Lars Ulrich Talks About Quitting Cocaine

Metallica drummer was inspired by Noel Gallagher to give up drug.

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In a recent interview with the Mirror (via Blabbermouth), Lars Ulrich explained that healthy diet and lifestyle have been key to Metallica's longevity in recent years. As the drummer, who runs on a treadmill for 30 minutes every morning notes, he's cut red meat out of his diet entirely:

"We tend to eat a lot of chicken, turkey, fish and salad - I've some hereditary cholesterol issues, so I don't eat meat from four-legged animals."

As well as this, he has cut his alcohol intake down to a minimum:

"Alcohol is now something that is associated with the end of the day, once all the work is done. If I have anything to drink at home, it's maybe only once every week or two, and it's always after the kids have gone to sleep - I don't like to drink around them."

He also revealed that he quit cocaine 10 years ago, after being inspired by Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher:

"In the early days, I'd always get drunk way faster than the other guys. I realized that if there was a little bit of cocaine involved I could stay up longer, instead of ending up face down in the corner passed out three hours before the party ended. I loved the social elements of cocaine. I loved the danger of it. Then about 10 years ago, I read an interview with Noel Gallagher, in which he said, 'I just stopped doing cocaine.' I thought that was really cool: it felt so fresh, so honest, so pure - I love that side of him. I've never had an addictive personality, so I woke up one day and said: 'enough.'"

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    NYC cab driver.
    he'd only manage to do that if it was automatic transmission. We all know Lars can't handle two pedals.
    I try and cut the guy some slack as he was one of my early inspirations to pick up the sticks, but this made me laugh so hard. Well done to you sir!
    Well, this is actually kind of surprising. I never thought Lars did some hard drugs ( not even the other guys of Metallica) of course they wer'e all heavy drinkers, but never really heard of drug usage by the Tallica guys. Anyway, Keep it clean Lars.
    "Chop your breakfast on a mirror"? Come on, I'm not even a drug user and I get the reference.
    The only drugs James did was smoked some pot during his 'Obsession' days.
    Yeah, I think this is the first time I've ever read an article where someone from Metallica talks about using drugs
    I have heard about Kirk and Cliff smoking pot but that's pretty much all I've heard of their drug use. Their image has been pretty anti-drugs.
    They've mentioned cocaine before in interviews - always seemed to be a tool to gain more drinking time. Nothing like heroin or speed, though, to my knowledge.
    I was hoping the reasoning would be more along the lines of "I saw what a giant ****head and coke fiend Gallagher was and decided i didn't want to be that disappointing, too."
    Awesome for Larsie! Well done. Alcamahol and "the drugs" phuck people up; ruin lives. Such a reputation is usually carried for a reason. "Drugs are bad, mmkay?" Great to see so much support above, also. \m/
    He should take up crystal meth. It might inspire him to hit more than just his snare drum and high hats during a song.
    Taking cocaine and still acting as a sleepwalker on drumming :/
    wow this is actually quite surprising, i had no idea, watching the st.anger documentary, using cocaine at that point, doesn't seem like the type of dude hmm
    well its fun to see all you douches making of fun of everything when there is a "cool to be hated guy" involved...if it was someone else youd all be like...what a great man what a bla bla bla...UG comumunity is worse then the UG itself...****ing hypocrites