Last Surviving Original Ramones Member Tommy Ramone Passes Away at 65

Drummer/producer died on Friday at his New York home following bile duct cancer battle.

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Founding Ramones drummer Tommy Ramone has passed away last Friday (July 11) at his New York home following a battle with bile duct cancer. He was 65.

Born Erdelyi Tamas, the Hungarian American musician was also known as the band's producer, performing with the iconic punk act for a total of four years.

Tommy was originally intended to serve as the group's manager, but ended up behind the drum kit. "Tommy Ramone, who was managing us, finally had to sit down behind the drums, because nobody else wanted to," bassist Dee Dee Ramone once recalled.

Between 1974 and 1978, Ramone had produced and performed on the group's first three records - "The Ramones," "Leave Home" and "Rocket to Russia," as well as "It's Alive" live album.

After being replaced by Marky Ramone, Tommy still handled management duties and co-produced the band's fourth album, "Road to Ruin." Furthermore, he returned in 1984 to produce the eighth Ramones record, 1984's "Too Tough to Die."

"We are saddened to announce the passing of Tommy Ramone (nee Erdelyi), the original drummer for the Ramones, earlier today, 11 July 2014," the official statement reads, along with one of Ramone's quotes:

"It wasn't just music in the Ramones: it was an idea. It was bringing back a whole feel that was missing in rock music - it was a whole push outwards to say something new and different. Originally it was just an artistic type of thing; finally I felt it was something that was good enough for everybody." - Tommy Ramone, 1978

Following the announcement, the music world issued a series of reactions via social networks, some of which you can find below.

We are saddened to announce the passing of Ramones founding drummer Tommy (Erdelyi) Ramone. #RIPTommyRamone

- Ramones (@RamonesOfficial) July 12, 2014

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone.

— Anthrax (Band) (@Anthrax) July 12, 2014


— Slash (@Slash) July 12, 2014

#RIPTommyRamone you will be missed!

— Official Motörhead (@myMotorhead) July 12, 2014

We've lost one of the greats. R.I.P Tommy Ramone

— Chad Smith (@RHCPchad) July 12, 2014

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone #legend #NYC #Ramones

— Robert Caggiano (@RobCaggiano) July 12, 2014

RIP Tommy Ramone

— Duff McKagan (@DuffMcKagan) July 12, 2014

Sad to hear of the passing of Tommy Ramone from The Ramones.THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION.

— Nikki Sixx (@NikkiSixx) July 12, 2014

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone. A true original. You will be missed…………. #Respect

— shawn drover (@shawndrover) July 13, 2014

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone

— Gerard Way (@gerardway) July 12, 2014

Chris Stein remembers Tommy Ramone: "He was a lovely gentle guy, super smart. The last of the original Ramones." RIP, Tommy.

— Debbie Harry/BLONDIE (@BlondieOfficial) July 12, 2014

RIP Tommy Ramone. All together now.......#TheRamonesForever

— Garbage (@garbage) July 12, 2014

We lost a giant. Rest in peace Tommy Ramone.

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    greif hammer
    The world really is a sadder place now. Tommy was a part of what was/is one the most important bands to ever exist. I don't even want to imagine what music would be like without The Ramones.
    It's weird thinking that they're all dead now....and cancer is such an awful way to go. Also, 3 of the original members died from cancer (Joey, Johnny, and now Tommy) where as one died from a drug overdose (Dee Dee). When Marky dies....I don't know what I'd feel anymore. Not only was he in the longest lasting Ramones line-up but he was a member of one of America's first Heavy Metal bands, Dust.
    Dat bass solo on the second to last track....epic.
    The Ramones will always be one of the best bands of all time. Goodbye Tommy Ramone.
    This guy has been such a big influence on the sound of the Ramones and the music world in general. RIP.
    Punk is dead.