Lars Ulrich's Stunning New Girlfriend

The 48-year-old Metallica drummer is dating 28-year-old Vogue model Jessica Miller. See her in action in a video clip here.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has landed himself a stunning new girlfriend, who you can see in the clip below.

Jessica Miller is the 28-year-old sister of news anchor Danielle Miller, and has been spotted with Lars at her sister's TV studio at the weekend and a couple of restaurants and coffee shops in Fargo.

Her modelling career has seen her grace the cover of Vogue, and has worked for Gap, H&M and Chanel, according to Blabbermouth.

She was previously dating System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian.

Lars is twenty years older than his girlfriend. In fact, Jessica is closer in age to his children Myles, 13, Layne, 10, and Bryce, 5.

It's not the first time Lars has been spotted with his new model girlfriend. Last month they appeared at the San Fransisco Symphony 101-anniversary gala, as spotted by the Huffington Post.

See Jessica Miller here:

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    Seriously read the title as 'Lars Ulrich Slamming New Girlfriend.' I hate to jump on the 'slamwagon,' but I legit saw it as such.
    goldigger anyone?
    lmao, he'll probably be the one suing her to get more money.
    Jessica is a TOP model in HIGH fashion. This girl makes BANK, she already has her own gold mine, no need to leech off of a rock star. This girl is a groupie. Likes to date rock stars for the appearance of things. Brandon Boyd from Incubus, then moved to Daron and was with him for a long time and now Lars? This woman is a groupie and has ill intentions. Metallica and SOAD are like brothers. Only *****s **** brothers from the same family. Bitch!
    Hey, lookin at her makes ME wish I was a rockstar lol... Giggity...
    I bet she loves the way he says Uhm... Lars: Uhm... like uhmm... how would you like... uhm... for instance... to uhm have sex withe me huh...??? (and alot of waving with hands)
    Insert *table joke here.
    She just loves his wood.
    He needs to stand on a table to make out with her...
    She must be into short musicians. Malakian and Ulrich combined aren't as tall as her
    Damn my freakish height. I'm 6'8". Meh, there are always better ones out there.