Learn Something: 21 Greatest Guitar Techniques of Tony Iommi

How to get the style of the Black Sabbath icon.

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Learn Something: 21 Greatest Guitar Techniques of Tony Iommi

Mike from The Art of Guitar presented an interesting video lesson focusing on the top guitar techniques of Black Sabbath master Toni Iommi.

You can check out the list of techniques below, make sure to watch the embedded clip for the whole thing.

Tony Iommi guitar techniques

0:34 Deeper Note/Chord Alternatives
2:03 The Interval of the Devil
3:23 Using Space As a Tool
4:34 Hammer/Pull Pentatonic Runs
6:52 Adding the 2nd Interval
8:44 Behind the Nut Bends
9:57 Quarter Bends
11:18 Frantic Vibrato
13:42 Hammer On Power Chords
14:30 12th Fret Barre Fill
15:50 Mega Trills
17:00 The Power of Repetition
17:57 Descending 3rd Sequence
19:02 Tuning Down 1 1/2 Steps
19:30 Triplet Riffs
21:06 Extended Bends
22:26 Pedal Tone Riffs
23:01 Pentatonic Bend Motif
25:09 Layering Solos
26:03 7(no 3rd) Chord
27:23 The War Pigs Lick

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    Been playing Sabbath songs for years, but I still thought this vid was very informative...especially valuable for someone just starting out who wants to play like Tony  
    Nice video.  Might have missed it during his talking but another point is Iommi often plays just behind the beat.  Keeping that in mind definitely helps nail his vibe a bit better.
    Your not going to sound like the Black Sabbath icon, you going to play like the Black Sabbath icon...smh
    will this make your m3-to-M3 resolutions sound menacing instead of happy, like on "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"?
    This is pretty much the way I play guitar since Iommi was a huge influence when I was learning to play.