Led Zeppelin Reunion Show 'Too Heavy' For Robert Plant

artist: Led Zeppelin date: 08/06/2010 category: general music news

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Robert Plant has revealed that the famous Led Zeppelin reunion show at the O2 Arena in 2007 was "too heavy" for him, and that after the show he had to slink away and have a few quiet drinks on his own. He also described fobbing off the Gallagher brothers backstage after the gig, which was held to pay tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records. Plant, who is regularly cooling speculation of another reunion between the surviving Zeppelin members, told Mojo magazine, "Well, what could you do afterwards ...? Twenty minutes after we finished, the Gallagher brothers were leaning on the door of my dressing room and one of them said, 'You're the real f---ing thing, you are.' I said, 'I've known that all down the line -- but I think you need to go a little further round the corridor, next door on the left.' And I went." He added: "[I} ended up in the Marathon [pub in Camden], drank four bottles of Keo [lager] and half a bottle of vodka then went to bed. Because I had to get away from it. I'd done it. Had to go. "[It was] too heavy. Beautiful - but talk about examining your own mortality ... Crazy." In other news, Robert Plant has revealed that drummer John Bonham's wife didn't like the pair spending time together. Pat Bonham thought Plant was a bad influence on her husband and went as far as banning him from spending recreational time with the frontman. Preparing to tour with the new lineup of his Band Of Joy, the singer says: "Pat wouldn't let me anywhere near John it meant financial doom and distress on all levels. "In her Black Country brogue she'd say: 'Don't go near Planty it's all going to go tits-up'." Band Of Joy have extended their UK tour starting in September in support of the self-titled album released on September 13: 09/02 - London Forum 10/18 - Edinburgh Usher Hall 10/20 - Gateshead Sage 10/21 - Liverpool Olympia 10/26 - Cardiff St David's Hall 10/27 - Birmingham Symphony Hall 10/31 - Manchester Palace Theatre 11/01 - Dublin Olympia 11/02 - Belfast Waterfront Thanks for the report to Spinner.com.
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