Led Zeppelin Reunion To Happen In 2014?

Robert Plant talks about the possibility of long-awaited reunion with rest of the group during next year.

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Iconic frontman Robert Plant has given us somewhat of an unexpected hint during the interview on Australian edition of "60 Minutes". Apart from talking about his younger days and solo career, the vocalist has dropped a big one on us suggesting that Led Zeppelin might have a reunion sometime during next year.

The singer went on to blame his bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for not taking enough initiative, adding he is "not the bad guy" and that the silence is caused by their horoscope.

"The two other guys are Capricorns and... they don't say a word. But they are quite contained in their own worlds and they leave it to me. I'm not the bad guy... You need to speak to the Capricorns because I've got nothing to do in 2014."

The band has held their last concert back in 2007 at O2 Arena in London, with John Bonham's son Jason handling the drum duties. As far as the more current events go, the band is currently negotiating an online stream of their back catalogue.

We know we shouldn't get our hopes up too high with this kind of story, but it's the Led Zep reunion we're talking about, quite possibly the biggest rock band of all time. With the fans anxiously awaiting this for many years now, we can only hope that this time they're serious about it.

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So this might turn out to be pretty big, right? Are you keeping your fingers crossed or have you simply given up hope for the Zeppelin reunion after all these years? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Let me be first to say... Hell to the yes.
    Next step is Pink floyd has to get back together that would be awesome if they toured together I could get Comfortably Numb on the Stairway to Heaven
    No brother, next step is for Zeppelin to actually do the reunion. After that, and after we all get a chance to see them...then we will move on to other bands, even ones as great as the Floyd. and maybe syd barret?
    TBH a Syd Barret solo tour seems more likely than a Pink Floyd reunion right now...
    Led Zep should tour with U2!
    He is illuminati. Don't be happy for their reunion...Repent! Give up the evil doings and let Jesus into your heart....listen to stairway to heaven backwards on youtube and you'll see they are pawns of the illuminati! REPENT!
    Not to be a stickler but wasn't the O2 show just last year? why did they write '07? come on peepa nah!
    yes. The only band that deserve the title "rock gods"
    The book was so-so, but When Giants Walked The Earth was the perfect title for a book on Zep. Though, really, that whole era was like that...
    In terms of Zep this is a pretty big hint that at least Robert is happy to entertain the option, Jonesy is as active as ever with TCV and everything, and as Page was the most vocal directly after the o2, this is tantalising news!!
    In tomorrows news Page denies reunion tour in 2014,
    moody git
    you mean 'morello denies all new album claims.'
    Indeed, won't happen. Too good to be true. Plus they just assume a wild dream will com true because someone says the capricorns are to blame. I mean, come on man.
    In tomorrows news 'Tool frontman Maynard Keenan announces new Led Zeppelin Album to come out this year!'
    It's quite funny how at the mention of "I'm free in 2014", the internet explodes and extrapolates that "reunion in 2014". I know it's more than we've had before but let's chill a little, we are setting ourselves up to be let down again. Having said that REUNION IN 2014 WOULD BE SO AWESOME PLEASE DO IT.
    I just hope the reunion extends further than London. PLEASE DO A UK ARENA TOUR!
    I just hope the reunion extends further than UK. Please do a WORLD arena tour!
    Chances for me to see Led Zep live from 0%, to 1,2% (I live in Denmark) Either way, this is great news!
    Ughh I tried so hard to get tickets to the London show. Please don't toy with my emotions again with another one off. Can only hope for a concert in NYC.
    I got my dad celebration day for christmas this year, we watched it that night and it was absolutely incredible. jason bonham did an excellent job filling in and the rest of them never seem to have missed a beat for their days. id LOVE to see them in a reunion and im sure my dad would too, but im also sure tickets would be well over $150 so i doubt itll happen unfortunately
    I gave up on this. and to be honest, maybe it`s better if a reunion with a big tour and maybe even a new record won`t happen. on the other hand i would sell my grandma to the circus just to have the chance to see them live. it`s crazy.
    As much respect as I have for LedZep, can they just decide whether they're coming back or not? If they do, lets hope its longer than one date at like 200 a ticket or whatever it was.
    First time my heart jumped while reading a headline in AGES. Hope this time it turns out to be true.
    Ohhhh YEAH!!! I just hope they gig somewhere I can go and see them!!!
    Holy crap. If it came from Plant, it might just be legit. Praying my hopes won't get crushed.
    Wasn't Plant the one who originally wanted nothing to do with the rest of the band?
    Yeah, I thought it was Plant who said "I'm done with loud music"? ALthough I don't really think he was blaming them, he just said they'd have to be up for it and he's got nothing to do in 2014. Maybe he's just changed his mind on the whole loud music thing.
    Although we can't forget that this isn't really Led Zeppelin ( no Bonzo), it would be so exciting to see the three of them with Jason Bonham. They could tour endlessly all through 2014 and never have an empty seat. Alongside the Beatles, its the ultimate "dream gig". If they do it I hope they take steps to stop the touts who could make enough money to retire on from A Zep tour.
    This is probably one of the very few shows I'd pay Rolling Stone-type prices for. Really hope this happens.
    I really don't give a crap about this. All you UG people can give me that thumbs down i really dont give a f**k. Like these geezers are going to be able to bring everything they once had back. Artists need to know when to quit. Don't ruin what's not broken. I can't believe some of you actually think this will be good...
    Awesome. Bring Dave Grohl too.
    Wait, I just saw a video of Jason drumming. He's pretty awesome and he is a Bonham. Fuck my last comment.
    If it was your dad would you really want someone else stepping in? He said it was the biggest moment of his life after 27 years of pain, be a bit harsh to put Grohl or anyone in. Plus in Celebration Day he is immense, no one else could have nailed the drums that way, the Bonham way.
    You people who idoloze Grohl need to get over it. I know he is one of the few bright lights out there now but you are trying to combine a current star with possibly the biggest legend of Rock history
    One day, Dave will be just as big of a legend.
    no sorry nmae on FF song thats as Iconic as stairway to heaven
    name* one* that's* .* Now that that's out of the way... Everlong. I could go on, but I think that one speaks for itself.
    Everlong is a good song, as are many of their other songs. However, I wouldn't put any of them in the same league as a song like Stairway to Heaven
    As great a song as that is, its cultural significance isn't even close to StH - Which song you'd consider "better" is also irrelevant in this case, because he asked for an equally "iconic" track.
    The problem is, it's not the time for big , iconic, legendary songs. Imagine Stairway to Heaven came out like last year or something. I don't think it would have become that legendary track it is nowdays.
    @ Ironman sorry fail Everlong is good but no where near as classic as stairway to heaven
    Grohl will never be as big as Zepplin.....you people of the younger generation need to get over it....your generation does not have the talent level to match up with guys like this.....and Dave is not that young anyway.....
    I am by no means a fan of Dave or the Foos, but I don't get all that Bonhammania thing. Yes, he did hit harder than most others, but other than those boring drum solos (meanwhile everyone would get off the stage to have some beer), I don't see how Bonham is such a big talent. I think he was just right person at right time, nothing more.
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    This would be so cool and beyond epic. But I think he comes off as a bit of a dick for blaming his bandmates for not wanting a reunion. There have been multiple times in the past that Page and Jones have expressed a desire to do a reunion but Plant has always been the one against it or too busy to do it. And now that he's suddenly free in 2014 and open to the idea it's on his bandmates for not taking the initiative to start a reunion?
    As I was mentioning elsewhere earlier today, Plant has probably fulfilled his obligations to Band of Joy, I remember him stating shortly after the tribute show he couldn't do a full blown tour with Zeppelin because of Band of Joy.
    This may very well be the last possible chance of ever seeing Zeppelin play again, I must witness this!!!
    If this does happen I will go, no matter how much it costs I will find a way!
    As good the concert would be, the highest price I'm going for is my soul, can't afford more...
    sorry for the double post, but... IMAGINE IF THEY PLAYED READING AND/OR DOWNLOAD!!!!
    I wouldnt like to see them in any festival. They're too big for that.
    Maybe they could do their own little festival. Led zeppelin back at knebworth with maybe Tool, Queens of the stone age and Mastodon on the bill too... Oh, and get chas and dave to open again.
    no. first of all those bands don't fit together. second of all led zeppelin don't need no damn festival, the festivals need led zeppelin!
    As much as I and everyone loves Led Zep, I'm not sure if it's a great idea...the 2007 show was amazing, and they did to commemorate a good friend of theirs and probably also because they are all getting on and wanted to do it one last time together, but that was 6 long years ago, and I can't have been the only one who, on repeated viewings and after the hype found quite a lot of Page's playing sloppy and such...and I know that's gonna bring a lot of hate on this site, but look, they are all gonna be in their mid to late 60's by then, and I think it could do a lot more harm than good in terms of legacy! Dream gigs are just that, dreams, and will never live up to the hype and such!! Robert was right to say no after 07, and part of me hopes he's said this just to appease all the fans and keep them from asking the same freakin' question all the time. I don't want them to do this, because I love Led Zeppelin!
    Second Rate
    you, sir, speak the truth. When you have a band with a legacy like Zeppelin's that has been dormant for a long time (not counting the '07 show), it's not really worth risking that legacy to fulfill the dreams of a few overzealous if well intentioned fans. I feel the same way about the Floyd reunion that everyone desperately calls for.