Lars Ulrich: The Metallica Song Fans Request to Hear Live the Most

Also: James Hetfield reveals where he lifted the "Do you want heavy?" announcment to "Sad But True" from.

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Lars Ulrich: The Metallica Song Fans Request to Hear Live the Most

Lars Ulrich discussed Metallica setlists with Rolling Stone, saying:

"In 2014, we did a 'Metallica by Request' tour [which allowed fans to vote the setlist for each show].

"The interesting thing is every night of that whole tour - 30, 40 shows - 'Master of Puppets' was the highest vote-getter.

"We were very transparent about how we did it. People could see the numbers, and Master of Puppets was number one for every show. And then 'Fade to Black,' 'Enter Sandman' and 'One.'"

During the rest of the chat, James Hetfield talked about how he starts "Sad But True" by asking the crowd "Do you want heavy?", saying:

"I think I lifted that from King Diamond.

"There was a live tape of Mercyful Fate in the early '80s, where he was talking some funny rap onstage about, 'I see some discos out there.'

"It was broken English, trying to say, 'I see some fans of disco.' So he'd say, 'I see some discos out there. Why don't you get outside. We're here to play heavy. We're going to give you heavy!'

"And I just kind of borrowed that. It became one of those things before 'Sad but True.'"

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    I guess since those tracks are fan favorites, it makes sense that they would get the most votes. If it were me, I'd be voting for all the deep tracks they rarely play live. You can hear Puppets, One, Fade to Black, Sandman, and Sad But True on almost EVERY live show. Ask for something different.
    Exactly, people should've voted for songs like Fixxxer and Bleeding Me instead of songs like Master Of Puppets and Sad But True. The whole by Request tour was a complete disaster, except for Finland who voted for The Frayed Ends of Sanity.
    I agree you with completely however if I were to see my first live show with Metallica I would definitely want to hear the big ones like Puppets and One. Although they might not be their best tracks they are still ones you would like to hear on a first show.
    You're right about that. I've never seen them live, but if I did, I would definitely want to hear MoP. I just wish I was in Michigan for the 'dehaan' show. I would LOVE to hear Kill 'Em All front to back!
    Goes both ways... I just saw one of my fav bands where they played mostly deep cuts and I was disappointed that I didn't get to hear a number of their more popular tracks as a result.    If they only played the hits, I'd probably be bummer too.  Can't satisfy everyone all the time.
    You're right.  Unfortunately, the mob mentality pushes reason and thought out of the way.
    I got to see them at their U.S. Bank Stadium show and they had a fan vote on four deep tracks, one of them being Leper Messiah, which is my fav Metallica song and it won. That was incredible to see live since it was so rare.
    Fun fact: Metallica were disappointed by the outcome of that tour. Metallica thought that this idea will give tye fans a chance to vote for songs that the band rarely plays live and that it would be challenging and exciting for them. But the fans ended up voting (mostly) for songs that Metallica plays on every show.
    Casual music fans don't visit sites like this like us 1%'ers do which is why the majority are just gonna be like, "YEAH MAN, ONE, SANDMAN, AND PUPPETS DUDE!"
    Actually, not necessarily fans, anyone who bought a ticket to the show, so at Sonisphere you had a mixed bag. I suspect fans were out voted by casual listeners.
    The fans butchered the By Request tour. It was a great chance to play some deep cuts off of Load, ReLoad and St. Anger and they went with the generic boring set list.
    I would have loved to see Bleeding Me, The House that Jack Built, or Fixxxer live. Those are fantastic tunes, and both Load and Reload have quite a few other songs I'd love to see live. I'd also like to see some less popular ones from the first five too, Disposable Heroes, Leper Messiah, Trapped Under Ice, and The God that Failed. I'd pay so fucking much to see that setlist.
    I think Fixxxer or Bleeding Me are Metallica's most underrated tracks. I think ReLoad is actually a really great album from front to back. It's not thrash, but it's good, bluesy hard rock and super fun to listen to.
    I was gonna like this, then I got to the point in your comment that said "deep cuts from Load, Reload and St. Anger." No thanks sir! But why did nobody vote for truly GREAT deep cuts like Dyers Eve, Metal Militia or Fight Fire With Fire?
    I think they should do a tour where they only play the songs they've never played live. Don't know how popular it'd be, but it'd be something unique. Not to mention there are some bangers that they've never played live, and that just floors me.
    I've thought this too. Maybe not a full tour but a theatre show of rarities would be cool. They could use it as a chance to gauge how well certain rare songs work live, and whatbkond of response theybgetbfrom a crowd....then take the best overall and incorporate them into their regular shows.
    I would like to hear any of the following: Jump in the Fire Escape (I know they hate that song) Orion Damage Inc. Eye of the Beholder The Frayed Ends of Sanity Dyer's Eve Don't Tread on Me The Struggle Within Ain't My Bitch Until it Sleeps The Outlaw Torn (such an underrated song) The Unforgiven II Frantic St. Anger Sweet Amber That Was Just Your Life The Judas Kiss Here Comes Revenge Spit Out the Bone
    SO COME ONN!!!   Jump in the FIYA!!! No way can James go that high anymore :\  It's alright tho. His voice has more girth now. Even if he does a lot of country "heeayyy" and "Nyeeaaauuhh"
    Avenged sevenfold did the same thing and got the same set list they usually do. I was fucking pissed. I don't know why bands don't ever just go do entire sets of songs they hardly play or have never played with one or two fan favs in there.
    I agree, the setlist might've replaced 2 songs. Those popular songs are chosen by fans who are probably relatively new to all their material but hardcore fans want something different than freaking Almost Easy and Afterlife.
    All songs are classic and bullshit at the same time. Some people just tired of listen this material over and over 30 years. As a BIG fan I want to listen more St. Anger stuff and more Load/Reload. All this tracks sounds killer in LIVE. Shame that they almost don't played this song's so long since Rehearshals DVD. It's my opinion. Just - enough.
    Ah, shut up, so they didn´t play Ronnie or whatever, get over it. It´s what fans wanted and they got it. Where is the problem? Where? Thanks to By Request I got to hear St.Anger live and it was one of the best songs of the show.
    why not do it again? the by request concert.. i guess "spit out the bone" will be on the top list. but kirk will say "pass"