Led Zeppelin Post Rare Live Tracks Online

Live versions of 'Good Times Bad Times' and 'Communication Breakdown' are set to feature on forthcoming debut album reissue.

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Led Zeppelin have posted a rare live performance of "Good Times Bad Times" and "Communication Breakdown" online.

As NME notes, the tracks, which you can listen to by scrolling down below, were performed by the band live at Paris' Olympia Theatre on October 10, 1969. The full show is set to feature on the companion disc that will come with the reissue of the band's self-titled debut later this year.

Led Zeppelin will reissue their first three albums on July 9, with four previously unheard tracks set to accompany each release.

The reissues will be released on CD, vinyl as digitally on June 2, and all tracks are remastered by guitarist Jimmy Page. All nine of the band's studio albums are due to be reissued in the same style.

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    "with four previously unheard tracks set to accompany each release." So that's 12 unheard Led Zeppelin tracks ? Now, call me a cynic but I think this may be deliberately ambiguous marketing to make some people think that this refers to 12 new songs. As if !! It will be 12 sub-par recordings of 40+ year old songs that we've heard countless versions of that were 'previously unreleased' for the simple reason that there were better versions to release and charge for.....chunner chunner chunne...[sounds of old cynic resolving not to be fleeced].....
    In case you're not from the UK, now is a good time to get the Hola extension for your browser of choice.
    give..me...strength...rare version? the number of bootllegs of zep shows means that there is never rare version of a track. Unless you find the 1923 Walthamstow Tramshed version of Stairway that Page played entirely on the spoons
    You have the entire bootleg recording of this concert, from an FM source, on Youtube. It would probably sound even better on the official CD.