Lars Ulrich's Stunning New Girlfriend

artist: Lars Ulrich date: 10/23/2012 category: music news
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Lars Ulrich's Stunning New Girlfriend
Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has landed himself a stunning new girlfriend, who you can see in the clip below. Jessica Miller is the 28-year-old sister of news anchor Danielle Miller, and has been spotted with Lars at her sister's TV studio at the weekend and a couple of restaurants and coffee shops in Fargo. Her modelling career has seen her grace the cover of Vogue, and has worked for Gap, H&M and Chanel, according to Blabbermouth. She was previously dating System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian. Lars is twenty years older than his girlfriend. In fact, Jessica is closer in age to his children Myles, 13, Layne, 10, and Bryce, 5. It's not the first time Lars has been spotted with his new model girlfriend. Last month they appeared at the San Fransisco Symphony 101-anniversary gala, as spotted by the Huffington Post. See Jessica Miller here:
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