Lars Ulrich Remembers First Metallica Show: '90 Percent of People Were Mustaine's Friends'

Meanwhile, 10-camera footage of band's new song "The Lords of Summer" surfaces.

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Marking the 32nd anniversary of Metallica's very first show, drummer Lars Ulrich remembered the March 1982 concert in Anaheim, California, confessing that the venue wasn't exactly sold out.

"It was a Sunday night and it was just us," Lars told Rolling Stone. "There was nobody else. Ninety percent of the people there were friends of Dave Mustaine. And I mean that totally as a positive thing. He had a very big social group. James and I were complete loners. We had no friends. We only had each other.

"[Mustaine] had a little bit of a name from playing in this band called Panic. The first song we played was 'Hit the Lights.' We played that and primarily New Wave of British Heavy Metal covers, like Diamond Head and Blitzkrieg and some other stuff," the drummer said.

"Of course we had no roadies at that time and that was the first time I'd ever been on stage," Ulrich continued. "About two minutes into opening song 'Hit the Lights,' Mustaine breaks a string. So after the first song, he had to change his own string, because there was no roadies. And so I sat up there in the back, behind the drum kit, and tried to hide under the drums, basically.

"It seemed like the longest wait of my life. It was like an eternity. I'm sure it was only like three minutes or something. I was just sitting up there, hiding under the snare drum and slightly gun-shy and a deer caught in the headlights. But the string was changed and we finished the set and, eventually, we got a couple of roadies and spun the wheels. [Laughs]"

Meanwhile, 10-camera footage of the band's new song "The Lords of Summer" has surfaced online, make sure to give it a listen below.

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