Lars Ulrich Regrets Turning Down 'Kill Bill' Score

artist: Lars Ulrich date: 10/18/2011 category: music news
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Lars Ulrich Regrets Turning Down 'Kill Bill' Score
Lars Ulrich says he regrets turning down the chance to score Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films. According to the drummer, the renown director asked him to dinner in San Fransisco and said he wrote several of the Kill Bill fight scenes while listening to Metallica. At first, Lars was excited. "One of the most surreal 30 minutes of my life was having Quentin Tarantino six inches from my face, eyes dancing, intensely animated, explaining in intricate detail how he had written and choreographed the two main fight scenes in the film [Kill Bill] to the Metallica songs 'Enter Sandman' and 'Sad But True'. Tarantino's next-level movie magic married to Metallica music, all turned up to 11." He agreed at first, but had a change of heart after seeing the script. "Man, was it thick and dense," he said. "I realized that most of this was written in a language that was outside of my realm of understanding. I had never encountered a narrative like this, set in, to me, a very foreign culture of martial arts and Asian myths. I just couldn't wrap my thick Danish head around it." He turned the job away, with the job finally going to RZA from Wu Tang Clan. But with hindsight, Lars now admits it was the "single biggest mistake I've made in the creative department". Meanwhile, Ulrich and his Metallica band mates are set to release their collaboration with Lou Reed, "Lulu".
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