetfield solo album would be killer. and not having Lars in the songwriting process makes that prospect that much better
    His live cover of Dont You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out of Hand at the CMT Tribute to Waylon Jennings makes me think a Hetfield Country Solo project could be damn good.
    Sweet, then Metallica could get a younger drummer who won't complain when they want to practice their older, better material!
    Snare drum.
    THIS was the gold medal?! I swear, UG is being overcrowded by easily amused chimps these days. Oh, sorry. I know what response you wanted: HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW.
    And in which way is you bitching about an internet forum like an old man would about the cost of soda back in his day make you better? Your obviously sad about not getting a gold medal's a fake medal on the internet so get over it.
    I'd hate for the James to do a country record, but I'd love for him to do a heavy blues rock record. My dream is for him and Mustaine to do an album and call it 'Metal Up Your Ass'.
    This, although not so much with the Mustaine part. If he needed to team up with another guitarist, i would say it should be Jerry Cantrell.
    Scott O
    He should walk away when his forehead becomes a five-head. Oops, too late.
    Stop with taking a shit on lars. Maybe he isn't the best drummer, as Kirk Hammett isn't the best lead guitarist. But those guys made Metallica to what they are now and Lars probably had a bigger impact than Kirk.
    This, absolutely. I don't get the shit talking lately, because every recent thing I've read on him shows him to be a fairly open-minded, decent guy with a good attitude. I don't even care for his music, and I think he's alright.
    Agreed. I mean, hate on Kirk and Lars all you want, but these guys revolutionized metal. You'll rarely find a metal band these days without Metallica being an influence. And these guys have been doing this for over 30 years now, who can blame them for their music getting stale?
    Metallica are legends for a reason. Make all the (lame) jokes you want, but their influence and mark on the metal genre can't be denied. When all is said and done, they're possibly the best metal group of all time.
    I reognize their influence and mark, which is huge...but the best metal group of all time? that's going too far.
    20 years ago?
    Yearp, but retarded "real fans" still think that they sold themselves to mainstream. -_-
    That's what I was thinking.
    I also thought the exact same thing you thought.
    I'm just going to write this comment to let two seconds of your life go to waste.
    I'm just going to write this comment to let you know that you wasted more than two seconds of your life writing that comment, so the joke's on you
    Not necessarily. The few seconds it took sugeci to write that has been more than made up for by the combined total the two seconds he's wasted of everyone who has read it. So, the joke is still on us (but as a whole).
    O the wit. Same old shit really isn't it. I don't tknow why people just don't say "i'm not a fan" because obviously their not. I wonder when the last time you wrote anything good was.
    I was going to say damn near the same thing...I'd go a little more recent...Black Album was somewhat understandable considering the Jethro Tull thing... And Load and Reload, while no longer metal, were decent rock albums. After that though...dear god...
    Load and reload weren't too bad. St.Anger was god awful. Death magnetic was actually pretty good. Not quite as good as the Black Album,put still pretty good.
    Metallica is band. Lars has said many times he doesn't want to be known for being "thrash", he wants to be know for making kick ass music. James has also said that Lars is the only drummer he likes to jam with, he and Lars have a good connection. So maybe you guys want Lars out of Metallica because "he sucks", but James doesn't want him out... Metallica just wants to be a band of 4 friends, and you guys want them to sellout to Metal (yes its possible to sellout to metal)....let them rock, let them do their thing... or create your own band and stop bitching
    (Insert old, tasteless joke about how Lars sucks, only is in it for the money and should have retired 20 years ago)
    "Where You going Lars?" "I'm walking away" "There is nothing but miles of desert that way...Come back!"