Lars Ulrich's Stunning New Girlfriend

The 48-year-old Metallica drummer is dating 28-year-old Vogue model Jessica Miller. See her in action in a video clip here.

Ultimate Guitar

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has landed himself a stunning new girlfriend, who you can see in the clip below.

Jessica Miller is the 28-year-old sister of news anchor Danielle Miller, and has been spotted with Lars at her sister's TV studio at the weekend and a couple of restaurants and coffee shops in Fargo.

Her modelling career has seen her grace the cover of Vogue, and has worked for Gap, H&M and Chanel, according to Blabbermouth.

She was previously dating System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian.

Lars is twenty years older than his girlfriend. In fact, Jessica is closer in age to his children Myles, 13, Layne, 10, and Bryce, 5.

It's not the first time Lars has been spotted with his new model girlfriend. Last month they appeared at the San Fransisco Symphony 101-anniversary gala, as spotted by the Huffington Post.

See Jessica Miller here:

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    damn that sucks I was gonna say the same thing "she loves his wood" too bad I get the news a day late as im not in the US
    This is Ultimate Guitar, and yet here's some news about some average drummer and the skank he's dating. Way to keep things relevant UG!!!
    Nek minnit 31/10/2012 - Lars breaks up with Jessica Miller and she starts dating Maynard James Keenan!
    I was mainly pointing out the monetary speculation. If people think she is with him for the money then they are probably ignorant to the fact that she has great wealth herself. As far as beauty goes...she's does her job well IMO. Google that ass.
    Vicryl 2.0
    didnt saw any ass there. the lady looks like a tranny.. and i aint saying she a golddigger, but she aint messing with no broke.. lol
    I've heard that Lars is some kind of monster in bed. When they jump in bed he just commands ''Hit The Lights!'' and then it's all enter sandman, but she sure giggles at the shortest straw...
    She's hot, has posed nude, no tits. Nice bod though, score for an old man, and score for her bank account when he dies LOL.
    If that's her up in the picture with Lars, she looks like a goddamn horse. Or is it just me? Could be just me.
    Not that hot.... I would hit it sure, but his wallet could do much better!!!!
    Did I accidentally come to the Teen People magazine site?
    Let's not be cynical - I'm sure that they have lots in common and that she laughs at all of his jokes. I think this will last until they are old and grey ( well Lars already is but you know what I mean)
    So if Lars say's, "I'm gonna bend you over the table and give you my drumstick", does that mean that he's gonna bend her over James Hetfield and each thrust will sound like the snare from St. Anger?
    Serious question for UG or whoever wrote this article: Why do you think this is news worthy? Why is it not news worthy when any other musician gets a new girlfriend? Good for Lars but come on, or was this just troll bait?
    I bet she loves the way he says Uhm... Lars: Uhm... like uhmm... how would you like... uhm... for instance... to uhm have sex withe me huh...??? (and alot of waving with hands)
    She's struck a gold mine for sure.
    Yeah, you would think a successful model wouldn't have to sell her sensual womanhood to dirty old men right?
    She looks a lot hotter without the creepy sheeba make-up Good for him.
    A rockstar is dating a young model. Thats not really news, thats gossip. There's a difference.