Lars Ulrich Wants To Drum For Noel Gallagher

artist: Lars Ulrich date: 04/23/2012 category: music news
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Lars Ulrich Wants To Drum For Noel Gallagher
Lars Ulrich has revealed his ambition to drum for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Noel already has a drummer in Jeremy Stacey who once backed Sheryl Crow and Joe Cocker, but Ulrich says he'd still love a guest spot one day. "I'm hard pressed to think of anyone I would rather drum with than Noel Gallagher," he told NME. "I have to say [Jeremy Stacey] is doing a stellar job. When I saw them in L.A in December it was fabulous. You know, if Noel and the other 37,000 drummers on this planet turn him down I'll certainly play with him. "I'm certainly not sure he'd ever want to pick me, but I'd put together a pretty solid groove thing back there. I'd make the songs bounce to the best of my ability. Although I'm not sure he'd take me quite seriously." Lars went on to discuss the forthcoming documentary "Mission To Lars" which follows Metallica fan Tom Spicer as he tries to track down and meet his drumming hero. "I thought it was deeply moving. I haven't seen the whole thing, but I saw a rough cut last summer. Meeting Tom was an experience in itself. But seeing the film last year and reconnecting with the whole team was another experience," said Lars. Tom has Fragile X syndrome, the most common form of intellectual disability in boys which can cause retardation and impulsive behavior. He set off from him home in England to Los Angeles with a filmmaker, and the movie documents their journey. He continued: "It's not something we're directly involved in, it's their film, their journey, but we're supportive of their endeavour It's a great testament into a world I didn't know much about, and a great testament to the importance of music and what it means to different people."
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