Led Zeppelin Blast Reunion Rumors

Journalists were shot down when they pressed with questions about a proper reunion, with an impatient Robert Plant calling one journalist a "schmuck".

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Led Zeppelin weren't in the mood for entertaining reunion rumors when questioned at a press conference this week.

Surviving members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were promoting their new reunion concert film "Celebration Day" when journalists began to question whether its release would lead to something "bigger" for the band, namely a proper reunion tour or new album.

Robert Plant, long impatient of such rumors, called the journalist a "schmuck" and tried to move on, but the questions continued.

"I don't know if ['Celebration Day' is] going to quench the thirst of those who wished to see you in the flesh," they asked. Plant replied with a patronising "Sorry."

"If we're capable of doing something, in our own time, that will be what will happen. So any inane questions from people who are from syndicated outlets, you should just really think about what it takes to answer a question like that in one second," said Plant (via UltimateClassicRock). "We know what we've got, you know."

The band aren't naive and know there's demand for new material or a tour, but said their legacy can be a burden.

"Expectations are a horrific thing," said Plant. "To do anything at all together is such a kind of incredible weight, because sometimes we were f--ing awful. And sometimes we were stunning and a couple of times we tried to get together in the meantime."

Watch the trailer for "Celebration Day" here:

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Do you wish Led Zeppelin could find a way to record and tour a new album, or is it better that their legacy stays intact? Let us know your view in the comments.

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    I'm a Led Zeppelin fanatic and I'd pay as much as required to see them live.But people should understand they- at least JPJ and Plant- have their own thing going on. Plus they are in their late 60's - part of why they didnt play technically hardest stuff at O2. And there is no LZ without Bonzo-simple as that. But journalists need hot story.
    They don't have to make an album to go on tour, and their legacy will really only be tarnished if they try to make an album. Truthfully, i've never understood why bands need to release an album before they tour. Why not just have a continuous string of dates with a few months break in between to relax and work on their music. Why do they have to record an album, then play a certain amount of shows to support that album and then disappear for a couple years. Think of how much more respect we'd have for Metallica if they'd stop making albums, and just played a continuous string of shows.
    Imagine how many people would bash Metallica if all they did was tour and not come out with anything new. I would say a whole lot more. It's all about originality. Plus Metallica has always been a live band. They come out with an album (all of which have been amazing; minus St Anger), and they go on tour for 2-3 years all over the world, playing old and new songs. bottom line ... metallica was a bad example for your point
    Not really. Load, Reload, St. Anger, Lulu, and (to a much lesser extent) Death Magnetic have all been disliked by fans. Just look at pretty much any Metallica youtube video, music review site, or even the comments on Metallica 'news' on UG. Of course, I never said they shouldn't stop making albums. I just said that they should stop creating 'tours' and instead just play a continuous string of shows.
    Disliked by old-school trashmetal heads. They always changed in their albums and to tell you the truth my top 3 metallica songs are from those "bad" albums. If you can't admit that playing always the same old thing (like megadeth, hate me all you want. I do like them, a lot) and releasing always albums with the exact same sounds its borring. a lot.
    I don't think many fans have a problem with bands trying new sounds and trying to re-invent themselves... I just think if your going to do that, just make sure the album is good. Metallica isn't going to be remembered for Load, Reload and St Anger (besides how bad they are)... they are going to be remembered for being being musical trailblazers in metal, mainly for their first four albums. I'm no metalhead, I listen to everything, and those albums are masterpieces in the genre. I will give credit to Metallica for trying to change things up however, because Death Magnetic was a return to their old sound but they don't sound like they used to, it sounds forced. Zeppelin is unique to me in that so many of their albums sound different from one to the next but they all have something special and really good about them. Zeppelin took alot of chances (LZ II and III are completely diff albums for example) and even though people got on them about it time has shown us wrong. I could be wrong about Load and Reload/ St. Anger but there isn't anything in those albums that stand out to me, they are unremarkable.
    Well, its all a matter of taste in the end then. I personally like some Death Magnetic songs way more than their old school songs. But i completelly understand your point man
    1) Lulu ISN'T a Metallica album. 2) Metallica only has 9 studio releases (not that many for a band that has been around for 30 years) 3) Metallica generally tours for about 2-3 years after and album. 4) as the other guys had said, Metallica was a terrible example to use for your comment, seeing as how the exact opposite of what you were trying to exemplify, is actually the case. 5) What exactly is the difference between a "tour" and a string of continuous shows? and to be clear, bands don't need to release an album then go on tour. It just so happens that you need some music to play if you are going to go on tour (or just play a string of shows). It also just so happens that in the time off from a tour, most bands write a record. What band do you know of plays a sting of shows for an album that came our before their latest one (excluding say an anniversary tour)?
    It's all true, but I'd like to personally see the hammer of the gods drop live once in my lifetime.
    For laughs, they should start saying that they're planning a huge world tour then follow it up a week later by saying "just kidding"
    This is at least the third time that I've seen UG put this story up as news, get some new news!
    I know I'm not the only one who thought it. Blast is the new slam. On topic, we, as the entire world of their fans, seriously need to get off these guys' backs. We need to enjoy what they've given us, and let them enjoy their lives without constant reunion pressure.
    Also, everyone who reads this needs to check out the Thursday Rocks band this week, they are easily the best yet in my opinion!
    An album on it's own without a tour would be fantastic. But, you have to respect their wishes and I admire them even more for choosing to leave it instead of trying to beat a dead horse.
    I canNOT focus on commenting with you jiggling those things all up in my face!
    I'm 18 and I'd pay any amount of money necessary to see my favourite band ever. But that's even if they should tour. On one hand they've got this massive legacy that could remain or please the world and go on one final tour. Whatever their decision is I'll be happy and I don't even know if I could say myself if I really would want them to tour despite being my favourite band. Who knows if they could even cope with a 1 or 2 year world tour at that age. An album however? Never, leave that as it is.
    Thats awesome that you're 18. I'm 20. I like putting combinations of sweet and low and real sugar in my coffee.
    i'm 22! i'm starting to see some sort of a pattern over here! 18+2 = 20 20+2 = 22 coincindence? i think not!
    Dear gods boys i'm 24!! there is no way its coincidence! but what does it all mean.....?
    I don't understand why they won't just reunite. Like ok, maybe you want to keep your legacy intact. Maybe it wouldn't be exactly the same without John Bonham. But you get to live once. These people know damn well Led Zeppelin was the best thing they ever got to do. So why not try to do that for as long as possible? Who cares if it hurts their legacy? They'll be doing what they love to do. I think they'll regret it one day if they don't reunite.
    you really dont get it? How many times they have said it and still ppl dont get it. They are old. They are in their late 60's. They dont feel like zeppelin anymore, they have grown out of it. Plant has said that singing those songs dont mean the same things anymore. They have so good legacy behind them. I think this is the best for them and for us.
    because when you are the biggest and most successful rock band in history, you can do whatever you want. They are all wealthy men. I want to see them as much as the next die-hard Led Zeppelin fan, but I can understand where Robert Plant is coming from. They can't perform at the same level as they used, and Robert Plant's range has decreased over time. They don't want to taint the legacy of Led Zeppelin by bringing back some half assed act. But, I think the O2 show sounded great, so I would love to see them either way
    Led Zeppelin will reunite as soon as Bonham comes back from the dead. If I were them I'd be pissed too, there's no doubt these idiot "journalists" have asked that question every single damn time they get a chance. And the answer is always the same. Just like when they ask Slash about GNR.
    Will there be a day when everyone will just stop asking for a reunion? It won't happen. It, will, not, happen, ever, again.
    This interview was from the 9th of October and its just making headlines on UG on the 11th of Oct **** me must be all those important headlines of Lady Gaga and Beiber puking on stage, you know that's more pertinent news to guitarists... Sarcasm aside I would give my soul and the one I bought from my buddy in grade 8 for some skittles, to see Zeppelin play live. I could honestly care less about a new album or new music as what the mighty Zep already have for a discography is ****ing amazing. I remember when they announced this show back in 2007 the reunion rumors started flying off the wall and the biggest thing they kept saying that was going to hold them back from a reunion was the fact Plant was still very busy doing stuff with Band of Joy. Odds are it will never happen, someone would have heard or known of them rehearsing for a tour and would have certainly spilled the beans but nothing like that has ever come to light.
    I love Led Zeppelin, but I wouldn't go see them now. It would be a shell of the band they once were.
    We're so entitled as a society now that we think that we deserve a rerun of all the best times in history. The 70s are gone, and no matter how much you cry "waaah Zeppelin reunion waaahh" they're not coming back. Plus, they are now old (this mostly affects vocals, obv), and the performance would be so hyped that it could only disappoint. Led Zeppelin was great. WAS. It's gone now.
    Related articles in the past month "10 Reasons Why Led Zeppelin Will Never Reunite" Should be related "Jimmy Page: 'I Don't See Another Led Zeppelin Reunion Happening" I guess we can say they aren't reuniting... let it go already guys. Guys move on.. they aren't reuniting!
    People these days have trouble letting the past be the past. I can't blame Plant for being annoyed. Led Zeppelin has such a larger than life legacy and expectations will be so high that if a real reunion happens he's concerned that it might let people down. Zeppelin was an amazing band that influenced SO MANY bands... maybe we could just let them be?
    Can Robert Plant still reach those high notes? A lot of vocalists, as they get older, tend to lose thier range.
    He was already losing his range by the end of Zeppelin's reign (if you compare the earliest live recordings to the latter). I'm sure it was a combination of age, smoking, and simply abuse on his pipes!
    just because the twat above me mentioned it before i did, typical ug readers naive and hypocritical.
    I don't think that a Zeppelin reunion would kind of tarnish their legacy. As much as I love them, and even though they sounded pretty good from these clips, I can't see them lasting an entire tour at this age. I can't imagine another album, either.
    Crap, I meant that I do think that a reunion would be bad. A comment edit/removal button would be fantastic.
    They're promoting a movie about a reunion concert they did and Robert Plant is upset he's getting questions about a future reunion? Wha? Furthermore didn't UG have an article about this just yesterday?
    I think Plant's reaction sums the whole situation up well. No matter how many times they say it, idiots will keep asking because they aren't getting the answer they want. Funnily enough the Zep guys are well aware how much demand is out there for a reunion, but I don't blame them for not wanting to. This just shows that no matter what they do, it's never enough. They did the most successful reunion gig ever AND made a recording of it but all anyone does is bitch and moan. Just leave it to them; they know what they're doing
    agree w high voltage, the 02 show sounded great! but it wasnt performed at the same level they used to perform at! every song was tuned down just so plant could hit the notes! his vocal range is shot. bonhams deceased. it just aint right! let it go
    I'd pay to see them but I won't be annoyed if they never play again. They have a great legacy that was well look back on in 2007 now they are much older and wiser. It's not needed as much as it'd be nice.
    Some bands keep writing and touring, and they get criticized for cashing in on their brand and for destroying their legacy by not making music that sounds exactly like all of their classics. Some bands don't keep writing and touring, and they get criticized for ignoring the wishes of fans for another tour, and for not continuing to write more music before they kick the bucket.
    I would like to see JImmy,John Paul, and Jason Bonham get together. I wouldn't care if they called themselves Shitsandwich and not even have a singer or even play any Zeppelin songs. I like the way they rock.
    I hope every jornalist gets blasted against a wall, to then only find out they all die from cancer 10mins later.
    they are all on social security....geez! let the legacy be as it may. missing a drummer anyway
    It doesn't really matter what they come up with as long as it doesn't suck donkey balls like bieber... If they do something that you could listen to, no one would remember it anyways after a few years. For example, who remembers Psycho Circus by kiss?
    Is it REALLY that hard to say they're "denying" reunion rumors? Or is everything going to be "blasted" or "slammed" now?