Led Zeppelin Fans Campaigning for John Bonham Statue

The project bid kicks off with bang.

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A Fund has been set-up to install a permanent memorial in the town to one of Britain's greatest musicians and arguably Redditch's most famous resident.

As Redditch Standart reports, the John Bonham Memorial Fund will aim to collect as much money as possible to have a statue or sculpture erected in honour of the Led Zeppelin drummer who was born, educated and grew up in Redditch. It is hoped space will be found within the town centre for the statue, with the bandstand area previously mooted.

The fund has been set-up by Sam and Clem Dallaway, who run Rocktave Music Teaching Studios, Ros Sidaway of Vintage Trax and Alistair Hayward-Wright of chartered accountants Hayward Wright Ltd.

The group say not only would a permanent tribute to the town's most famous son be a fitting memorial but it would also provide a boost to the economy and provide a visitor attraction for Led Zeppelin and music fans worldwide.

Sam said: "He was a true Redditch legend, born in the town, brought up in the town and made his music in the town to begin with and that's why we should honour him."

The fund will be officially launched in the Autumn when an online donation page will also go live to allow fans across the globe to contribute.

The project is being supported by Redditch Town Centre Partnership and Redditch Borough Council's arts and leisure service as well as the Bonham family.

John's sister Deborah told the Standard seeing a statue erected in her brother's honour would mean a lot to his surviving family.

"I'm absolutely thrilled about it. John was unassuming so he'd probably be a bit shy about it but I know he'd be very proud," she said.

"I wish it had happened when my dad, mum and other brother Michael were alive, it's a shame they are all gone now.

"To see it up there will be very emotional. It's very, very touching and just wonderful to know he means that much and his music brought that much joy to so many people."

To help kick-start funding for the project, Southbank Publishing has reprinted "John Bonham: the Powerhouse Behind Led Zeppelin" which was penned by his late brother Mick.

The first dedicated fund-raising event is also being held next Friday (August 9) at Redditch United FC's Valley Stadium. Owners Chris and Sallie Swan have donated use of the room for the night which will include music from Kaleidiscope Rock Roadshow/DJ Andy Pyatt, and live music from local classic rock band, After Damage. It starts at 7.30pm and costs £5 per person.


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    What if the remaining members do a Tribute to John Bonham World Tour when the statue gets made?
    We should have a place where we bury all the great rock legends so in like 4,000 (if we haven't died off or destroyed ourselves yet) people can visit the great artist of the 20th and 21st century. Like a museum i guess, we gotta think of this stuff now, the present will be the past
    Ain't gonna happen. Nicki Minaj would get a statue though. No one remembers the true masters.
    You're just making your own misery. Rory Gallagher has his own statue as does Jimi Hendrix, Bon Scott to name a few. I bet you're one of those people who say "rock is dead", aren't you?
    As a Seattle-area resident, I've seen the Jimi Hendrix statue up-close. It truly is a humbling sight to behold, even if it is just a statue.
    rock IS dead though
    If rock is dying, its people like you that are to blame. Rock music is always going from strength to strength, check out your local seen and keep the music alive!!!
    broken ipod
    There's a whole scene of underground rock that is alive and great. Stop listening to the radio.
    This is great. As long as it's a statue with him behind a kit. Beating it to death.
    Bon Scott's got one not far from where I live. Why can't John have one too?
    Yes! I live near Redditch and for the first time i might actually WANT to go there if this statue gets put up