Late Slipknot Bassist Wife's Lawsuit Against Doctor Is Dismissed

Brenna Gray blamed the doctor for ignoring her husband's health.

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According to the Des Moines Register, a lawsuit filed by the widow of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray against his former doctor has been dismissed.

Polk County District Judge Dennis Stovall ruled (via Blabbermouth) that Brenna Gray waited until after the two-year statute of limitations had run out before filing the lawsuit against Dr. Daniel Baldi.

Paul Gray was found dead on May 24, 2010 after overdosing on drugs in a hotel room in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa, where he and Slipknot were based. Brenna filed her suit on February 14, 2014.

Brenna Gray's lawyer, Bruce Stoltze, argued that the statute of limitations shouldn't have started until Gray had reason to believe Baldi caused her husband's death, but the judge disagreed.

Daniel Baldi was acquitted in May of seven criminal counts of involuntary manslaughter. He was accused of causing the deaths with his careless prescription habits

Brenna Gray testified during Baldi's trial that Paul's final weeks were a "blur of extreme drug abuse," which neither his doctor nor his bandmates would help his wife confront. She said that Baldi continued to prescribe Xanax for Paul despite knowing that the musician was a drug addict, saying, "I just wasn't really sure why he was on it, why he needed it along with the medication he was taking for addiction."

Baldi's lawyer cross-examined Brenna, asking her if she was aware that her husband overdosed on the painkillers fentanyl and morphine, neither of which Baldi ever prescribed to him.

Brenna also testified that she tried reaching out to some of Paul's bandmates in Slipknot just days prior to the bassist's death but that none of them wanted to get involved. She revealed, "One was playing golf two minutes away from our house but couldn't come. Nobody else cared, nobody was involved. They told me it was my problem."

Slipknot singer Corey Taylor told the Pulse of Radio back at the one-year anniversary of Gray's death how he felt about the loss of his friend and bandmate. "I just miss him, you know," he said. "I miss him so much sometimes that it doesn't feel like he's gone, and there are times when I'm thinking and he's in my train of thought and I have to stop myself and go, 'Oh, God, he's not here.' But you know, I mean, there's not a day that goes by that I don't miss him. I mean, not even as far as the band goes - I wish that he was there to watch his daughter grow."

Brenna revealed in a 2011 interview with Revolver that her husband had agreed to get help for his drug problem just one day before he died.

Paul was 38 years old at the time of his death. He left behind his widow and a daughter, October, who was born three months after his passing.

After a lengthy hiatus, Slipknot resumed touring in 2011, with Donnie Steele playing bass live. The band recently completed work on its first album without Gray.

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    Audible Warfare
    Anyone heard the new Slipknot single? It's some crazy-good shit. Looks like UG's late on that too.
    Good. She is a money hungry b!+@#. It's unfortunate that someone succumbs to addiction. But no one is to blame other then the addict themselves. No matter how hard someone tries to help an addict get clean it will NEVER happen unless said addict WANTS to get clean. Its a shame his wife tried to get paid with the death of her husband. Makes me wonder if she ever actually cared about him at all.
    She would probably have had a good case had she not waited so long. I wouldnt call her a money hungry bitch at all. Shes a widow whos husband was a drug addict and died from his drug problems while he was being prescribed a medication that is often abused and has a history of addiction. The doctor is lucky she didnt take it up sooner otherwise he would have ended up in exactly the same situation Michael Jackson's doctor was in. If she was looking to get paid she would just have to go to Mtv or some daytime tv show. Shes a widow looking for some kind of justice from what appears to be a reckless doctor giving addictive medication to a patient with a history of drug abuse problems.
    Except he OD'd on drugs that were neither prescribed by nor provided by the physician whom she tried to sue. Can't take his dealers to court...
    Well said, what i don't understand is why didn't she say something when Paul started taking drugs...
    Too much jumping to conclusions. There are probably a lot of details about this whole situation that we will never know (and we really shouldn't know). I hope that Brenna Gray is trying to do what's right and what's best for her daughter. Can't say definitively whether she is or not, but I'm not one who is quick to label a widow as a money-hungry b*tch. People deal with death in different ways, not all of them healthy. But it's a situation where I'm sure she was quite vulnerable to many emotions, and possibly outside forces.
    so suing the people you think are responsible for your husband's death is not the best for your daughter? you have any idea how much it costs to raise a child? I don't blame her for trying to get money but mostly having someone to call guilty and have people acknowledge that and make them pay brings some closure.
    Giving a benzo like Xanax to an active opioid addict is about the most negligent thing a physician can do! She would have won. Doctor's need to closely assess the patient before prescribing a benzodiazepine to a person with a history of addiction. Maybe you folks have noticed that doctors are getting very stingy with the controlled many cases it is to the point that people who REALLY need the medicine are going without. That is a terrible thing!
    Paul is greatly missed indeed, and the Knot will never be the same without him. But i think that if he knew he had a problem he should asked for help to his wife or his bandmates. It's not the same thing when your wife comes to your buddys, that when you do.
    Is that how she shows up to court? No wonder she lost.
    Yeah, she should have taken her tattoos off before she went to court. Wtf is wrong with you? its not the 1950s any more. Thats the sort of comment I would expect to read in the comment section of the daily mail not on a site aimed at rock and metal fans.
    Where were tattoos mentioned??? It could be the fact she is wearing a ****ing wife beater?
    well if someone has tattoos they tend to automatically assume that anytime they get told they are looking trashy it's because of the tattoos. It's like the race card for inked people.
    Not just that her trashy tattoos are showing... But the fact she is wearing a wife beater in a courtroom. Too bad she didn't take the case to Judge Judy. She would have put her to shame and embarrassed her before she threw this joke of a lawsuit out.