Led Zeppelin Blast Reunion Rumors

artist: Led Zeppelin date: 10/11/2012 category: music news
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Led Zeppelin Blast Reunion Rumors
Led Zeppelin weren't in the mood for entertaining reunion rumors when questioned at a press conference this week. Surviving members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were promoting their new reunion concert film "Celebration Day" when journalists began to question whether its release would lead to something "bigger" for the band, namely a proper reunion tour or new album. Robert Plant, long impatient of such rumors, called the journalist a "schmuck" and tried to move on, but the questions continued. "I don't know if ['Celebration Day' is] going to quench the thirst of those who wished to see you in the flesh," they asked. Plant replied with a patronising "Sorry." "If we're capable of doing something, in our own time, that will be what will happen. So any inane questions from people who are from syndicated outlets, you should just really think about what it takes to answer a question like that in one second," said Plant (via UltimateClassicRock). "We know what we've got, you know." The band aren't naive and know there's demand for new material or a tour, but said their legacy can be a burden. "Expectations are a horrific thing," said Plant. "To do anything at all together is such a kind of incredible weight, because sometimes we were f--ing awful. And sometimes we were stunning and a couple of times we tried to get together in the meantime." Watch the trailer for "Celebration Day" here:
Do you wish Led Zeppelin could find a way to record and tour a new album, or is it better that their legacy stays intact? Let us know your view in the comments.
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