Lars Ulrich: ''Through the Never' Energized Metallica'

Drummer states that movie re-invigorated band.

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Lars Ulrich has been talking with Rolling Stone (via Metal Hammer) about the concert film "Through the Never," and how it energized the band to start work on a new album:

"It gave us a chance to experience a whole other way of being creative and having a creative outlet. We were very inspired by making that [movie], and now we're energised to make a record. The film was fun, but it's all about the next record."

The drummer also notes that the band was disappointed that the film didn't repeat the success of 2004 documentary "Some Kind of Monster:"

"Well, I think anytime you do anything, obviously at some point you're disappointed.

"It seemed with Some Kind Of Monster, there was a group of people that fell in love the film that that weren't necessarily Metallica fans. And I think that we were thinking that there was a shot of that happening too [with "Through the Never"] and that didn't happen. Maybe we were disappointed that that didn't happen."

Ulrich has also been speaking to Guitar Center about the early days of Metallica. He notes that in the early days, his plan was simply to play Diamond Head covers in his room:

"The one thing that struck me when I came to America was that everybody was talking about making it. I found that there was a particular goal orientated culture in America that I had not experienced growing up in Europe ... I just wanted to play Diamond Head songs and sweat in my room. I wasn't that ambitious ... I think if you can hone in on what your real motive is, and try to be pure, I don't think there can be a right or wrong."

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    They should just write 8 songs and record them like they did in the old days, and don't let Lars or James near the mixing desk.
    Hells yeah. Also, maybe get a bassist with a better tone, and that's not a crab walking mexican.
    A nine minute video in which Lars doesn't say "Fock"?!
    That interview, was pretty amazing. He makes a lot of good points, and opens up about a side of the band that doesn't show from concert footage or other interviews.
    Pretty interesting interview, he raised an interesting point about goal oriented cultures though. The UK is the exact same, everything is based around achieving the next goal as opposed to following the motive.
    I liked the movie, but I do have to say I was hoping for more "movie" parts. The concept and story were pretty cool IMO.
    Let's pray to god that Rick Rubin isn't doing this album. How are bands so oblivious to have him as a producer when all he does is compress them, clip them, and distort. It's .ridiculous. Even Corey Taylor said that he would never work with him again.
    Awesome. Metallica take numerous creative avenues instead of doing the same old, standard shit. E.g's The TTN and SKOM movies, playing with Lang Lang (pianist) recently at the Grammys, the S & M concert, etc. \m/
    disappointed with the movie. was told it was going to be half movie half concert. but there only seemed to very short clips of the roadie, most of the "movie" was just a concert. a very good concert tho
    Frank M
    Lar's is one of the best. I enjoy everyone of his of my sons is a drummer, in the 80's he was playing Metallica loud and clear in his room practicing and then after practicing for fun, he couldn't put the sticks down...still can't. I've been a fan since metallica started. One of my favorites is "Ride The Lightning" CD. I'd love to see them live, but I don't think that will ever happen. :-( FM