Lars Ulrich Takes Acting 'Very Seriously'

The Metallica drummer will appear on HBO on Monday, and loved taking part. But will he ever leave music?

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Lars Ulrich says he took his latest acting role "very seriously" - but Metallica won't allow much time to expand on his side-career, as they need to constantly tour to afford all their staff and album recordings.

Ulrich was discussing his role in the HBO film "Hemingway & Gellhorn", which premieres on Monday, as a Dutch documentarian.

"I don't have big acting career aspirations, but I love dabbling in different processes," he told USA Today. "I wasn't chasing this, but I couldn't say no.

"I took it very seriously. I studied the difference between how a Dutch person would say things in English and the way I would as a Dane. Most people couldn't tell the difference, but I can. And it needed to be right."

Ulrich fans needn't worry that their favorite drummer will leave music for the film world. He still prefers recording. "In the world of music, I get to help make the decisions," he said.

So why do Metallica have to constantly tour? Kirk Hammet has explained that the band's finances means they don't have any other choice.

Unlike their early years, the band needs to tour almost constantly to pay off their studio, salaried for the crew, and stage production.

"The cycles of taking two years off don't exist anymore," Hammet told Rolling Stone (via Blabbermouth). "We were able to do that because we had record royalties coming in consistently. Now you put out an album, and you have a windfall maybe once or twice but not the way it used to be - a check every three months."

One benefit of earning a solid tour income is that the band can finance their own recordings, which leads to better royalties from record sales. "We basically take funds from wherever we can," he says. "This is a real luxury. But great things come out of this."

Watch Metallica play "Nothing Else Matters" live in Udine, Italy:

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    Why does everyone always spell 'Hammett' wrong?
    I really don't know,last year it was spelled wrong on the official Jimdunlop website,It said something about Kirk Hammet signature picks.I then emailed jimdunlop support to tell them that it's not ****in hammet,but Hammett with 2 t's.(In a nice way).I even put the link to Kirk's wikipedia in the email.haha.I then visited the website the next day to see it was corrected,and never got a thank you back from jimdunlop.
    Sorry, I love Metallica as much as the next man, but do we seriously need Metallica 'news' everyday?!
    What the **** are they spending their billions on if they don't have enough money to take a year off.
    BradTheBluefish wrote: Maybe he can take keeping-the-beat seriously on his next tour
    Oh look a Lars is a bad drummer joke, how original.
    john_kimble wrote: Lars Ulrich = someone who cares way too much about being liked.
    Pretty if that were the case, he wouldn't be going, "I just don't get why people hated 'Lulu', man!"
    Maybe he should take drumming seriously...I was at Metallica gig in Italy few days ago, and Lars sucks...seriously...every tour I see, he's getting worse. And I'm a fan since 1985(when I was 10 years old)...
    link no1
    henrihell wrote: What the **** are they spending their billions on if they don't have enough money to take a year off.
    Probably on way too expensive recording things. Seriously, they could probably go for cheaper studio etc. and a less famous producer and get the same quality... Actually, judging from their last 2 albums (not inc. Lulu) cheaper recording WOULD sound better. Their pyrotechnics, roadies etc. probably cost a bomb aswell. Not like bands are getting money from album sales these days.
    henrihell wrote: What the **** are they spending their billions on if they don't have enough money to take a year off.
    well, thanks to the internet, putting out albums is no longer a form of income, since nobody bothers buying them anymore (don't give me that whole 'oh, i'm poor, but i like a physical album in my hand' bs, because people love getting free stuff, especially the metal/rock scene, even though Geddy Lee said "You don't get something for nothing") maybe if you left your parent's basement, you'd know that life isn't cheap, and if you're a big name, people take your wealth for granted. they don't care if basement-dwelling UG users are downloading their client's music: their client is a big name, world-renown, RnRHoF kind of deal, so, naturally, money is no object. plus, Geezer Butler said that just performing live costs an arm and a leg. yeah, a billion dollars can be burned away quickly and easily
    Lars is unpopular among a lot of internet users, mostly because of his campaign against napster. I still love him though...