Layne Stayley's Dad Joins Alice in Chains on Stage

Phil Stayley appeared with the band at a festival this week - watch the video and their touching tribute to Layne here.

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Layne Stayley's dad Phil joined Alice In Chains on-stage this week.

Appearing at Foxfest in British Columbia on Monday, Phil was introduced by the band who called him on from the side of the stage before dedicating the next song to Layne and fellow fallen member Mike Starr.

"Good to be here!" said a surprised Phil to the applauding audience. You can watch footage of the dedicated song in the player below.

Meanwhile, guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently told guitarists that the trick to finding the perfect tone doesn't lie in so much in your equipment as it does in your hands. "Gear can color it - I mean a Les Paul sounds like a Les Paul and a Strat sounds like a Strat, so there's two different tones there, and you can alter some of your tones by your gear - but mostly your tone is in your hands and that's just the way it is," he said.

Watch Phil Stayley join Alice in Chains on stage here:

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    Good thing we're not on a music-oriented website, for a minute I thought the headline spelled his last name Stayley.
    Anyone else not notice that STALEY is spelled incorrectly?
    UG articles are a grammar-free zone.
    100%! I was surprised they didn't take the 'y' out of Layne to make it super-derp. All due respect, I am not a fan of the band but even I can spell the members names and could pick out some of their album covers too, purely from having friends show me/seeing it in documentaries etc. Believe it or not, the very first 'slam' article was UG vs Grammar. 'UG slams grammar'. It never got posted on the main news articles, don't bother searching - only if you hold Alt + F4 it'll pop up.
    Very very very cool, and unbelievable version of nutshell. Can't believe how good the cell phone recorded that from such a distance. Awesome. Win.
    Was it not his Dad who got him on heroin? I'm not sure but I read that somewhere.
    I heard the same. That Layne's drug addiction came from his father's absence. Still, Is a nice gesture...I suppose.
    There's some comments he made concerning his father here:
    Man, it sounds like he hated his dad. i do not think he would have wanted him to be onstage with his band.....
    That interview is totally gut-wrenching and very difficult to read. I know he is very accurate about one thing, and that is being dope sick. It is so horrible. I shudder when I think of times I was thrown into jail and had to withdraw from Heroin in the jail's cold, concrete medical cell. Awful. I feel horrible for Layne to this day, but ultimately we make our own choices. I can only blame myself for my addictions. I had to decide that I wanted to live. So, I finally quit the junk, got one of my basses out of pawn and started playing again.
    and if it wasn't he would have got from someone addict will find what he needs no matter what.
    Y'kno.. Those addicts that are addicted to heroin before they ever take heroin.
    I was at that show, and it was fantastic! Bringing Layne's dad out to say hello was very much appreciated by us fans in the crowd...I mean, come on, that's his DAD! If it weren't for that guy (and the choices he made throughout his life, however they affected Layne), we would have been robbed of one of the most unique, talented, and most important vocalists ever to grace rock and roll! And as for Duvall...third time I've seen them with him and he has nailed it EVERY time. I'm a massive fan of that dude. Think of the shoes he had to fill...the pressure of the role he took on in that band must have been immense at first. Those guys are alive and well, highly suggest catching em live if you haven't yet. Wish they woulda played Over Now though hahaha
    Um I'm pretty sure Layne's father was the reason Layne became a junkie. I don't respect the guy one bit.
    I guess he is partially, yes. But in the end we're still all responsible for our own actions. However, I do agree that I have no respect for him.
    The black and white photo makes me want to hear old Phil guest sing Queen of the Rodeo. Ironically not sure how much inspiration he gave to the song originally
    Yeah basically they said his dads the reason hes dead right now... he got famous to "impress" or to have his father finally come into his life.... sad he ****ing did it after he is already dead...
    "It's your fault I became addicted to heroin." - This doesn't sound stupid to anyone?
    Can I get 5-1 that Phil replacing Duvall increazes turnouts by 20%+?