Led Zeppelin Hint at Release of More Unheard Music

'There's certainly more things that can be done,' says Jimmy Page.

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Led Zeppelin have hinted they may release more compilations of unheard material, following forthcoming expanded versions of their first three albums.

The band release Deluxe Editions of their first three albums, "Led Zeppelin," "Led Zeppelin II" and "Led Zeppelin III," on June 2. Each has a second disc featuring unheard live tracks and previously-unreleased studio songs. Guitarist Jimmy Page, who oversaw the expanded albums, says he may work on future compilations of unavailable material.

"There's certainly more things that can be done," Page told Rolling Stone (via NME). "But these reissues took a lot of time, and I don't want to start proposing another project, because it'll take me another six months or a year. I'd rather spend time practicing my guitar and going out to play."

Page stated he intended the unheard songs to focus on tracks that weren't already widely available as bootlegs. "I was pretty diligent with my detection work," he said. "I asked a guy that runs one of the fanzines if he'd heard any of this material before, and he told me hadn't. That was a good feeling."

The unheard songs include a cover of blues standard "Keys to the Highway" and out-takes of "Immigrant Song" and "Whole Lotta Love."

Comparing his and drummer John Bonham's small-town background to the Black Keys, singer Robert Plant said: "We came from the same part of England, and really it was like the Black Keys coming from Akron. We were much more naive than the other two guys."

On May 5, Plant took part in a celebrity penalty shoot-out at Wolverhampton Wanderers' Molineux stadium. It was part of the testimonial to celebrate midfielder Jody Craddock's ten years at the newly-promoted Championship club, where Plant is a Vice-President.

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    The "unheard songs" are a cover, and songs we have heard before.....how much do we have to pay for that? Another £90?
    Well I'm pretty sure if you don't want to buy it you can still get it... spotify or some other fine services
    "I'd rather spend time practicing my guitar and going out to play." best part of the article, hope we see that new jimmy page solo album sooner rather than later
    hasn't he been talking about a new solo album/tour for a couple of years now? I'd much rather he did that instead of remastering the albums again and trying to scrape together some "unheard" music to make them sound more enticing.
    Considering how many albums Jimi Hendrix and Tupac released after their 'glory days', why not Led Zeppelin also? This is a band with 4 incredible musicians so I would welcome anything released by them (and honestly it's about time). If they are of the quality of the 'BBC Sessions', even better.....
    If they didnt think it was good enough to release at the time, then why release it now.
    Everything other than Black Night, Kashmir and Stairway to heaven is pretty much "unheard music" for most of the people. But those are not the ones who buy this album collection either.
    yn gyntaf